Healthy driving

The British “Daily Mail” recently reported that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Committee, 7% of crashes and 16.5% of deadly crashes were caused by fatigue driving.

Self-driving tour itself is a pleasant experience, but fatigue driving is very dangerous. Here are some suggestions for preventing fatigue driving:

1. Guarantee good sleep

This is the most important thing. You must sleep on time or early on the night before you travel, so you can avoid the lack of sleep when you drive the next day. This is the easiest way to stay safe and avoid drowsiness while driving.

2. Replenish moisture

Dehydration can cause drowsiness even if you have enough rest and sleep, so drink enough water when driving. But try to drink as little as possible of sugary drinks, so that it will not cause fluctuations in blood sugar, nor will it cause sleepiness. Drinking more water means you need to stop and go to the bathroom. The advantage is that you can get off the bus and stay awake.

3. Sing

When you feel sleepy, you can sing your favorite songs, keep people awake, and bring oxygen to your brain and body, making you feel good and energetic.

4. Listen to interesting things

There are a lot of humor, detective or suspense audiobooks, and other audio that will keep your brain busy and thinking while driving. Keeping your brain active can avoid boredom and help you reduce fatigue, but be careful not to be too distracted.

5. Timely parking and stretching activities

When you stop at the rest area or eat, stretch your body and do some activities that will speed up your heartbeat. After sitting in the car for a few hours, it would be nice to relax your legs and back.

6. Avoid long and stiff driving postures

When driving for a long time in a position, pay attention to adjusting the posture. When the vehicle is driving at a low speed or driving on a road with less traffic, you can move the body slightly on the seat and gently rotate the shoulder and neck. Slightly move the legs.

7. Take a nap

If you feel very tired in long-distance driving, the best way is to take a nap. Park in the rest area, put down the seat back and relax. At 20 minutes, do some deep breathing exercises to relax. If you feel that it is difficult to fall asleep, it doesn’t matter, even if it is just a short break, you can still regain your energy.