How is the price of foreign “top stream” stars?

On the 20th, the Forbes China Celebrity List has more “Top Traffic” stars such as Yi Qian Qian, Cai Xukun and so on. The so-called “top-level traffic” refers to the stars who have strong appeal and influence in the Internet economy. In the entertainment industry and the United States, Japan and South Korea, where the Internet economy is developed, their “top stream” stars also have their own characteristics.

US: Singers make money more than actors

According to Forbes’ 2019 Celebrity Income List, American singer Taylor Swift is the most expensive, with annual revenues of $185 million. “Net Red” Kardashian’s “Golden Girl” Kelly Jenner followed with $170 million, and Kanye West, Ed Sheerland and other singers also earned more than $100 million a year. In contrast, the Hollywood movie star’s value market is somewhat backward this year: the highest “boulder” Johnson’s annual income of 89.4 million US dollars ranked 15th, “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. income of 66 million US dollars. The most expensive actress is “Black Widow” Scarlett Johansson, but the annual income of $56 million is still far less than Swift and Jenna.

Hollywood actor income mainly comes from pay, box office, advertising and image endorsement. The rewards like Downey’s “The Avengers 4” include two parts – a fixed pay of $20 million + a global box office share of 8%, “Raytheon” Chris Hemsworth, “Beauty Team” Chris Evans can get a split of different proportions, which is more worthwhile than traditional pay.

In the European and American music scene, the income of top singers or bands mainly comes from record sales, concert ticket income and so on. Although the global physical record industry continues to shrink, the rise of online streaming media has opened up “gold mines” for singers. Spotify, Applemusic and other platforms to broadcast singles have to pay the singers and their affiliates related copyright fees. For example, Swift has sold 50 million albums worldwide. When she switched to Universal Music at the end of last year, she guessed that her contract totaled more than $100 million. She also owns mastering rights and can share Spotify shares.

Kelly Jenna shows the huge absorbing ability of “Net Red”: a million dollars can be earned by only one advertisement on social media, and the value of a homemade make-up brand is even more than 900 million US dollars… 22 years old “Jin Xiaomei” has already entered the ranks of successful entrepreneurs and was named “the youngest billionaire” by Forbes.

Japan: Music producer at the top

In Japanese society, although the income of first-line artists in the entertainment industry is much higher than that of ordinary company employees, it is not enough to rank at the top of the “Celebrity Income Ranking”. According to the “Top 30 of the 2018 Celebrity Income Ranking” (hereinafter referred to as “the list”), the top ten are 7 funny artists, 2 athletes and 1 music producer. Previously, there were also Japanese programs revealing the income of public figures: music producers and sports stars had the highest income, followed by funny artists, and then actor, singer and other all-round artists, and the so-called “idol” can only be ranked at the bottom of the scorn chain. “.

Taking the “list” as an example, the number one is the successful launch of the female idol group AKB48 music producer Akimoto, speculating that its annual salary is 2.5 billion yen (100 million yen is about 6.63 million yuan) – Japan is extremely Emphasis on copyright protection, singing songs and even singing a few words in the program must pay the copyright party, and Qiu Yuankang, who holds a large number of popular song copyrights, is therefore ranked first. Among the most profitable artists, Fukuyama Masaharu is ranked 12th in the “List” with a premise salary of 700 million yen. The most popular female artist is starring in popular works such as “Calling Love in the World Center” and “White Night”. Happy, presumably 655 million yen, ranked 15th; in the popular Chinese Yanya people, Xinyi Jieyi, Ishihara Rimi and other Japanese drama frontline actors, income are ranked 20th out of the list, almost bottom. It is worth mentioning that the “Great God” Kimura Takuya was not on the list.

In order to avoid “bad competition”, the Japanese film and television industry has formed a tacit understanding: relying on good scripts to attract “top stream”, and not to compete for “top stream” to pay. According to Japanese media reports, Kimura Takuya’s remuneration for each episode is about 2.5 million yen, and the super-popular men’s group “岚” member Matsumoto’s remuneration for each episode is about 1.6 million yen. Kawasaki and Yamashita Tomohisa, who are quite popular in China. The “top stream” actors such as Xinyi Jieyi will pay about 1 million yen per episode. The length of a Japanese TV drama is usually only 10 episodes or 11 episodes.

Japanese stars rely mainly on shooting advertisements to generate revenue. The female artist with the highest income in the “list” is holding at least 10 big-name endorsements. The income of idols is relatively small. For example, the ordinary members of AKB48 can only receive wages on a monthly basis. Only after achieving certain results can they rely on acting, hosting and other work to earn extra money.

South Korea: Top-level online red cross-border “with goods”

The Korean star who is ranked in the top ranks is not the one that has a high reputation in every section. The Korean financial website “MoneyToday” has made a star price list in June this year. According to the advertising endorsement, the highest value is the BTS. The cost of inviting them to speak for one year is about 2 to 3 billion won. 100 million won is about 600,000 yuan.) Only two years ago, the value of BTS was only about 900 million won. Behind the BTS are Song Zhongji and Kong Tong, and the endorsement fee is about 1 billion won. In recent years, Confucius has such popular works as “Busan”, “Mission” and “Ghost”, and Song Zhongji also has topics such as “The Warship Island” and “The Descendants of the Sun”. Behind them is the iconic singer Jiang Daniel who made her debut in the second season of the Korean talent show “Prduce101” in 2017. His advertising endorsement fee in 2018 is about 400 million won / half a year, but since the end of last year

Dissolution, Jiang Daniel’s personal development was blocked, and his worth was also affected.

It is worth mentioning that the Korean male and female stars are very different in value – the same is the top superstar, the male star advertising endorsement fee is 1.5 times to 3 times the female star. The new generation of male actors such as Park Baojian and Ding Haijun currently have an advertising endorsement fee of about 500 million won.

South Korea’s “Net Red” (called BJ by Korean media), which is the anchor of various social media and video websites, their income is directly linked to the number of fans, rewards and clicks. According to a Korean live broadcast platform, 20% to 30% of BJ’s income is similar to that of ordinary Korean office workers. Most of the BJ’s income is not as good as that of ordinary office workers. Only a few top BJs with a million-level number of fans earn more than 100 million won or even more. One billion won. These top-level BJs have an incredible amount of goods. Advertisers invite them to speak on traditional media. TV variety shows or shopping shows have also invited them to be guests, and there is a counter-attack phenomenon of “BJ cross-border from the Internet to traditional media”. More than 100 million won. For example, Shuki, the top anchor of South Korea’s “eat and broadcast” industry, recently endorsed a famous Korean ramen. The former spokesperson of the brand is the top star of South Korea, such as the national team Sun Xingyu.