One country, many flavors

What to eat in the United States? Eat everything, Chinese food, Vietnamese food, Spanish food, South American food, Greek food, North African food, Thai food… In the early days of the United States, due to the conservative spirit of the founding spirit and the folk customs, and the promotion and encouragement of the court and royal family in the United States, The diet has developed slowly; after the 19th century, the rich immigration history has made the United States one of the most dietary eclectic places in the world.

Compared to the Chinese, ordinary American families do not pay as much attention to eating. They usually eat the most fast food such as burgers, pizzas, and salads. The main purpose of these foods is not to cause trouble, but to appease, because the United States pays more attention to the convenience of eating than the cumbersome cooking steps.

“Go to the United States! Go to the United States!”
Mexican food, Chinese food, Korean food, Japanese food, etc., are not lacking in the streets of the United States, and the United States has a very high tolerance for foreign food.

Due to the geographical location, there are many Mexican immigrants in the United States, which makes Mexican specialties naturally enter the daily life of Americans. Among them, the burritos Taco and Burrito are typical representatives of Mexican cuisine and are very popular among the American people.

The burritos are mostly tortillas, wrapped in various meats, seafood, tomatoes, onions, cheese and all kinds of beans or rice. It is convenient, fast and delicious. Another Mexican snack is corn chips with tomato onions or butter jam, which is also a regular dish in a Mexican restaurant.

Chinese food is relatively expensive in the United States compared to Mexican cuisine, but this does not affect the popularity of Chinese food. Chinese food was first introduced to the United States in the 18th century. After years of improvement, development and integration, it has formed an American-style Chinese food that suits American tastes. Its typical dishes include orange chicken, Mongolian cattle and Zuozong chicken. Probably many orange chickens that Chinese people have not eaten, but they are the favorite Chinese food of the Americans. The chicken is wrapped in starch oil. After the fried, it is topped with sour and sweet sauce. It tastes a bit like the taste of domestic pineapple, but the sweetness is more.

In the United States, there are also authentic Chinese restaurants, but there is no American Chinese food that is popular with locals. In Chinatown (Chinatown), you can eat more authentic Chinese food, with more Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine. When I first came to the United States to go to college, I really liked to have a few classmates go to Chinatown to have a Chinese meal at the weekend. Later, I slowly learned how to cook, and I went less.

Among all the exotic foods, Japanese cuisine is a representative of high-end cuisine in the United States. Sushi, sashimi and teriyaki are the most popular. They maintain Japanese characteristics and are known for their fresh ingredients, light taste, less greasy and low fat.

At the same time, because of the emphasis on ingredients and the delicate production process, the price of Japanese food has always been high. According to the statistics of the American restaurant review website Zagat, the average price of Japanese restaurants in New York exceeded that of French and Italian restaurants, ranking first with US$68.94 per capita. In New York, there is a Japanese restaurant, Masa, which has been listed in the “Michelin Samsung” (the most advanced, only dozens of the world). It is one of the most expensive restaurants in the United States, with a per capita price of around $600. In addition to traditional Japanese materials, in recent years, Japanese ramen has also become popular in the United States, and various ramen noodles are increasing.

The United States, like a melting pot, blends the different flavors of the world, and it has been “grafting” traditions and new things as they please.

Seafood is full
American cuisine also has its own big dish. For example, Boston’s lobster dinner on the East Coast of Maine, although named Boston Lobster, is not made in Boston. The real origin is Maine, north of Boston. Maine has a small footprint but is well known throughout the United States for its lobster production. Every year from September to March, it is the season of lobster fishing, and there are many other leisure and entertainment projects in Maine, attracting a large number of tourists every year. This is similar to the grand occasion of attracting a large number of tourists after the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs were arrested in September and October each year.

In the United States, the price difference between seafood and ordinary meat and vegetables is not as large as domestic ones, and the price of lobster is much cheaper than domestic ones. If purchased at the supermarket, each pound (1 pound is about equal to 0.9 pounds) is about 10 to 15 dollars. Therefore, it is very cost-effective to eat lobster dinner on the east coast.

Lobsters are practiced in a variety of ways. The most common is steamed, made into chilled seafood platters, and enjoy the original flavor of lobster. In some of the finest hotels and restaurants, lobster seafood soup, creamy lobster pasta, lobster cakes, etc., are also popular dishes.

There is also a famous seafood feast in the south of the United States – Cajun Seafood. I used to think that the word Cajun is different from the simple grammar of ordinary English. Later, I learned that Cajun is actually a French word. In 1775, the Acadians of the French-speaking Canadians were forced to leave the British-dominated settlements and move to Louisiana in the southern United States. The Acadian in Louisiana, invented a new cuisine based on local conditions, named Cajun cuisine.

Cajun seafood, the most famous of the Cajun cuisines, is an authentic southern flavor that is popular throughout the United States. It is usually a variety of seafood, served with corn, sausages and potatoes, wrapped in garlic and butter sauce, and boiled in a pot of hodgepodge. Cajun’s approach to catching seafood is also unique and simple and rude: all ingredients are packed in a large plastic bag. There is no exquisite plate and knife and fork. You can get it right, maybe you can feel the feeling of eating and drinking. . It is therefore also known as hand-caught seafood. Compared to the light taste of Boston’s seafood, Cajun’s seafood dinner is full of spices and spicy flavors, making it more suitable for diners who are not spicy.

The Boston Lobster Meal on the East Coast of Maine belongs to the United States’ own big dish.

Tradition and creation
When it comes to American cuisine, you have to mention a Thanksgiving turkey dinner. The fourth Thursday of November is the American Thanksgiving Day, one of the most important festivals of the year for Americans.

There are many different sayings about the origin of Thanksgiving. The most common one is that in 1620, the Puritans landed in Massachusetts on the famous Mayflower. At the beginning of the landing, the living environment was bad. The Puritans, with the help of local Indians, survived and learned the skills of fishing, hunting, planting, etc. to the Indians, and finally got a bumper harvest. On the harvest days, the Puritans invited the Indians to celebrate with them, thank God for their kindness, and thank the Indians for their help. The first Thanksgiving in American history was born.

Traditional American families will reunite with their families on Thanksgiving Day to prepare a roast turkey dinner. The usual practice is to put a variety of seasonings and matching ingredients such as apples, toasted bread, potatoes, etc. into the turkey belly, and then put a whole chicken in the oven for a few hours. Usually, the turkey has been scented before it is released. The taste of roasted turkey is similar to that of Beijing Roast Duck. It is tender and juicy, but it is not so greasy, because it adds a bit of fragrance to apples and spices.

Pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes are also traditional cuisine for Thanksgiving. The Pumpkin Pie is one of the most classic American desserts. Americans can describe the desserts as “fanatic”. Donuts, brownies, American cookies, cheesecakes, cup cakes, apple pies, etc. are all American desserts that are popular among Americans.

Americans drink coffee and drink freely

Different from the delicate romance of French desserts, it is different from the fresh, elegant and sweet but not greasy Japanese desserts. The American desserts are more simple and casual, do not need special ritual feelings, and more simple but always make taste buds Satisfy. And because American desserts are high in sugar and high in calories, people like to use a cup of coffee to get tired when eating dessert.

Coffee is indispensable in American life. The United States is the world’s largest consumer of coffee, almost 1/3 of the world’s coffee. My Seattle is the most representative city in the American coffee culture, where the largest coffee chain in the United States, Starbucks, was born.

Americans are often nervous, busy, and fast-paced, and coffee is a necessity for them to start a day of work or study. Many Starbucks will open every day at 5:00 or 5:30, welcoming the first batch of office workers. Americans drink coffee, but they also drink freely and casually, without much attention. In my opinion, this is consistent with the American fast food culture and the love of simple American sweets, all derived from the unfetteredness of Americans.

McDonald’s or Pizza Hut
Burgers and French fries are the mainstay of American fast food culture, and can be found everywhere in the streets of burger fast food restaurants. Well-known chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King. Interestingly, KFC, which has a higher market share in China than McDonald’s, is far less popular in the US than McDonald’s, and the number of stores is much smaller.

Many fast food restaurants in the United States are open 24 hours a day. When I was in college, during the mid-term or final exams, I often met with a few friends in the library to go to the middle of the night. When I was hungry, I went to McDonald’s near the university to have a meal and stayed up late. This made me McDonald’s has a little more special feelings.

Hamburg originated in Germany and was promoted to the United States and became one of the most popular cuisines. According to PBS News, Americans can eat 50 billion hamburgers a year on average, which means that each person eats three burgers a week. Every year on May 28th is the National Burger Day in the United States, where people often meet to eat hamburgers to celebrate.

Pizza is another popular dish in the United States. Pizza is an Italian cuisine. It landed in the United States along with Italian immigrants in the 19th century. After a series of localizations, it has the current American pizza.

In the United States, pizza in New York and Chicago is the most famous, and Wikipedia even recognizes New York as the birthplace of American pizza. I think that pizza is for New Yorkers, probably like a pancake fruit to Tianjin people. But this metaphor is not entirely appropriate, because here more is the pizza as a dinner.

In my memory, pizza is the super supreme of Pizza Hut in childhood. When I arrived in the United States, I found that American pizza was very different from our Pizza Hut in China. American pizza is bigger, the bottom of the cake is thick but fluffy, and the ingredients are more meatless. A variety of meat sausages and salami can be added, a little bit of vegetable granules, plus a layer. A thick layer of sauce and cheese. For me, usually a pizza will be full. At the same time, the convenience of pizza makes it the first choice for food and party in the United States.