Let people have creativity, 2019 spring and summer UT series cross-border strike

Brand cross-border, launching joint-name products is nothing new, and many brands hope to reach their strong fan base through IP and switch to sales. But insisting on cross-border for more than a decade, holding nearly 100 joint-name IP Uniqlo, obviously intends to achieve higher value and purpose. In the spring and summer of 2019, the UT series teamed up with artists from all over the world to gather animation, culture, art, games, fantasy and other series. Each piece of T-shirt has a different artistic and creative story behind it. Put on UT and you can break through cultural barriers at any time, cross into different art worlds, witness the birth of trends, and talk to global artists.

Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Series

The Japanese robot animation “Mobile Suit Gundam” series, which is popular all over the world, has been broadcast for the first time for 40 years. In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the birth of “Mobile Suit Gundam”, the UT series is specially designed to show the key elements and characters in the most influential first “Mobile Suit Gundam” animated drama series, showing the future world. Constantly explore the spirit. The series has been on sale since March 29th at the National Uniqlo store and the official mall. At the same time, you can get a limited up to model by purchasing the specified amount of the series.

“Nam coMuseum” is the “ultimate collection” of the classic dream arcade game of Nanmeng Palace. It brings together the masterpieces of the South Dream Palace, such as Pac-Man, Puff Man, Big Bee, Labyrinth Tower, Rolling Thunder, Sky Kids, and Tank Power. Although the slightly rough game screen is not very popular in the moment, it is the collective memory of the 80s. The main thing is not the game itself, but the feelings. To this end, the UT series is designed with the theme of the South Dream Palace video game, which has been popular in the 1980s. It interprets the classic 8-bit pixel culture and reproduces the nostalgic retro style.

Sake culture

What do you think of when it comes to Japan? Romantic cherry blossoms? Beautiful rich soil mountain? No matter what kind of preference you have, when you set foot on Japan, you will definitely want to taste the taste of sake. The new SAKAGURA Mingjiu UT series is themed after the famous Japanese sake. This design comes from a selection of ten outstanding sake breweries. Combining its unique philosophy with art design, it has performed a new interpretation on the UT, creating a unique personality wine series UT, showing different sakes. Unique cultural heritage.

Candy culture

There are so many delicious sweets in Japan, and new popular sweets are constantly emerging every year. The shape of the candy box makes people feel nosebleed, and the taste makes your heart instantly captured, so that you can’t restrain yourself. I am eager to try. This season, UT is famous for its delicious and cute Japanese-style candy, and it is popular with Japanese milk candy, such as milk lollipop, Morinaga “HI-CHEW” and Meiji Apollo chocolate “Meiiis Apollo ChOCOlate”. Cooperate to launch a special series to integrate the unique elements and designs of their respective brands into the UT, bringing people a sweet and romantic happiness.

Ukiyo-e is also a Japanese genre painting and printmaking. It is a unique national art that emerged in the Edo period of Japan, which mainly depicts people’s daily life, scenery and drama. In the world of art, it presents a unique tone and richness. After more than three hundred years, it spread to various parts of Europe and Asia. In the nineteenth century, European masters from classicism to impressionism were inspired by this style. Ukiyo-e has a high artistic value. The UT series refers to the classic masterpiece of Katsushika Hokusai, “The Three Scenes of Fuyue”, which is dominated by the symbolic blue in his paintings. The large body has a gradual design, and the entire print is printed on the pocket, which reinterprets the beauty of traditional art in a modern way.

Nordic design culture

The new UT ScandinavianPattern Collection, created in Scandinavian prints, combines summer forests, oceans and fields as the main elements, bringing together Scandinavian design in different fields. Inspired by simple everyday life, it brings a Nordic-inspired elegance. In addition, the 2019 spring and summer UT series once again showcases the floral patterns of the traditional British furniture brand Sanderson. Founded in 1860, the brand is known for its classic and elegant design. It is the royal interior brand of the British royal family for nearly 100 years. Fabrics and wallpapers based on pattern design are not only difficult to fade, but also artistic and superior quality, which is deeply loved and supported by people.

Disney Cooperative Concept Store

Since the launch of the “Maqic For AIl” series in 2015, Uniqlo has partnered with Disney to create a number of popular UTs. This season, more innovative graphic designs have been introduced to bring more fantasy journeys to consumers around the world. This series adds Disney’s unique fantasy elements to the everyday lifestyle of “Lifewear Applicable Life”. The Marvel UT series collaborates with the famous New York artist Jason Polan to recreate the new Avengers image and Marvel Superhero with artist creative art. In addition, Uniqlo and the talented French graphic designer fGenevieve Gauckler, the versatile Je remy Ville, the creator of Esther Rabbit, Esther King ( Esther Kim and the graphic artists from Nuts ArtWorks work closely together. At the same time, this season will continue to launch the blue-key Mickev Blue series, which is inspired by the traditional indigo and sea blue, as if the sea and sky are integrated.

UT design recreated for infants and toddlers

Diversified children’s UT series, redesigned the adult UT, added new elements such as games and animations to create different parent-child costumes, including Marvel’s Jason Polish theme and other content. There are also content designed specifically for kids, such as Corner Art and Discovery Channel. The latest UT series also adds the theme of picture books – children enter the first interactive experience with art through picture books. The new design includes the walking crocodile Cornelius by the album master Leo Lio nni and the Elmer and Rainbow by David McKee. fElmer and theRainbow) print design.