More than just a small screen small love touch screen speaker trial report

At the previous Xiaomi 9 conference, Lei Boss first announced the small love touch screen speakers, claiming to have more than 500 functions of the powerful “physique” so that rice noodles and digital enthusiasts are full of curiosity. During the public beta period, we received the test samples from the Xiaomi Eco-chain. I hope that the following trial report can answer some doubts.

The first thing we felt after receiving the product’s open packaging was that it was smaller than expected. From the appearance, the small love touch screen speaker continues Xiaomi’s consistent white minimalist style, and the edge of the fuselage is designed with a more rounded design with a more stylish look, which is very suitable for a modern and fashionable home environment. Small love touch screen speakers Compared to other products of the previous small love family, the biggest change is the addition of a 3.97-inch IPS touch screen, so most of the new features are built around this screen. The front screen has a user-friendly choice of beveled design for easier viewing. The three buttons for power and volume addition and subtraction are placed on the top of the fuselage, and the buttons are large in size but give a seamless look and feel. When using it for the first time, it is the same as other smart speakers. Just download the “Small Love Speakers” app and follow the instructions to set up the network to get started quickly. As mentioned above, the addition of the touch screen makes the gameplay of this product fundamentally different. First of all, the small love touch screen speaker can usually act as an electronic clock, and the desktop clock interface displays common information such as time, weather and date. In the standby state, it also has a dynamic drawing report dial, a larger page turning clock dial and a traditional conservative dial dial for users to choose. In addition, the product development team said that it will soon support the album dial to meet the individual needs of users. After the upgrade, the home electronic photo frame will also become one of the “characters” it plays.

With the APP or direct voice command, the user can also set the alarm clock freely, so that the small love touch screen speaker can be placed on the nightstand, so that it does not have to rely on the mobile phone alarm, and the current time can be seen in a blink of an eye. Around May of this year, the alarm clock setting will also upgrade the two more interesting features of the support video alarm clock and the collection song single alarm clock, more gameplay. In addition, for some sleep-disabled patients like me, there is no need to worry about the brightness of the screen will interfere with sleep. In addition, it has intelligent brightness adjustment function. On the other hand, we can also set the automatic post-use period of night mode in the pull-down menu. As a smart speaker, in addition to QQ music library, TopMed FM and Himalayan and other massive audio content, Xiaoai touch screen speakers also access the iQiyi video platform for the first time, film, variety, food tutorials and other rich content Just look at it. For example, in the kitchen, follow the food bloggers to learn the dishes, follow the fitness tutorial in the living room to practice the abdominal muscles, and only need one instruction to be able to order on demand. However, it should be noted that due to the access platform, if there is no iQiyi member users have to endure the advertising video, I hope the development team can consider the bilibili platform to access or launch a more personalized membership package with iQiyi. service. For children, 30,000 kinds of video encyclopedia, 2.2 million picture encyclopedias and 220,000 episodes of cartoons, enough for children to enjoy happiness between the squares (especially the access to the “Kai Shu storytelling” resources is quite surprising) .

In addition to the above is still within the expected range of functions, the addition of the touch screen, let the small love touch screen speakers in the smart home linkage is even more powerful. It not only supports one sentence to control Xiaomi LoT massive intelligent equipment, covering 27 categories such as smart lights, smart sockets, millet TV boxes, air purifiers, smart air conditioners, sweeping robots, rice cookers and smart switches, but also has unique Mijia intelligence. Device card function. With this function, you don’t have to open the mobile app, you can see the real-time values ​​of various devices such as air purifiers, temperature and humidity sensors on the screen of the touch screen speakers. Moreover, it also supports the ring-type intelligent video doorbell, Mijia smart camera (and PTZ version) and even more third-party video doorbells and other devices, you can directly view the door monitoring screen. When a girl is alone at home, she can also get a full sense of security through its voice-changing function.

In the trial process of the past month, we found that the small love touch screen speaker uses a high-sensitivity dual microphone. The indoor distance of more than 7 meters can also be used for voice interaction with the normal speaking volume. It uses 1.5-inch full-range NdFeB. The internal magnetic speaker and the inverted tube design also give it a 360-degree balanced sound field and good sound stability. The various functions of the small love touch screen speakers have been upgraded step by step, such as the voice call function that will be available next time, the elderly and children in the family can call or answer the phone in one sentence, etc. Have a more comprehensive “use of the land.” Not only a small screen touch screen speaker, it is worth looking forward to!