Iranian man is afraid of his wife

Before I went to Iran, I didn’t tell my parents and my friends around me that I was expected to attract a lot of obstacles: “Scorpio! This is not safe!” However, Iran is really not so safe.

There is still a vigilant atmosphere, especially in Tehran. Photographing on the street is never allowed, otherwise there will be a policeman with a gun to remind you at any time, and carefully supervise you to delete. Of course, this is much more humanized than the gangster habits of the South American slums that “shoot directly on the camera”. It is said that photographs are forbidden on Tehran Street because of fear of leaking certain military deployments. As a non-military fan, I really can’t understand what is special about this street.

After leaving Tehran, everything is free. Persepolis, Isfahan, how to shoot if you want to shoot.

We did not go directly to Persepolis from Tehran, but turned to Azerbaijan for two days. Why is this arranged? It is said to let us experience the weekend of the Iranians.

Well, many Iranians will fly to neighboring Azerbaijan on weekends to relax and entertain. As a religious country, Iran has too many precepts, can not drink alcohol, can not sing and dance in public, and restrictions on women can write two more pages. Listening to local friends, he had two bottles of wine in his suitcase when he had an acquaintance in Iran, so he is still in prison.

Female students in Iran, long trousers can not be less trousers, boys can have short sleeves, but wearing shorts is not enough. There is a special occupational “moral police” on the streets of Iran. They are dedicated to patrol the girls who wear non-compliance. They are brought directly to the police station after they are found. Please ask the family to pick you up.

However, real Iranians are much more open than they think. Under the cover of the black robe, it is all an unspeakable soul and flesh!

If I go to the Iranian family to find a guest, I find that they are extremely exposed at home, basically the kind of underwear shorts, regardless of men and women. If foreign girls look blush, they will warmly remind you: “Are you not hot? Do you want to take it off?”

Where you can’t see them, their pornography is developed and temporary marriages are more prevalent. For example, if a man and a woman look pleasing to the eye, they can directly make a temporary couple. One year, two months, one month and two months, two days a day, with you! This is of course a joy to be happy. But the real temporary marriage is actually the Iranian tradition. This is the aftermath of war. When men fight too much, the temporary marriage can increase the fertility rate of women to a greater extent.

Here we have to talk about the Iranian marriage system. Iran is polygamous, but few Iranians dare to marry more than one wife. Because of this marriage, I can’t afford it! Iranians will sign a paper agreement before marriage to agree on how many gold coins to pay for women when they are divorced. Generally, girls will ask for more than 500 gold coins. The value of one gold coin is nearly 500 dollars. Given such harsh conditions of divorce, Iranian women’s family status is actually very high, fearing that their wives are popular among Iranian men. A little bit of a jealous woman is not happy, Iranian beauty is not a joke with you!