Life is a big spoiler

On July 6th, Sabkadu, Spain, “The Wild Horse Festival” is a traditional festival in Sabkadu. It has a history of four hundred years and attracts many people every year. However, it is not easy to control these “wild horses” living in the mountains. There is always an accident – the girl will soon fall from the horse. (Oriental IC map)

● Going home one night, my wife told me that the next day, “The Lion King” was released, and she decided to take the children to see. I am going to work that day, which means that the two have to open my actions. I certainly want to stop it. I also want to see it. As a storyteller, I am most surprised by this type of film. Many people have estimated that they have seen it since childhood. At least they have heard this story. The uncle killed his father and seized the throne. The little lion was driven away, overcoming various difficulties, revenge, and regaining the throne. In other words, no matter the trunk plot or the ending, it has been spoiled for more than 20 years. How can the director shoot, in order to confidently think that people will pay for a story that is already familiar? The spoiled story is the most difficult to attract. Therefore, we often see a lot of remake dramas, in order to have new ideas, to change the plot, the results are counterproductive. Of course, as people grow up, the perception of a play will change a lot. When I was young, I watched “The Lion King” and I will replace myself into the role of Simba. I have to go see it now, with my children, I may be more attracted to Simba’s father, of course not the uncle’s knife, Mufasha.

● For a time, I really liked the “Hakuna Matata” philosophy in “The Lion King”. It probably means no worries forever. Don’t worry, there is no problem that a dumpling can’t be solved. If there is, then two pause. Later I realized that this is just a good wish, and it is never the truth of life. We always believe that the future is better, or we have a better hope for the future – wishful thinking. Just like the previous two days, at the kindergarten ceremony of Xiao Dang, the teachers said with deep affection that they would become a good primary school student and they would be happier in the future. But the reality is that graduation is never a happy ending, it’s just another unfortunate start. On the way home from the field, I told my wife that next time, I would enter the war era of roaring mothers and children who don’t like to do homework. My wife gave me a look and said, “What about you? What are you doing?” I went back to her: “What kind of theme do you think we are going to see “The Lion King”? Widowed childcare!”

● Of course, this kind of behavior is not worth promoting. Fathers should still be more involved in family education. I think that by the time I will not be outside, I will growl with her. But these things made me realize that a problem is that life is like a large-scale spoiler. The core script and the final result have already been written. The question is, how can we make it not boring and more attractive to direct such a work? One way is to create an unexpected situation and say some lines that are not written on the script to create some unexpected plots. On the day of reading the news, after the completion of the college entrance examination for 633 classes in Licheng District, Luzhou City, Shanxi Province, the class teacher and geography teacher Lan Huiyun took 11 students and rode more than 1,800 kilometers to Shanghai. In my opinion, this is a small script outside the situation. After graduating from high school, I had a similar plan, but hey, gave up. Later, life became so boring, I was not surprised at all. Parents of some children in Zhangzhou seem to have other opinions. They are more worried about the safety of their children. The grandfather who has a child does not agree to the child’s participation in life and death, so he is still angry. In fact, Teacher Lan did not start blindly. The students also went through the bicycle training and screening. They also did training before the trip and bought insurance. The itinerary design is very detailed. However, as a novice parent, I can understand the parents who expressed opposition. We always hope that the children can follow the rules and proceed smoothly according to the established track, and they are not able to accept the unplanned situation. Sometimes even obsessed with forgetting that the child is also a free will.

● Although there is some chicken soup flavor, you should keep this sentence in your own script: it will be boring without going away from the life of the channel. The experience of the Swiss Air Force aerobatic team is a good example. On July 6, the “Swiss Patrol” aerobatic team originally planned to fly over Switzerland’s Langenbroke to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of aviation pioneer Oscar Bid. The script has already been announced through the media, and the residents of Langenbroke are also prepared to look forward to it. As a result, the neck was cramped and the shadow of the plane was not seen. It turned out that the yin and yang were wrong, and the aircraft leader mistaken the next town for the destination. The town was holding a singing festival. The people who participated in the singing festival then accidentally saw an air show. The Swiss Ministry of Defence later apologized for the mistake. They explained that the performance team had decades of history and no GPS. The pilots had to rely on physical maps and the naked eye to find their destination. I don’t know if the pilot will be punished. The residents of Langenbrück will naturally be disappointed, but as a bystander with no interest, I think it’s quite interesting – at least, if the pilot is not carrying out a bombing mission.