Japanese people confess with the fireworks

“Spring cherry blossoms, summer fireworks, autumn red leaves, winter snow,” is a summary of the four seasons of Japan. “Looking at the fireworks in summer,” is the Japanese fireworks display. Fireworks are called “fireworks” in Japan. The flower fire meeting began in the Edo period. At that time, the plague in Edo City was popular. In order to eliminate the disaster, the shogun decided to hold a fire ceremony to hold a ritual for the water god, to drive away the evil spirits, and to trace the dead. After a long period of evolution, the Japanese Fireworks Festival evolved from the original comfort festival to today’s summer grand celebration. On summer nights, it’s a pleasure to see friends and family together and watch the colorful fireworks bloom in the night sky. As a tourist, you can travel to Japan in the summer. If you can get into the local area and experience a beautiful fireworks meeting, it will become a rare experience. The author recently experienced the Tenjin Festival Fireworks Festival in Osaka in Japan and found that there are quite a few doorways.

There are fireworks exhibitions everywhere.

Every year from July to August, from Osaka to Tokyo, from Okinawa to Hokkaido, there are large and small fireworks exhibitions all over Japan, each with its own characteristics, some of which are won by the scale of the show, some with creative ideas such as the theme and background music, and some are It attracts tourists with natural scenery such as waters. To travel to Japan, if you want to watch the fireworks meeting, you must first check the time, place and scale of the fireworks exhibition in conjunction with your own travel route. The more the number of fireworks meetings, the more people attending, the more attractive the description.

It is important to watch the fireworks display in Japan. In order to better watch, it is best to buy tickets in advance, so that there will be seats, usually the place is close to the fireworks, there will be no obstructions, and the field of vision is relatively wide. Some seats are popular because they are popular. They need to be purchased by lottery. Some seats can be purchased on the official website, or you can buy them from Japan. It should be noted that seat tickets are usually divided into two types. One is a designated seat with a chair. It is more comfortable to watch. It is a free seat on the beach or grass on the river. It is usually distributed when entering the venue. Cushion, not seated, need to occupy the seat as soon as possible, the price will vary according to the venue and seats. If it is a fireworks meeting held by the water, sometimes there will be seats on the cruise ship, and the price will be higher. For a better viewing experience, you can go to the boat to enjoy the fireworks show, blowing the cool summer wind, watching the fire bloom in the night sky.

Because of the large number of people watching the fireworks, it is usually necessary to check the traffic routes and on-site maps in advance to find the best location. Whether you buy a seat ticket or not, it is recommended to arrive at the scene in advance to seize the best viewing point. It is a good idea to arrive at the scene early, find a good location, and wait for the beginning of the fireworks meeting.

Experience the yukata raft

According to Japanese tradition, when you go to the fireworks meeting, you need to wear traditional Japanese yukata and hibiscus. Japanese girls usually make a chic hairstyle, wearing a chic bathrobe, carrying a small basket or a small cloth bag, wearing a wooden raft, and dressing up beautifully. In comparison, boys’ bathrobes are not too much attention. Visitors who are willing to experience Japanese culture can go to the local supermarket to buy a bathrobe, or rent a bathrobe and a raft in the local area. The price is usually good.

Although the fireworks show in the evening usually lasts for more than an hour, it is best to arrive early and prepare some food. In the vicinity of the Fireworks Festival, there are usually some stalls to sell specialty snacks. You can buy some to taste according to your preferences. You can also experience traditional Japanese items near the booths – fishing goldfish and visiting Japan’s small Booth, maybe there will be surprises.

If the time is tight and you don’t have time to go to the booth, you can buy some foods such as sushi and bread at the convenience store, and prepare enough water to prepare for the supply. At the scene of the fireworks exhibition, the author also saw Japanese people sitting on the grass with their lunches and enjoying them before the fireworks meeting. But no matter what you bring, you need to prepare a plastic bag and don’t leave the garbage on the spot.

Sitting in the beautiful yukata on the grass, drinking cold beer, eating traditional food, while watching the gorgeous fireworks bloom in the summer night sky, it will be a fun and beautiful memory.

Fireworks witness confession

Like cherry blossom viewing, Japanese culture seems to have a complex feeling for romantic fireworks. In many Japanese TV dramas, Japanese movies and anime, you can find a lot of romantic confession, there will be a moving background of fireworks. There are also arguments that if a couple hold hands together to watch the fireworks meeting, the feelings will be firm and will not be separated.

At the scene of the fireworks exhibition, the author saw a lot of pairs of lovers, cuddling with each other, or whispering, or looking up at the stars, the expression on the face is happy and sweet, no wonder there is a “life and lover to see once The Fireworks Conference can only be said without leaving regrets. I heard that in the hearts of many Japanese girls, I have to watch a fireworks show with my lover in my life.

The rising fireworks reflected the blushing faces of the little lovers, and many confession and loveful moments were fixed on this unforgettable night. At the moment when the fireworks bloomed, I took a photo of two people and thought it was very romantic. If you have someone you like, and it is difficult to speak, you may wish to go to Japan for a fireworks show in the summer. As long as you put on the most lovely yukata, quietly pick up your hands in the crowd, and at the moment when the fireworks shine on the stars, you can express your feelings with deep feelings.