French woman without leftovers

In the second half of 2018, due to the expansion of the company’s business, I was sent to the French headquarters for a half-year study. In this country famous for romance, I found an interesting phenomenon: there are many unmarried young women in France, but there is no such thing as “leftover women”.

40-year-old Chloe

When I first arrived in Paris, I quickly saw the beautiful boss who came to pick me up, Ms. Crowe, who is in her 40s. She wore a black knit tight dress with a skirt-like black trench coat. The well-knitted linen shawl has a long hair pouring down, which makes her body more exquisite. Chloe has a delicate face, her eyes are finely decorated, and when she reaches out to hug me, the delicate and delicate hand of silver-white nails is mixed with the faint scent of her body, from top to bottom. They are full of the beauty of youth. However, before I came, my colleague told me that although Chloe is beautiful and elegant, she is just like a woman who is more than 10 years old. She is a “leftover woman”. However, her eyes are clear and her temperament is elegant. There is no such thing as a little bit.” The inferiority of the leftover woman.

Along the way, Chloe introduced me in detail about all aspects of the French headquarters. She spoke in a whisper, and the little humor that came out from time to time made me laugh forward. Although I met for the first time, there was no sense of alienation.

The company did not arrange for staff accommodation, and Chloe enthusiastically invited me to live in her home. It was a large three-bedroom apartment with a cat in addition to Chloe and me. The cat was lazy on the carpet and it was a friend of my arrival. I smiled and just prepared to put the toiletries in the bathroom, but inadvertently caught a glimpse of the men’s razors and slippers in the bathroom. I am a glimpse – is Chloe a single? Have you found your “true life”?

“Those are Dean’s supplies.” Chloe saw my doubts and answered with ease. “We have been together for 6 years, and you will see him soon. Believe me, baby, he is a Very cute guy! However, you can rest assured that he doesn’t always live with me, only to have a night!”

Love has no marriage

Sure enough, a few days later I saw Dean who was on a business trip. To my surprise, he was not a “single uncle” of the same age as Crowe, but a young talent who was just 30 years old and had a good age.

After politely greeting, Dean took the apron into the kitchen, and Chloe continued to chat with me with a cat. I can’t help but be surprised: in China, almost every household is a wife who prepares soup for her late husband. How can a big man just go home and enter the kitchen when he is busy with his work? Chloe is totally puzzled by my doubts – “You are my friend, why should I leave my friend to dinner?” Chloe said and smiled. “Don’t move out of China’s good wife.” Mother theory, I am just his girlfriend.”

In order to welcome me, Chloe also invited the neighbor Miss Ai Luo. As soon as she entered the room, she handed it to Chloe’s hand-made small jewellery. Chloe was particularly happy, and the two immediately said what they had. Miss Ai Luo is so beautiful, even I can’t help but look at it. I sneaked into Dean standing next to me. I saw the lights swaying. Dean’s eyes never left Kloai.

What is the magic of Crowe, who is over 40 years old, who is so fascinated by her 10-year-old boyfriend? After dinner, I smashed Dean to clean up the tableware and rushed to her side to learn. Unexpectedly, Chloe and Ai Luo heard my question and even laughed. It turns out that the French aesthetic culture believes that women in their 40s and 50s are the most beautiful! For a country that focuses on women’s cultivation and femininity, women only have an age group, and the workplace, life experience, and economic foundation have accumulated in all aspects, and they will radiate a mature charm from the inside out.

In France, many boys in their early 20s like women in their 40s, so the female male is between 3 and 10 years old and is very normal in France. Chloe and Dean met in a business cooperation negotiation. At the time, Dean, who was first introduced to the workplace, was attracted by the exquisiteness and skill of Crowe, and immediately launched an offensive against her. Chloe also liked Dean’s gentleness and cleverness, and the two soon fell in love with each other. Although Dean has proposed to Chloe for many times in the past six years, she has refused. She enjoys this “unmarried” life of equal status and does not want to use a paper marriage book to bind the relationship between the two.

“But don’t get married, he can break up with you at any time to find someone else!” I was guilty. You must know that the reason why I am “leftover” is because my ex-boyfriend has been slow to marry, and I like others when my youth is gone.

“Is it married, he will not change his heart and fall in love with others?” Chloe’s counter-question made me ponder. In France, many women choose not to marry. They believe that enjoying love is the best nourishing medicine and cosmetics for women compared with managing marriage. There is no concept of “leftover women” in France. They live 20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, 60 years old, 70s and 80s are invaluable. No matter what age you live, French women will be beautiful and old, and confidently enjoy their own love.

“Chloe is so beautiful and enchanting, Dean will not only run, but also afraid that Chloe will leave him!” Young Elo smiled and stared at Clooe with adoration.

At home, everyone pays attention to “women are pleasing to others”. When they came to France, they discovered that their beauty is not for courtship, nor for the appreciation of others. In the eyes of French women, they have the responsibility to show the beauty of life, which is their life dignity. Regardless of their age, they all believe that they have the obligation to be the most beautiful scenery. They must always maintain a tall and straight posture, and always be clean and intelligent. This is the capital of their own workplace and in an invincible position in the family.

“My Chloe is only facing her cat at home, and the pajamas she wears must be the most decent and beautiful.” Dean said, his eyes showed great affirmation and appreciation.

Elegance is a lifelong practice

On a weekend, I invited Chloe to go shopping with me. Unlike the unintentional strolling with girlfriends in China, shopping with Chloe is also considered “high efficiency”. She first communicated with me what I wanted to buy, and then quickly determined the route. We first went to the famous fashion street to buy shoes, where I saw beautiful women of all ages. The most exaggerated thing is that in the mouth of the test shoes, I found that a woman of about 70 years old is trying a pair of exquisite stiletto shoes! “Elegant beauty is a lifelong thing.” Seeing me surprised, Chloe explained.

In addition to the beautiful appearance and good health, the inner beauty is also pursued by French women. Ingenuity and artistic atmosphere are excellent beauty products for them.

Chloe has never watched TV shows and gossip magazines, and visiting the museum in her free time is one of the leisure styles she is passionate about. The small city of Paris accommodates nearly 400 museums, in addition to the world-famous Louvre Museum, the Orsay Museum, the Picasso Museum, the Rodin Museum, and even the Umbrella Museum, the Bicycle Museum, the Button Museum, and much more. When the society becomes more and more flashy, French women will choose to put themselves in the museum or artist studio, which will make their hearts calm, feel the art elements to wash the soul, and complete the elegant “cultivation” process.

With the companionship of Chloe, my days of studying in France have become full and happy. In the past six months, Bai Lu passed away. When I was standing at the French airport again, Chloe, who came to see me, hugged me. This time in France is enough to make a qualitative change in the mood of a standard “leftover woman”. After half a year’s getting along, this lovely woman in front of me, let me finally understand why French women can live so beautiful and refined. They regard beauty as a high-quality life experience, pursue perfection and perfection, and regard this “beautiful cause” as a lifelong practice, never give up. It is no wonder that there are no “leftover women” in France. Such a woman will only become more and more perfect, so that men will be willing to be pampered with their hearts, and how can they be left over?

After returning home, I always said to my girlfriends, quickly abandon the concept that “women will not talk about youth in the past 25 years, no longer talk about youth in the age of 35, no longer talk about beauty in the year 40, because don’t forget that women can Always talk about beauty!”