Make a wonderful metaphor for life

A friend took part in a qualification test, although he did his best every time, but lost three battles. This time, I thought she would be dejected and disheartened. Unexpectedly, she smiled and said to me: “I am like a tumbler, I fell down, and I am happy to stand up. Dear, don’t worry about me, I will be defeated!” She said, she holds Tight fists, making a winning appearance said: “I will succeed next time!” I was teased by a friend, she compared herself to a tumbler, fell down and immediately stood up with a smile. What a vivid and wonderful metaphor not only removes the cloud of failure, but also brings courage and confidence to others, and also conveys positive energy of optimism to others.

Life is so complicated and varied, there are so many unexpected gains and losses, and there are so many unexpected joys and sorrows. Many times we should learn to make a wonderful metaphor for life. I really appreciate people who are good at figurative life. They have an optimistic attitude towards life, know how to face life positively, and always look at problems and deal with problems with a relaxed and humorous attitude. The wonderful metaphors in life are the refinement of people’s experience and the essence of life.

One of my classmates is in the difficult stage of starting a business. Every step is very difficult. But he never complained about the difficulty of starting a business. He always said to everyone with a smile: “I regard the current stage as mountain climbing. Mountaineering is very laborious. Every step is to consume physical strength, but the process of climbing is also a pleasure. Although I I am so tired that I am sweating, but I have seen the towering old trees and the top of the mountain, how much it is. I enjoy the process, keep fit, and accumulate experience. And, I firmly believe that one day I will climb to the top of the mountain and experience the mountains. Little happiness!” So difficult things, said by him, suddenly made people feel interesting, and the eyes are full of hope.

To make a wonderful metaphor for life, everything is no longer so rigid. The vivid metaphor can also be a subtle reversal. Even if the life is a dark background, it can make you turn it into a bright background, bringing a clear sky. To make a wonderful metaphor for life, everything will be vivid, and the heavy things in life will be freed, and the frustrations in life will be relaxed.

About life and life, it is a relatively empty and ambitious topic, it seems difficult to control. But if you can make a wonderful metaphor for life, it will make us feel that we can control our own life. This is a rare and valuable wisdom. Many people live empty and can’t think of a clear life. If you are good at making a wonderful metaphor for life, you will feel suddenly awake – everything is just that.

I like some metaphors about life: life is like chess, life is like drama, life is like water, life is a journey… These vivid metaphors are the sober and deep understanding after human experience, including the great wisdom of life. A lot of words seem simple, but the details are endless.

Life is long and tortuous, life is full of confusing changes, a wonderful metaphor for life, let us live a vivid and full life, full of wisdom.