Never forgotten fairness

In 1963, a girl named Mary Benny wrote to the Chicago Tribune because she really couldn’t understand why she helped her mother send the baked cookies to the table and got only one sentence. The child’s praise; and the one who does nothing, only the tricky David (her brother), gets a cookie. She wants to ask Mr. Sile Kuster, who knows everything: Is it true that God is fair?

Siller Kuster is the host of the Children’s Edition section of the Chicago Tribune. For more than a decade, the children have received more than a thousand letters about why God doesn’t reward good people, why not punish bad people. . Whenever he reads such a letter, his heart is very heavy, because he does not know how to answer these questions. Just as he did not know how to answer Mary’s letter, a friend invited him to the wedding. Maybe he should thank this wedding for the rest of his life, because at this wedding, he found the answer, and this answer made him famous all night.

Syler Kuster recalled the wedding in this way: After the priest presided over the ceremony, the bride and groom exchanged rings, perhaps they were immersed in happiness, maybe they were too excited. In short, when they exchanged the rings, the two put the ring on the opponent’s right hand. The priest saw this plot and humorously reminded that the right hand is perfect enough. I think you should use it to dress your left hand.

Siller Kuster said that it was the humour of the pastor that made him stunned. The right hand becomes the right hand, and it is perfect in itself. It is not necessary to put the accessories on the right hand again. Are those who are moral, often overlooked, not because they are perfect? Later, Sile Kuster concluded that God wants his right hand to become his right hand, which is the highest reward for his right hand. Similarly, God makes good people become good people, which is the highest reward for good people.

After Sile Cousteau discovered this truth, he was very excited. He immediately wrote a letter to Mary Benny with the title “God makes you a good boy, that is the highest reward for you.” After the publication of the Chicago Tribune, the letter was reprinted by more than 1,000 newspapers in the United States and Europe in a short period of time, and they were re-published once a year on Children’s Day.

Later, a Chinese person did not know where to find the letter. After reading the message, he said: There is an old saying in Chinese folks that “there are evil reports, good and good reports, not not reporting, and the time has not arrived.” We were puzzled by the fact that the wicked were not getting retribution. Now I finally understand, because “Let the wicked become a wicked person, it is the punishment of God for them.” Man is good, but if the blessing is not yet, the evil is far away; man is evil, but the evil is not yet, the blessing is far away.