In my heart, there is a road to you.

I left my hometown to know that my hometown has a deep relationship with me. I walked out to myself, felt happy, had a distance, and knew more about myself and my native place. I spent a lot of time thinking about the land I grew up with. It is in my consciousness, in my days. Over the years I have continued to use writing, reading, and understanding.

The longer the time, the more understanding the meaning of the combination of growth and fracture. There are many irreversible factors in that process, no matter how sad or happy, no change.

In my hometown, labor and land are all running on their own tracks, without sound and rendering. Respecting labor and land, respecting the blending of the laws of labor, land and nature that have formed over the centuries, is a blending round that I have tried to do.

Labor and land have accumulated our history, but what is the immersion of that land to a person? What are you? The history and glory of the land, its sound quality, its color, its religion and topography, its natural appearance and disasters, the sands of mining and the lawless rain and snow, its music and crying… What inspired people? Can future generations really understand the deep meaning? What does it mean for us to live and live?

Too many questions, never want to be complete. For example, there are problems with and without – for example, the land in the hometown is different from the one in the heart, but in the end, what can last for a long time is the “yes” and the “in” in the mind, not in reality. “Yes” and “In”. In my heart, in my heart, it is the same as the meaning of “you” and “in”.

In January of that year, I went to Europe to attend an international art festival, because I missed my hometown and could not sleep.

I am staying on the houseboat deck. In the distant light, in the slight sway of the light and shadow in the river, in the rolling of the city car, in the sound of the music coming from the living room in the cabin, in the drizzle and the breeze blowing in the sky, I am sitting alone. I think of a lot of things, but I don’t know anything, but I don’t know how to print them in my heart.

I was wearing a thin cotton jacket and wrapped my black scarf around my head. The hand was cold, a bit stiff and indented into the sleeve. This is a city that may only come once in a lifetime. Just like dancing with me, it is accidental. But after all, dance has entered my heart. But I don’t know where the people in this city will float in the days to come. In that place, can you see the temples, houses, growing land, and see the water and the grass? We all have some different memories, such as war, hunger, exile, dark wounds, battles, tears and sweats, and snow storms. These memories are as ingrained and lingering as our desires.

Waiting in memory, many times I want to sing songs from Inner Mongolia. No matter where I am, I miss Inner Mongolia. When I think of Inner Mongolia, my heart is full of long-standing voice. God gave the land to the north and south, bitter joys and sorrows, almost all buried in the ground, sparse people, wandering on the grass without grass, the pieces that were unearthed on the edge of the village are not ineffective. The place was swayed by the dry northwest wind, and the footprints of the past were seen to be eliminated by the sandstone, and the vastness and profoundness of the wilderness were gradually measured. Under the silent, dark blue night sky, the underground burial is buried in the gap between the grass and the cultivated cropland. Those who have silenced the taste of the ageing sacrifice, the true nature of the bloody sea, and the northwest wind swept through every grass and came to the hearts of the people. That is the voice on the grassland.

Hearing the sound of drought in the hinterland of the mainland, he wanted to be alone, guarding the voice, letting it flow freely in the heart because the blood was flowing. The blood flows in and out, and flows to all the places I can see, hear, and see. My blood is stored in the grass in the north, which makes me have the strength to walk, and I have the strength to feel the peace and quiet when I see the soul. I feel serene and quiet.