Give a home a kitchen

I like to cook and cook. When I was young, I also liked to watch my mother cook. At that time, the living area was small, the kitchen space was closed, and every time I went into the kitchen, it was not overturned. It was a bad one. I had to be careful, but even then, my mother never I refused to let me into the kitchen, let me help to beat eggs, wash vegetables, choose vegetables, in the narrow kitchen, while cooking and chatting and laughing, many good memories are in the kitchen.

A big part of my marriage and family life is that I want an open and bright kitchen where I can see the sun. However, this is really too difficult. From work to marriage, living in different cities and different houses, kitchens of different sizes and styles are not ideal.

When I bought the house in 2008, I made a compromise on the area and the height of the floor. At that time, the house I was looking at, the kitchen was facing very well, facing the courtyard of the community, there was sunshine, and there was a small balcony.

It seems that when it comes to the open kitchen, it comes to the kitchen that appears on the pictorial, in the magazine or on the TV, the windows are clear, the flowers are filled, and the whole home is integrated. In fact, the real open area in your own home is limited and can be adjusted.

At first, our family was more conservative and didn’t dare to risk opening the kitchen. It was almost a closed kitchen. It was only later that we saw a Japanese remodeling program. The house was very small. They did it at the junction of the kitchen and the living room. A long wooden table with a baffle in the middle, blocked when cooking, and can be used as a table at other times.

Inspired by this, we also opened a window in the kitchen and put a table so that I could cook in the kitchen while watching the children play outside, chatting through the window, he could know what I was doing, I can also see his movements. I cook and cook, and the children are also playing with the spatula, eggs, and steaks.

game. When children are small, kitchen utensils, tableware, and food are their favorite toys. They learn how I look, match, and set the plate. Later, I switched to building blocks to build restaurants and kitchens, and I also bought a lot of wooden kitchens and tableware.

At first, it was only because of the convenience of looking after the children. For a long time, it cultivated the children’s ability to do hands and independence. From the beginning of primary school, they can cook and cook, and on Sunday, they can help with breakfast, and they are well-balanced and balanced. Just like the daughter said: “When I was young, I saw my mother use pine nuts to fry corn. While cooking, I explained it. It is both good-looking and delicious. We also use children’s tableware to do it. When we grow up, we naturally understand.”

We haven’t had the old man to help bring the children, the small window in the kitchen, let us keep in touch with the children in the busy life and can deal with daily housework.

The kitchen is actually a good education
Later, when the child grew up, the family members and status changed. I found a holiday to refit the kitchen and turned it into a semi-open kitchen. I used a sliding door to seal the half and the other half as a console. People can get involved and do some housework, and close the door when cooking.

At that time, the children were able to wash vegetables, cut vegetables, and cook independently. I and the children squeezed in the kitchen to wash and cut, the sound of running water, the sound of the range hood, the sound of cooking mixed into a group of magnificent music, next to the child who came back from work to read the newspaper, listen to music, practice the brush word.

During the day, everyone went to work, went to school, and a few hours after returning home. Because of this semi-open kitchen, let us stay together, chat, talk and laugh.

Slowly, the kitchen door was completely removed and turned into a console, which is a completely open kitchen. At this time, the kitchen became part of the living room, cooking, daze, drinking, gathering, reading, drinking coffee, carrying a lot of functions.

When the door was completely removed and the kitchen was completely open in front of the eyes, I felt that for so many years, the cockroaches in my heart were finally realized, and the sunlight came in through the windows of the living room and kitchen, which was warm and peaceful.

The daughter snuggled on my shoulder and said, “Mom, this is a meeting kitchen. Whenever you are in the kitchen, we can always see it.”

It’s good to meet the kitchen.
Combining my own experience for so many years, I feel that the so-called open kitchen does not have to be fully open in one step. The reason why we want an open kitchen is not that the kitchen is better or more beautiful, but we want to be with the family. Better communication and turn the kitchen into a place for more than just cooking.

Many people will ask about the problem of soot. During the renovation, countless people suggested that they should have a very good power hood. Therefore, in the past year, I chose a market with a good reputation. For this reason, we reduced the budget of the bookcase. Three meals a day are essential, and spiritual food can come slowly.

Later, almost every five years, I changed a smoking machine with good value for money, energy, energy efficiency, wind power, intelligence, technology. This year is even more on our wedding anniversary. The money that I originally traveled to Europe changed the kitchen range hood and integrated stove. There are other water purification equipment. The kitchen has always been a place where smoke and fire are very heavy. To keep it clean and tidy, in addition to being diligent in cleaning and scrubbing, all kinds of supporting hardware are indispensable.

The open kitchen allows you to better maintain this habit. Relatively speaking, I feel cleaner than closed.

I lived in the South since childhood. My eating habits were stir-fried and pepper. I also witnessed the smog of my mother and other relatives in the kitchen. Eating is the most stubborn memory. Is it to adapt the taste to the kitchen or to make the kitchen suitable for eating?

In fact, there is a compromise. Before I was mainly based on fierce fire, I found that many dishes have another flavor and taste.

For example, vegetables used to be fried quickly, but boiled, hot, and soy sauce, olive oil, and sesame sauce are also delicious, or made into salads. Fish and shrimp are boiled, and beef stew is not the same flavor.

Originally, I wanted to keep the open kitchen clean, minimize the fumes, and slowly form a healthier eating habit.

Adding some steamers, baking pans, and multi-purpose pans will not only bring about changes in diet, but also lifestyle changes.

As usual, there is no time to make breakfast, but with a multi-purpose pot, you can both scone and omelet, you can also fry dumplings, and there is not much soot, so you have more opportunities to make your own breakfast at home. Try to use Western-style breakfasts such as milk, bread, and pizza to reduce frying, frying, and frying.

Many people have expressed my concerns to me. When I worry about the problem of cooking fumes in open kitchens, I will remind them to change their eating habits. This kind of change is often not a compromise, it is better optimized, a healthier, A more nutritious diet.

After eleven years, I finally had an open kitchen, and the family changed from a child to two children. They always said that mother is in the kitchen and we can meet.