Money did not talk, Spider-Man “Farewell” Marvel

“Hollywood Reporter” reported on the 20th that Sony Pictures and Marvel Films failed to reach a consensus on the next “Spider-Man” movie. Marvel will not participate in the new Spider-Man production in the future. · Fitch is no longer a producer of the series.

This official statement is the official confirmation of Sony’s “Hollywood Reporter”. On the 21st, Sony Pictures also confirmed the matter through the official social media account. There have been many earlier

Domestic and foreign media speculated that Sony and Disney have huge differences in production costs and share, or will affect Spider-Man to remain in the Marvel universe. The US “Billing Day” website said that the difference stems from Disney’s 50% investment and revenue share, which is no longer the 5% of the first two, and goes deep into Sony’s “Spider-Man” related IP (including “venom” ) Cooperation, Sony did not agree.

Judging from the current Sony statement, even if it is parted with Marvel, the successful “Spider-Man” series will continue to be filmed. There are already two new Spider-Man films in preparation. The director is still the first two episodes of Joe Watts, and the starring role is still “Dutch brother” Tom Holland. Previously, Hollander played Spider-Man in “Captain America 3”, “Avengers 3”, “Avengers 4” and played more and more plays. “Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition” was even considered by Fitch The third phase of the Marvel universe ended. The reason why Sony has the ambition to split up with Disney is because the Spider-Man IP has a considerable prospect. The Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition, which is being re-enacted in North America, is 1.11 billion.

Yuan’s global box office surpassed “007: The Great Broken Sky” and became the most popular movie in Sony’s history. Coupled with the cartoon “Spider-Man: Parallel Universe” won the Oscar awards, even the “venom” that is not optimistic also won the box office, which makes Sony confident to kick the Disney, build the “Spider-Man universe.” But for the majority of fans, whether it is the Spider-Man who left the Marvel Universe or the Avengers League who lost Spider-Man, it is no longer complete. The social network has a regret for this explosion news. Jeremy Reiner of the Eyes called on the personal page to return to the Marvel universe.

The American Hollywood film “Spiderman: Heroes Expedition” recently broke the $1 billion global box office and became the first $1 billion Spider-Man movie. In fact, this is not the first time that Spider-Man has “facilitated”. Spider-Man has influenced the United States for half a century.

Spider-Man is a fictional superhero. This character was created by Marvel Comics’s editor, Stan Lee, and artist Steve Dietko. Spider-Man debuted in August 1962, and he appeared in the magazine “Amazing Fantasy.” “No. 15”. The creator of Spider-Man gave him super power and agility, grasping the surface of most objects, launching a spider web with his invented wrist device and its “spider sensation” to quickly react to danger and enable him to fight against enemies.

Later, Li said in his biography that in 1962, with the success of the Fantastic Four Heroes, he began to conceive a new superhero. The idea of ​​creating Spider-Man stemmed from Young people’s demand for comic books has soared and they are eager to create a role that teenagers can recognize. In many interviews, Li said that his inspiration came from seeing a spider climbing the wall. Comic book author and historian Paul Cooperberg said that in Spider-Man’s creation, Spider-Man’s super power “is not too primitive”, initially in his secret identity, he is just a “high school.” Nerd students. Cooperberg believes that Li and Dietko have created something new in the comics world, “Defective superheroes with problems every day”, which led to a “manga revolution.”

In the early 1960s, the Marvel Comics comic book series introduced a new type of superhero, such as Spiderman, X-Men, Hulk, etc., which is very different from their previous superheroes. After the introduction of Spider-Man to the public for several months, publisher Martin Goodman reviewed the sales data for this issue, and he was surprised to find that Spider-Man has become one of the best-selling comic characters of Marvel Comics.

For half a century, Spider-Man has become one of the world’s best-known fictional characters and is used to sell toys, games, cereals, candy, soap and many other products. Since 1962, hundreds of millions of comics featuring this character have been sold around the world. Spiderman is widely welcomed as a comic book character, always appearing as the greatest comic book character or superhero ever, and is almost always the best comic character. The British magazine “Imperial” listed him as the greatest comic book manuscript in history. The US-based “Wizard” magazine ranked Spider-Man as the third-largest comic character on their website.

Spiderman has become the flagship of Marvel Comics and is often used as a corporate mascot. In 1991, when Marvel became the first comic company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the US Wall Street Journal announced that “Spiderman is coming to Wall Street.” This event was performed by an actor wearing a Spider-Man costume. Accompanied by Stan Lee to the stock exchange. From 1987 to 1998, Spider-Man joined the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a floating balloon designed by artist John Romita. When Marvel wanted to post a story about the September 11 attacks, the company chose to release “Amazing Spider-Man” in December 2001.

In 2006, Spider-Man received a large-scale coverage of the main media, revealing the secret identity of this character, which was described in detail in the New York Post report. In 2008, Marvel Comics announced plans to work with the United Nations to issue a series of educational cartoons depicting Spider-Man along with UN peacekeeping forces to perform UN peacekeeping missions. An article in Bloomberg Businessweek lists Spider-Man as one of the smartest top 10 fictional characters in American comics. Rapper Eminem also called Spider-Man one of his favorite comic book superheroes and one of his favorite comic book superheroes.