Feeling of aging

My grandfather and I sat in the room and looked out the yard. The sky is near dusk, but Grandpa is still wearing pajamas, shirts and slippers. There is a cup of black tea on his wooden table. Grandpa used to drink coffee all the time, but his stomach is not good. He changed his black tea a few years ago. I asked Grandpa: “What does it feel like to get older?”

Grandpa’s brain is sometimes agile, sometimes slow, like cloudy weather. He stared out the window, and in recent years the yard has become ridiculous. Grandpa is old and weak, no longer has the energy to keep it alive and well in all seasons. The branches fell in the aquarium he built, the green algae floated on the water, the weeds on the brick road, and the empty bird feeders swayed on the branches.

When I was in elementary school for the summer vacation, I spent a few hours every afternoon and my grandfather stayed in the yard. Grandpa wears a sunhat and blue jeans, like a strong sailor with no strength. Grandpa opened the ground, extended the courtyard, planted tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce and radishes in the yard. After the dishes were grown, he sent them to the grandmother’s kitchen. Grandpa is an artist. The yard and the garden are his canvases. The flowers, trees and vegetables are the beautiful paintings he has drawn. Before going to work, Grandpa and I will wash your hands and drink some water next to the water pipes on the side of the house. Grandpa unscrewed the faucet, held out his hands and held a handful of water, and thirsts on his mouth. Then, we added some bird food to the bird feeder.

At this moment, Grandpa took a sip of tea and was still thinking about my question about getting older. His eyes did not leave the window, and asked me a question: “When the hot shower, the water began to be hot, and then suddenly cooled down. Have you ever felt this way?” I told him that I had this Feeling. “It’s such a feeling of aging,” he said. “In those days when you were young, it’s like taking a hot bath. At first, you think the water is a little hot, but you quickly get used to its temperature, so the more you wash The more comfortable you are. When you are young and strong, you think that life will last forever. But when you are 40 or 50, you will start to notice that the water temperature has dropped a little. This change is not obvious, but you know what it means. You pretend that you didn’t feel it, and quietly unscrewed some faucets to keep the water warmer, but the water temperature continued to drop. One day, you found that even if the faucet had been opened to the maximum, it could not keep the original warmth. I can let the water temperature drop a little bit. Gradually, you feel the heat begins to disappear from the body. To be honest, this is a rather helpless feeling, the water is still comfortable on the body, but you know it will cool soon. You don’t have a way. I know a few people, they just know that water will never heat up, so I escaped from the water in advance. I am still in the water because I don’t have Remember the warmth of the water when I was young. The days of my life have been quite good, but I still hope that I have not squandered precious time when I was young. Now I regret that it is too late, no matter how hard I try, I can’t make the water hot again. stand up.”

That afternoon, I drove out to buy a bag of bird food and took it alone to the yard. As the sun sets, I walk on the brick road and pull the weeds into the bucket all the way. At the end of the road, I took the bird feeder from the branch and poured a bag of bird food inside. When it was full, I hung it on the tree again.

I walked into the house and wanted to tell my grandfather what I had done. The living room has been darkened and Grandpa is watching TV. His legs were covered with blankets and he fell asleep with his eyes closed. I sat in the chair beside him and saw his hand on his stomach and his chest together. I didn’t bother him, my grandfather was old, so I didn’t have a lot of sleep when I was comfortable. I hope that when he returns to his childhood in his dreams, he recalls the hot youth in the past and the good times when the water has not cooled.