It’s good to be an ordinary person.

Almost everyone is looking forward to becoming famous. I want to be a celebrity, I want to move against the trend, and say something disappointing: It is good to be an ordinary person. Or hey, you just said that the grapes are sour when you don’t eat the grapes, not the self-comfort of the celebrities. Indeed, an ordinary person like me is so confession, not convincing, but to a celebrity, do you believe it or not?

For example, Jiang Fangzhou, recently, she said in an article that I checked the comments of my friends on my new book on Douban. I saw such an evaluation: You are a talented teenager when you are 9 years old, a talented woman when you are 15 years old, and become a talented woman when you are 15 years old. Associate Editor of New Weekly, 25 is an ordinary person. Seeing this, my heart immediately felt a sense of relief. The aura of “genius” and “talented girl” shrouded in the top of my head disappeared. I couldn’t help but rejoice: I finally became an ordinary person. The feeling of ordinary people is really good!

Another example is Bill Gates, a super celebrity who is more than N times more famous than Jiang Fangzhou, the world’s richest man. Some reporters interviewed him and asked what is happiness. He said sincerely: “Like an ordinary person, there is no bodyguard to follow, no paparazzi stalking, free to go to the park for a walk, to go shopping with my family, is my greatest happiness. “When you see here, do you and me ordinary people feel happy, and the happiness index rises sharply?”

In all fairness, there are many people who are not as famous as celebrities. There is no aura in the head. No one knows when they go out. There are not so many soft things in the bag, but you also have your own advantages. There are also places where celebrities are envious. You don’t have to be self-defeating. Defeat the wind.

Celebrities must pay attention to the image at any time, not only to wear famous brands, to follow the trend, to be fashionable, but also to prevent people from colliding with shirts. If you are not careful, clothes, shoes and hats are not suitable, and the mean media will immediately make a fuss and ridicule. Celebrities can’t lick their noses in public places, they can’t yawn, they can’t talk indiscriminately, they can’t be expressionless, they can’t exaggerate their expressions, they can’t be stunned, because many shots are staring at you, and they can’t get ugly. Version. And ordinary people, if you want to wear it, you can wear it, as long as you feel comfortable, what you want to do, as long as it is not a violation of the law, you have the most precious freedom of the world, and you will not give it.

Celebrities must also find ways to maintain visibility. This kind of thing is like a flower, it will not bloom forever, and it will last forever. Therefore, famous people must find ways to keep their fame and continue to speculate and add for themselves. They often make shows and appear to avoid being left out, which is also very tired. Ordinary people don’t have these troubles. Without fame, they don’t need to keep their fame. They don’t need to please the media, please fans, live comfortably, be leisurely, eat sweet, and sleep well.

Celebrities have almost no privacy. If they are not careful, they will become the entertainment version of Lace News on the newspapers and magazines. Therefore, some celebrities do not dare to fall in love, do not dare to marry, married not to dare to let people know, no wonder many big-name female stars are still waiting for the word, it is really wrong! It is like ordinary people, we want to love, love, and be willing to hate. If you look at it, you will be bold in your pursuit. If you look at your eyes, you will register directly. No matter what you say, you should be happy.

That is an ordinary person, eating ordinary rice, wearing ordinary clothes, living in ordinary houses, driving ordinary cars, free and unrestrained. Really feel that being an ordinary person is very good!