Fitness Makeup: Reduce the pressure of women’s “perfect”

Nowadays, fitness has become synonymous with fashion, sunshine and charm. More and more women choose to practice temperament in the gym. And the gym is not enough, the gym must be beautiful. In the age of self-portraits and social media, people always have the pressure to appear perfectly in front of the camera. A polling company in Pittsburgh, Pa., recently conducted an online survey of 1,564 women, and 25% of respondents said they would have at least a light makeup before fitness.

“We want to look beautiful”
At the moment when the media is developed, we can not only see the glamorous side of the stars on the stage, but also see the daily life scenes under the lens on social software such as Weibo, especially when they are sweating in the gym. Photos are more common. Although the stars are “sweaty” after fitness, why do they still look beautiful? “After fitness, we also want to look beautiful,” which is estimated to be the voice of the majority of women.

So the question is, what kind of makeup is suitable for fitness without hurting the skin?

Fitness makeup must follow three principles:

1. Do not stain the equipment in the gym. All the instruments are common to everyone. If your foundation and sweat flow down together, it will leave white stains on the device. Therefore, it is especially important to pat a layer of loose powder or make-up spray after makeup.

2. The skin needs to breathe, and the skin makeup is as thin as possible. If the makeup is too thick, sebum and sweat will not be easily discharged, and it is easy to grow acne. The lightness of the base is the key, plus the slight modification of the silhouette and highlights to make the face look exquisite and three-dimensional.

3. Don’t focus on waterproofing, choose a product that is better colored. Although sweating may smudge makeup, the heat generated during exercise will also melt the makeup, so you need to use a colored product to let the color directly adhere to the skin.

Beautiful, we step by step
Make up the skin with a little correction. Apply a whitening cream to the middle of the face and spread it evenly with a makeup brush. A whitening cream keeps the skin supple and gives a natural, translucent complexion.

After concealing a cream with a whitening effect, use a concealer to partially cover the dullness of the skin. Concealer is more durable and docile than concealer. Concealer should not be applied to areas such as nose bridge, forehead and chin. It is especially important to note that when covering dark circles, apply evenly with a makeup brush. Do not apply too thick to avoid the makeup under the eyes caused by fitness sweating.

It is an indispensable step to repair the face to make the outline of the face exquisite and three-dimensional. It is best to use a pen-based cream product to repair the volume. Just add a little shadow on the bridge of the nose and the eyelids to make the overall outline clearer.

Eyebrows or thrushes, the appearance of the difference is still relatively large, so you need to use eyebrow dye or eyebrow pencil that can maintain eyebrows for a long time. You can use the makeup brush to take the color of the eyebrow dye, brush it gently on the eyebrows, and draw a small amount of detail on the eyebrows to make the eyebrows look natural and not easy to fade.

In the eye makeup fitness makeup, the eye shadow must avoid the pearlescent product, the eye shadow can be used to repair the product, and you can swipe a little at the end of the eye. Use a hair dryer to blow the eyelash curler and then apply the eyelashes better. The mascara is transparent and has a strong shaping effect, which can extend the curling time of the eyelashes. Use a brown eyeliner on the eyeliner. First draw the eye and tail of the eyelashes, then fill the middle with a vertical slash. At the end of the eye at the end of the eyeliner, you can use the same color eyeliner to gently smudge.

In the process of lip makeup, it is necessary to wipe the sweat and drink water, so even if you use too much lip gloss, it will be spent. The use of mirror lip glaze is better, and it can create a tortoise lip that makes people “beautiful”.