Internal and external troubles, Italian government lightning collapse

The Italian government, which has been turbulent since its inception 14 months ago, finally declared its collapse. According to a report by the Italian Broadcasting and Television Corporation on the 21st, a spokesperson for the press office of the Italian presidential palace said that President Matarella accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Conte on Tuesday and started a new coalition government with leaders of political parties on Wednesday and Thursday. Consultation. In addition, Matarella asked Conte to continue to lead the temporary caretaker government before the presidential palace reached an agreement with the political parties.

The international community is deeply worried about the possible internal and financial crisis in Italy. The US “New York Times” criticized that the fundamental reason for the fall of the Italian government was that the two extreme right-wing coalition parties and the five-star sports party that established the ruling coalition had struggled. In the 14 months since the coalition government took power, it has been a target of the EU’s enemies, ignoring government budget restrictions, demonizing immigrants, and causing panic to the European system. Earlier this month, the 46-year-old Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, the leader of the Alliance Party, Salvini made clear the “incompetence” and “doing nothing” of the “frustrated five-star movement” and called for an early election, hoping to pass The new election is governed by his coalition government.

But now it seems that things have not developed as Salvini expected. The British Broadcasting Corporation said on the 20th that in the face of the political crisis brought about by the downfall of the government, the “five-star movement” has begun to engage with the long-term hostile left-wing party, the Italian Democratic Party. Both sides regard Salvini as the biggest political enemy. The leader of the Italian Democratic Party and former Prime Minister Renzi has been criticizing the “five-star movement” for spreading hate and fake news. He has never said that he will cooperate with it. Now he has changed his tone and expressed his willingness to let go of the personal attacks on the members of the “Five Star Movement”. It is hoped that through cooperation, a neutral, pro-European coalition government will be established.

European News Channel reported on the 20th that for some time, the Italian economy has continued to grow at zero, the youth unemployment rate is high, and the public debt is as high as 2.3 trillion euros, equivalent to more than 130% of Italy’s annual economic output, which is in the EU. The interior is second only to Greece. In this context, Salvini borrowed public dissatisfaction with the new high-speed rail project as an excuse to overthrow the ruling coalition. Therefore, Conte was on the side of the parliament on Tuesday, and the Salvini ruling coalition sitting next to him was engaged in “political speculation” and wanted to “have the power to monopolize” (pictured). Salvini and the five-star movement party leader Luigi Dimao said that they are not afraid to compete in the general election.