Once upon a time

“It was slow in the past, the former daylight became slow, the car, the horse, and the mail were very slow…” Suddenly I felt that the poem was so subtle and succinct, and accurately expressed my feelings about “the past.” Once upon a time, it was a poetic word for me. When it comes to the past, the tide of thoughts will rise and the whole person will be ferried to the beautiful old times.

In the past summer, I was happy, cool and cool. I always think that summer is the best season for the children. The summer of the country is a big and free stage, and the children can play with joy and release the innocent nature. The growth of vegetation has reached its peak, and it is full of greenery and vitality. The green grass is paved into a thick green carpet, the green trees support the thick shades of the trees, and the green fields of the crops are rippling. The children are the free-flowing small fish in the vast green sea. They are flexible and shuttle, enjoying the summer gift. Hot and cool, cheerful and warm.

I remember that at that time, a group of our friends rushed all day in the village, and our footprints went through every corner. At that time, I thought that the whole world was just like a village. We could let us rush and watch the mountains and rivers, as if everything was under our control. I climbed the slopes with my friends and went over the trees. I sometimes climbed into the tall trees, like the victorious generals waving their arms and swaying, urging their companions to try. Everyone saw me having fun and I was on the tree. At that time, I felt that in the summer, the tree was the real home. You can blow the hair on the tree like a bird and look at the blue sky and the white clouds. We almost jumped up and down all the time, and the mother always reluctantly shouted: “This group of monkeys!” We smiled and made a face to the mother and continued our “summer adventure.” Every child is sweating, but not tired, happy and forgetful. At that time, there seemed to be no concept of heat. I felt that sweating was like the transpiration of grass and wood. It was a kind of growth process, so the hot summer is cool for us.

Of course, taking a shower in the small river near the village is also a great pleasure in the summer. A group of children rushed into the river, and the shallow river suddenly boiled. Everyone plays and chases in the water to enjoy the cool and cool taste. Between heaven and earth, children are angels of freedom, everyone is so excited that they laugh, and laughter is floating in the air with the fragrance of vegetation. These happiness are the gifts of summer.

In the summer before, it was quiet and long. When the children are quiet, those times are the warm silhouette in memory. In the summer afternoon, the village is quiet like a nap. The humming sound is louder and more and more quiet in the village. Grandmother is under the big tree, we are by her side, catching the worms under the tree, or watching the ants run around. Grandmother likes to be quiet, we occasionally make trouble, and she whispers: “Don’t make a noise.” We immediately snorted. The grandmother’s demeanor is always “smooth and natural cool” posture, the needle thread in her hand is dancing without hesitation, as if the time is not slow to swim.

In the evening, the summer heat has disappeared, and the family sat in the yard to enjoy the cold. The stars are full of sky, the trees are blue, and the land is cool. In the hands of adults, the fan is slowly shaking, and the day and night are intermittently chatted. The children are surrounded by adults and do not dare to run around. My grandfather likes to tell stories and tells his time in the past. Those distant stories, we sound like it. Until the night was bleak, my grandfather’s story left a suspense of “and listened to the next decomposition” and then told us to sleep. A night’s dream is easy and happy.

Time has passed since the ages, and now I have left my hometown for many years. Every summer will come as scheduled, but it is rare to have that kind of state of mind. In the past summer, people missed, the beautiful fragments left in memory came from time to time, bringing me cool and warmth.