Eye pool


On the TV screen, a thin woman with a good age and a particularly conspicuous ear is being interviewed by a reporter. The daughter was kidnapped by the Koreans. It has been 30 years since she had no news. The subtitles displayed at the bottom of the screen show that this woman with a painful expression is called Sachiko, 63 years old this year. But the wrinkles on the HD LCD screen, engraved on the forehead and mouth, make people look much older than the actual age.

“Poor! For so many years, I have been worried about my daughter’s safety, will this life be ruined?”

After the counter, the owner of the wilderness is in the air. I tasted the whiskey in the cup and nodded.

“The Japanese government is too soft! We should take tough measures to bring back the hostages who have been forcibly removed.”

At this time, the bar in Xiqiao’s “neophobia” (meaning “fancy phobia”) sat in sparsely sitting three guests – I was sitting at the door, the right side was not ringing. It was my companion who looked at the book, and a face-faced guest sat on my left stool, watching the TV intently.

“Neofia” is a Scotch whisky bar that only a regular customer can visit. The owner, Kanno, often loves to play his favorite rock music from the 1970s, and uses Scotch whisky to entertain guests. Half of the bar is operated. Self-entertainment. Therefore, sitting here to spend time, basically the shopkeeper’s friends or regular customers, including like me as the owner of the university era. Therefore, sitting in a strange male guest in such an atmosphere makes people feel very awkward.

I quietly asked Shenye: “That TV is really serious. Is it the first guest to visit?”

The owner came out from the side of the counter and smiled helplessly: “Well, the uninvited guest. I am preparing to put music, but he is…”

In the wilderness, there was a record jacket of “Pink Fairy” in his hand.

I squinted and glanced at the man who didn’t know the landscape. About forty years old, lean. Especially on the face, cheeks are deep, the eye sockets are invaginated, and they are like a monk who is fasting and practicing. Probably the relationship between cheeks and thin, a pair of eyes and ears are particularly large, reminiscent of the “Chihuahua” dog. From beginning to end, he focused his attention on the hostage kidnapping program that is still unresolved on television.

There is no doubt that this show is what this guest is eager to see. Just thirty minutes ago, he first opened the door of the “Neofia” bar and looked around. After confirming that there was a big screen TV, he walked in. Before asking for a drink, he first asked if he could watch the show on TV. Can not help the eyes of this person begging, the owner opened the TV. Next, the man forgot the whiskey in his hand, staring at the TV screen, and occasionally making a hoarse sigh.

“Actually, I also have a friend who has been kidnapped.”

The man inadvertently showed an eager look in the eyes of me. It is a look that seeks sympathy from others. Still can’t think of it! No wonder he is anxious to see this show.

“Your friend is the same, and has not fallen yet?”

Shenye asked in a strange tone. The man nodded and then spoke more shocking words: “There are two people missing, one of whom is my brother. But I still believe that they are not kidnapped by the Koreans. I met the monster.”

“Water monster?”

I just looked at my own book, and I didn’t care about all the friends who happened on the side. This time, I also raised my head. The word “water monster” evokes the curiosity of my predecessor, Mt. heart.


This is already happening a long time ago. Some details are not really true. Please forgive me.

When I was a child, I lived in a small city on the edge of the Sea of ​​Japan, where people called the monsters “monkeys.” I have seen “Apes” in the fifth grade of elementary school and it is still unforgettable.

Yes, my name is Iijima. At that time, I had a brother who was three years older than me. This brother was taken away by the “monkey monkey”. I will talk about it later, first of all, the composition of my family at that time. My father’s name is called, and I am a science teacher in a middle school. My mother died of illness when I was still ignorant. It is said that I was born with acute myeloid leukemia. That is to say, our family is three men, living in the father’s teacher dormitory.

I can’t remember what season it is. When the impression is that the gray clouds are hanging down, it should be between the late autumn and early spring. Near the Sea of ​​Japan, in the winter, the sky is often covered by thick clouds, which in turn affects people’s emotions, often making people feel depressed. The few days that happened, it was also the ghost weather that made people breathless for many days.

My brother A Chong is the shortest in the class, but he is very active, sociable, and loves sports. Many people in the class like him. And I, although taller than my brother, is a young and introverted teenager. Compared to playing with my partner outside, I would rather hide at home and read a book, then let me be in a hurry and think about it, so I didn’t have many good friends at that time.

A Xiu is one of my few good friends. Whenever after school or on a rest day, I often go out to explore with Axiu. At that time, it was still a primary school student. The so-called adventure could not be said to be dangerous. For example, riding a car to the crematorium in the neighboring town to watch the fun, turning over the hill behind the school and coming back, etc., are very “pediatrics”. “The stuff.”

I am close to Ah Xiu because the living environment of the two sides is very similar. He is also a single-parent family. The difference is that he lives with his mother. His father is divorced. The source of his family’s life depends on his mother working in the supermarket. Income.

A Xiu has a big five-year-old sister named Jiali. There is a long hair from Jiali, which looks very beautiful. It seems to be a little mentally ill. Although she reached the age of high school, she did not go to school or work. I saw her doing nothing on the road during the day.

Ah Xiu seems to be reluctant to mention his sister, so what is going on, I have not gone to the bottom. Although it is a child, my heart still has his own secrets and cannot be debunked by others. I remember that whenever the classmates in the class didn’t sneer at Jiali, they would always cry silently, but I believe that these students who will cry out of Ah Xiu, deep inside, are from Jiali. Vaguely holding a sense of guilt.

This may be a bit contradictory, but it is precisely because Jiali is somewhat uncontrolled, so he will express his emotions of emotions and emotions directly. As long as you see her smile from the heart, I can feel how happy she is. This is a girl who is as pure as an angel. Almost all men are attracted by her charm. Of course, I am one of them. In short, those ridiculed by Jiali’s classmates are just expressing their love in another way.

I have been to Axiu’s home several times. His home is not big – no, the specific point is very narrow, and a little dirty, is the kind of ordinary residential building. His mother works in the supermarket, so she is not at home during the day. Without adult supervision, it is a good place for our children to play. Although our family is the same, but we live in the faculty dormitory, always feel that the neighbors are watching, strange uncomfortable. Ah Xiu’s neighbors seem to be single, and they are always quiet during the day. No one pays attention when they make a sound.

Sometimes by Jiali is also at home. As long as she is at home, I will play even harder. When playing games together, Jiali sat on the tatami with his legs crossed, and occasionally the skirt would accidentally turn up to reveal the thighs. Whenever this happens, I feel that the lower abdomen is just a slap in the face, and it is a difficult thing to cover up. When Jiali saw my prime, he smiled a little and made me face red and afraid to look up.

In fact, before my brother lost the trace, this is by Jiali.

One morning, I was having breakfast at home, and Ah Xiu hurried to the door. He panted and looked nervous. A Xiu always wears a purple top, and the pants are the same color. This is no exception. It was obviously not coming to me to play at this time. I quickly asked him what happened. A Xiu said that since Jiali went out from yesterday, he has not returned home yet.

My brother and father reacted faster than me to Axiu’s sentence. Because I was too surprised, my brother’s rice bowl was slammed on the table and knocked over the soup bowl. I still remember very clearly that the overturned tofu and kelp are full of tables. When the father saw it, his facial expression became difficult to look at.

“Fortunately, today’s school break, you are waiting for the family to move, I will go back and see.” Said his father rushed out of the house and rode into the car to drive to Axiu’s house. At this time, I personally felt that it was great to have an adult at a critical moment! On the other side, Ah Xiu looked at the back of my father’s far away, but his eyes showed a look of resentment. I think that he is probably in sorrow, and he has no male elders to rely on.

About an hour later, my father came back. He called the three of us together and said in a very calm voice that it was likely that Jiali was kidnapped by North Korean agents. Probably the relationship between middle school teachers and fathers, the father is trying to keep calm, but for me, who is still a primary school student, what is the meaning of the word “kidnapping”, it is not very good, and I don’t know that it is often A similar incident occurred, so, after listening to this, the scene that emerged in the brain was a girl wearing red shoes singing. I think it should be like this being taken away by foreigners.

At that time, my brother probably understood what it meant to be kidnapped. He shook his body and said as if he was a mantra: “This is impossible, impossible!” His attitude changed completely.

“A Chong, do you know what’s inside?”

The father asked. My brother heard tears in his eyes and said that he had seen Jiali yesterday. Yesterday evening, Jiali walked in the pine forest by the sea, but did not see any suspicious people.

If this is true, then it can be inferred that Jiali was kidnapped after his brother saw it. In other words, if it is unfortunate, even his brother may be taken away by people. In this way, my brother’s trembling seems to have been passed to me, and my body is shaking.

This incident has become a big news in the local area. A large number of police officers were transferred from the county, and the city was armed and guarded. The school has repeatedly warned our students, never play alone in the wild, do not approach the beach.

However, just like typhoons and power outages, abnormal events will only further evoke the curiosity of children’s eagerness to try. In classmates, everyone seems to be always excited and excited.

I remember it seems that it’s been a week. Everyone believes that it’s no doubt that Jiali has been tied up by the Koreans. The children who have been locked up at home for a while have finally been unable to go out, and slowly come out to find a partner to play and play.

I was a little tired of studying at home. When I wanted to find A Xiu, I went to his house. When the house in his house caught my eye, I saw a teenager in a purple shirt and trousers coming out of the building. I know that only Axiu will wear this strange color of clothes. Because the distance is still far away, so he must not hear, so I waved my hand, but he did not notice, hurriedly took his own path.

I rushed to catch up, but despite the trot, I still couldn’t catch up with him. It’s no surprise that in class, I don’t like sports at all, and A Xiu’s sports performance is always one of the best.

After walking through the small school building and crossing the big river, Axiu continued to run towards the foothills outside the town. It took about an hour to see the “ranch” in front. The so-called ranch, that is what our primary school students call it privately. To be precise, it is a livestock test site in the county, which is home to cattle, pigs and chickens. It used to be with Axiu.

When I saw Ah Xiu walking to the “ranch”, suddenly a black shadow flew from the newly harvested rice fields, and the black pressure almost covered the entire sky. That is the crow. The hundreds—no, maybe even thousands of crows, screamed and hovered overhead, demonstrating to the intruders.

How come so many crows gather in one place? As soon as this thought came out, I immediately felt that my back was cold and the hair of my body was upside down.

I have heard that crows love to eat corpses. I thought at the time, were the crows eating the bodies of a large animal? Or smelling rotten meat is looking for? Is that a pig or a cow? Or… I don’t have the courage to confirm the correct answer.

The more I think about it, the more I am afraid, and I try my best to run. The black crows are like laughing at me, screaming and chasing after me.

How is A Xiu? My sight is searching ahead. I saw my good friend running towards a dilapidated horse stable.

Although the “ranch” was no longer raised at that time, until a few years ago, there were still several horses. There is a fame of the horse shed at the “ranch”, no one manages. What did Axiu go to this dilapidated horse shed? If he is running into this stable, then I can catch up with him. I am thinking while running.

At this time, I encountered a strange thing. Ah Xiu, who was running in front, suddenly disappeared on the side of the stable. Looking back from me, Axiu hid behind the horse shed when he was near the horse shed from the left, but he pulled out a small beast from the right side of the horse shed, a raccoon. After the fat raccoon pulled out from behind the horse shed, he ran away. It seems that Axiu has turned into a raccoon for a moment. No, it seems that the raccoon of the avatar Axiu has returned to its original form.

impossible. I stepped up and ran towards the horse shed. It will take a minute to reach the stable. I wandered around the horse shed and saw that there was a wooden door that was open from the outside. The door was bolted from the outside, but the door latch was gone, and anyone could enter and exit freely.

I hurriedly pushed the wooden door open, and an unspeakable smell came out, and my stomach tumbling. I tried to endure the discomfort and scanned the horse shed up and down. The horse shed is about 10 tatami-sized, and the ground is covered with a layer of dry straw, which must be paved when raising horses. One third of the horse shed, with a loft and straw in the attic.

In the shed, A Xiu’s figure was not seen, and his name was not answered. On the ground, he lost his purple shirt and trousers, as well as underwear and socks. I suddenly understood that Ah Xiu, who was just seen, was the incarnation of the raccoon. It was the raccoon who deceived me into this desolate place.

I suddenly became scared and huddled, and I wanted to escape if I pulled out my legs. However, I don’t know what happened, just like being tied to my body, I can’t open my legs. I really want to cry out. Later, I couldn’t remember how I got rid of the bondage and walked home.

When I fainted to the door, I suddenly saw someone waving to me in front of me. It was Axiu. Seeing his dress, I couldn’t believe my eyes – he was still the purple top and pants.

I went to Ah Xiu and asked where he had just gone. Probably the tone of my question was a little harder. Axiu showed an unpleasant expression, saying that it was a person who was playing at home in the afternoon. It was really boring, and came to me.

I told him about the crow attack and the incarnation of the raccoon. Ah Xiu nodded and whispered to my ear:

“Well, you are also an inspirational person. I am the same physique, I believe.” He went on to say: “My sister was not kidnapped by the Koreans at all. I know that it is not people who take her away. It’s a monkey.

I don’t believe there is a “monkey”, but when I look at Axiu’s serious look, I can’t bear to argue with him. I just nodded and asked, “That…” Where is the ape?”

“In the eyeball pool.”

The “eyeball pool” is a reservoir on the edge of the “ranch”. This strange name is the name of the children in private. It is said that the pool often comes out of the eye. I originally wanted to hear him say that it was in the deep pool of Awuchuan or Mingshenchi. I didn’t expect this artificial pool. Probably looking at my look is a bit disappointing, Ah Xiu said: “If you don’t believe, let’s go see it tomorrow?” I listened a little hesitant because the school had warned: Don’t go to the “eye pool” to play, it is dangerous !

“If you are worried, you can call your brother together. There are middle school students, there will be no problem.”

Since I have reached this point, I am not good at rejecting it. So I decided, tomorrow I will go to the “eye pool” with my brother. Now think of it, this is a wrong decision.

After I got home, I discussed it with my brother. He didn’t believe that there was any “monkey”. The request to me was just a few laughs from the nose. However, it may be thought that it is a little dangerous for the two elementary school students to go to the “eye pool”. In the end, they agreed to go there with their own conditions. My brother loves fishing, and he caught up with the carp in Awuchuan.

Nothing to sleep, the next day is the day to decide the fate. We decided to ride to the “eyeball pool” and it took a lot of time to walk and ride for about 20 minutes.

When I arrived at the “eye pool”, I saw that Axiu was waiting there. He also thought about it thoughtfully, and actually brought fishing gear. In contrast, I feel that I am a bit out of place. I convinced my brother who wanted to go fishing, and first searched for “Apes”.

The water in this tank is turbid dark green. This kind of color makes people feel a little worried, it will produce the illusion that there is something unknown in the water to peek out. This is the origin of the term “eyeball pool”.

The pool is fan-shaped, like a small reservoir, about the size of a primary school campus. On the side of the pool, there is a mound with a height of about ten meters and a gentle slope. It is the dam of the pool. The top is covered with a wire mesh and a “danger! No entry” sign is hung on it, but for children, the more The more things that are forbidden, the more you have to find out. I don’t know who is the first hand. The lower part of the wire mesh has opened a few mouths, and people can easily get in.

The deeper the pool is, the narrower it is. In the innermost “fan axis”, there is a stream of water flowing out into the pool. There is a sluice in the lower part of the dam. When the water in the pool is too full, the sluice can be adjusted to adjust the water level. I want to come to this pool should be used for irrigation or drought relief.

The inner wall of the dam is reinforced with cement. It is very steep here. Adding a lot of moss and stepping on it with your feet, it is very likely to slip into the pool if you are not careful. In order to facilitate the water surface, there is a step on the cement slope.

A Xiu led me and my brother to the first step. The thick green pool water has been flooded to the tenth step from the top to the bottom, and the water level is already quite high. There are many water plants floating on the water. Maybe it’s a psychological effect. I always think that there is something in the grass that is staring at me. The back can’t help but raise a chill.

“Look, this is it!”

Along the fingers of Axiu, I saw two stone statues on the edge of the ladder, one with a waist and one waist, probably just past the knee. I leaned closer to the face and looked at it. The big one was a Tibetan bodhisattva with a bib. The little one looked a little strange: there was a basin on the head, a carapace on the back, and the face could not be seen because of weathering. It seems to be a stone statue that mimics a monster.

“Why, what did you say, ‘This monkey is this?”

My brother asked Axiu with a strange look. I also felt very disappointing. I just smiled helplessly, but I heard Ah Xiu say the following sentence. I immediately accepted my smile: “No, this is for the memorial to be dragged into the water. The children in the house set up ‘Apes.’

I felt a warm wind blowing over my cheeks, and the cloud covering the sky seemed to hang lower. A feeling of chest tightness came to me, but Axiu was urging us to go down quickly. Close to the surface of the water to see the secrets in the pool. He said that in order to see the eyes of the monsters that are slightly out of the water, “However, you must not meet with the eyes of the apes, or they will be dragged into the water.”

This made me scared, and my brother showed a taunting smile, saying “Yes?” and stepping down the ladder.

At this time, there were several small ripples of concentric circles on the surface of the water, probably because the people were close at once, and the water ripples in the water were scared away. It may be that the ripples hindered the observation and the brother continued to move down. Just as he bent down, Ah Xiu suddenly shouted at the center of the pool with his finger: “Ah, ‘A monkey!”

I quickly looked in the direction of Axiu’s fingers, but I heard a “beep” sound from the vicinity. Then, an incredible scene appeared in front of me: ah, my brother’s right foot was being dragged down!

My brother struggled and shouted: “Let me go, let me go!” But because the right foot was caught, he obviously couldn’t keep his body balanced. I thought about going to save him, but the great fear made me firmly stuck on the way. I saw a pair of eyes about two meters in front of my brother. I am not mistaken, “eyeball pool” really has ghosts inhabited.

Just as I couldn’t move, my brother’s right foot gradually sank into the water, and the water didn’t reach the knee. At this time, Ah Xiu passed me over me, hurried down the ladder, and wanted to hug my brother from behind. However, to take back the brother who had lost his balance and stood alone, it is obviously impossible to rely on the power of Axiu alone. . My brother was dragged into the pool like this.

“A Sheng, go to the adults!”

I heard the eager shouts of Ah Xiu, I only came back to God. I hurriedly ran down the dam, flew onto the bicycle and rushed to my father’s school.

This road is really long! I have never been so anxious, and I have never realized that I am so incompetent. When it is easy to get to the school and rush into the staff room, I feel that the heart is almost broken when I lack exercise.

After explaining the story to the stunned father, I begged him to go to the “eyeball pool” to see. The father figured out that his brother had an accident, and quickly rushed to the police. Then he carried me with a bicycle and quickly drove toward the “eyeball pool.”

When I returned to the “eye pool”, I saw A Xiuzhen sitting on the dam. I still remember very clearly that it was probably that he was crying over the stone statue of the “Ape”, and the tears dripping the whole stone.

I left here for about 30 minutes. Ah Xiu said that my brother did not surface during this time. For a while, the screaming whistle was far and near, and the police car came.

The police listened to us telling the story, the face became severe, and immediately decided to let go of the water in the pool, and started in the evening!

But what surprised us was that until the water in the pool was drained, all the corners were searched, and no brother’s body was found. Of course, there was no “monkey”.

The police said that you two must have been wrong. I insisted that it was not wrong to see my brother being dragged into the water. I struggled and argued. Slowly, the police’s eyes became sharp. It was probably suspected that I was playing with the big brother and I was playing with adults.

However, after a few days, my brother did not return. Although he sank into the “eye pool” is undoubted, but at that time his father did not believe me, and began to think that his brother was kidnapped by North Korean agents like Jiali.

The police seem to agree with the father’s judgment that the brother must have been taken away by the Koreans.

But they are wrong. My brother was dragged into the water by the monster, and I can see it clearly!


Iijima rose his long narrative. It was a legendary story that made people unbelievable. When I was holding a glass of wine and thinking about how to express my opinion, I only heard the companion sitting on my right side ask with a eager tone: “What does the eye look like?”

“Hey? Do you believe what I said?”

It seems that he has not only told this story in one place, but no one believes his words. Probably because of the enthusiastic response from others, Iijima rose away from his seat and moved to me.

“You just said that you really saw the eyes in the pool, but I can’t conclude that it is really a monster’s eye. What does it look like? I am very interested in this stuff.”

My companion, Mt. Aoyama, is a university student of the bar owner, Kanno, who is my predecessor. In college, he was the head of the Student Society’s Wildlife Research Society. After graduation, he worked in a publishing house for more than a decade. Now he seems to be a freelance writer. According to himself, writing is just a means of earning living expenses. His real career is an “observer” and a “field observer” who loves to live at home.

“Wait a minute, let me think about it.” Iijima closed his eyes and seemed to be searching for old memories. “I remember, at first glance, it was like a cat’s eyes, but I really have to ask how it looks like a law. I can’t say it.”

“Oh, oh!” “Observer” couldn’t stop.

Does he really believe that there are water monsters in this world?

“Yu Shanjun already knows what the original shape of the monster is?”

Shenye told me my question.

“Well, that’s it. I just think it’s hard to say that this place is in the winter.”

The topic suddenly turned, so that I could not keep up with the idea of ​​Lushan.

“It was a city in the northern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture. It was once the base camp of Changzhou. It was famous for the private school of Matsuda and the village of Matsushita. It once went out like Takasugi Shinsaku, Jiuji Xuanrui, Ito Bowen, and Shan County. There are people who have friends and other people from the end of the shogunate to the Meiji Restoration period. I have no research on history, but this one still knows.”

“Ah, I don’t want to hear what you said about this place in Yucheng. Didn’t Mr. Iijima mention the city?”

“Yes, I am just talking about a small city on the edge of the Sea of ​​Japan.” Iijima said to me.

That’s true. Therefore, when Iijima just described it, I thought of the three counties of Niigata Prefecture and Hokuriku (Fukui Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, and Toyama Prefecture).

“The water monster is called ‘the monkey, it should be the area of ​​the four countries, China, so I think it is in Yamaguchi Prefecture.”

“Wait a minute! Is it the Shimane and Tottori counties on the Japanese side of the sea in China? Why is it Yamaguchi?” Shenye asked inexplicably.

“Because there are crows patrons.”

“The crow?”

“The crow is a migratory bird of the genus Corvidae. In Japan, it is flying in groups to the west of Japan. Winter seems to be about the same age as me. The fifth grade of elementary school is about thirty years ago. In the 1970s, gangs of crows could only be seen in the northern part of Kyushu and Yamaguchi Prefecture. Shimane Prefecture also recorded a single and several crows, but it was actually observed. The earliest record of the crows was in 1984. Later, the distribution of the crows became larger and larger, and now the entire Kanto Plain can be easily observed.”

Listening to the hustle and bustle of the mountain, Iijima’s eyes widened. This knowledge is only the minimum common sense for the “observer”. Well, let me try his skills.

“How do you know that the crow that attacked Mr. Iijima at that time was a raven, would it be a big-mouth crow or a raccoon?”

“Impossible. It’s not the time to go home. There won’t be hundreds of big-mouthed crows or culls gathering together because they don’t have this habit. The crow that Mr. Iijima saw was in the harvested rice fields. Inside, it is foraging in the rice fields during the day. The crow is called the Thousand Crows in the opposite horse because it has obvious habits; it is called a low hum, not like a big crow sharp. ‘Giggle; its eating habits…”

If the mountain pass can be said to be endless, I quickly interrupted his words: “Yu Shanjun, I understand. Thirty years ago, groups of crows could only be in China, that is, Yamaguchi Prefecture can only see it. So Mr. Iijima said that his brother has caught squid, is there any squid in Yamaguchi Prefecture?”

“Yes,” Lushan said without hesitation. “The Nakagawa River system in Fukuoka Prefecture in the west and the Ligen River water system in Ibaraki Prefecture in the south are distributed. However, there are very few areas in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and now the squid has been included in the county. Extinction of rare species list.”

“That’s right,” Iijima took the message. “Squid has become a rare rarity, so catching it will become a big news.”

“Your brother is catching squid in Awuchuan, isn’t it?”

Lushan crossed my head and asked for rice island. Rice Island nodded.

“Awuchuan is a river that flows through the center of the city. I used to go to the city when I went to see the island to observe birds.”

It turns out that the spring and autumn seasons of Lushan often go to the outlying islands on the side of the Sea of ​​Japan to observe migratory birds. These islands often attract rare birds flying from the mainland due to their unique geographical conditions. Seeing the island is an outlying island in the waters of the city. From the “Awuchuan” in the mouth of Iijima, Lushan deduced that the incident occurred in Yucheng, Yamaguchi Prefecture, relying on the knowledge reserve in his stomach.

“鸢山君, what is this water monster?” What God is most concerned about is what this monster is. Lushan smiled and asked: “What do you think?”

“I don’t think there is any mystery, it’s a common animal like otters,” said Kono.

“I don’t think so!” Lushan said loudly. “Since the ancient times, Japanese otters have been regarded as the embodiment of water monsters. However, Japanese otters, which were originally thought to be distributed throughout the country, were only visible in the state in 1954. Its trace. The last reliable record was that in 1983, a corpse was recovered in Kochi Prefecture. Therefore, if a otter was found in Yamaguchi Prefecture, the sensation would not be as good as catching squid.”

Said, Lushan sipped the Guinness beer in the glass, quite dissatisfied: “Brother! How can this kind of heavy taste dark beer? What bar!” Shenye smiled helplessly: “Here is here.” Scottish bar!” He said that he was full of draft beer in his glass.

“The otter is an animal that is very similar to the weasels. I can’t imagine how it can be related to the monsters!” Listening to my tone was a little dissatisfied, and the smack of beer foam on the tip of his nose smacked the contents of his belly. “Like foxes and raccoons, people believe that otters can also confuse people. Also, the incarnation of the monsters, in addition to the otters, there are monkeys and turtles.”

“You mean that the one that dragged my brother into the water will be Wang Ba?” The man who had been listening to the “Chihuahua” who had been arguing with us at the moment had widened his eyes and asked.

“No, no.” Lushan categorically denied, “Although the temperament of the scorpion is fierce, once you bite something, you will not loose it easily. Compared with other turtles, it has a long head and neck and is aggressive, but it is a big cockroach. The diameter is thirty-five centimeters! Even if it is a fifty-centimeter giant, it can’t drag a child into the river.”

“Yeah,” Iijima said with a sigh of relief. “Even if it was dragged to death by Wang Ba, we did not see my brother floating on the water. Besides, it was not like Wang Ba’s eyes…”

Lushan sipped the dark beer in the dry cup and turned his body to the island. “I feel that the folks can actually make the turtles the incarnation of the monsters. To be honest, what you said just now, I believe more. It’s a whirlpool.”


Iijima blurted out. It is not surprising that he has such a reaction. The wilderness should be the same. Lushan speaks too much.

“But at that time there was no whirlpool in the pond! My brother was dragged on the calm water.”

Just as it is expected to cause such a reaction, Lushan erected the index finger: “Yes, the vortex only appears in the place where there is water. Therefore, there is only a vortex in the river. The still pond is generally There will be no whirlpool. Did you open the gate at that time to release the water?”

“No. I looked up and down on the dam, and the gate was closed. Only later, in order to find the body of my brother, the water was released.”

Iijima said affirmatively. Lushan nodded slightly.

“That is to say, you think that your brother’s disappearance and whirlpool have nothing to do with it. Well, there is the thing that I just said. Just like the typhoon has a typhoon, the whirlpool center also has a whirlpool. Then you don’t think it will Look away?”

Yes, the eyes that float on the surface like cat eyes will stare at people.

“What the hell is that?”

God wildly asked impatiently. Lushan did not change his unhurried tone, turned his head to the side of the counter, and straightened his wrist to support his chin: “It is the Dragon King.”

“What water dragon king?”

For my question, Lushan’s answer is simple enough: “It’s a dragon.”

“I just said the water monster, now I have a dragon. There are so many illusory creatures.”

Kanno, who has completely lost interest in the discussion, turned off the TV set that had already ended the news program, and placed the album of “Pink Fairy” on the turntable of the record player.

“That’s not illusory!”

The words of Lushan sounded a bit unacceptable.

“Please tell me, what is the eye?” I still often feel that my eyes are staring at me behind me…”

Iijima looked at Lushan with a look of pleading.

“Please give me some time. This way, you will come here again this time the day after tomorrow, I can unravel the mystery of the eyes for you.” The “field observer” of the house of the house slightly nodded.

“After the day? Good.”

The face of Iijima became cheerful, and he left the bar after checking out the account. Until the end he had never had a sip of whiskey.

After the strange guest left, I asked Lushan: “Are you so easy to promise him?”

“No problem!” A glimmer of light flashed through the eyes of Lushan. “Right, Miss Cat Field, do you want to take a picture of Korean orange?”


In this way, an unexpected opportunity to complete my visit to the city of Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Yes, I should introduce myself. My name is Cat Tian Xia Hai, a professional photographer. Age, um, if it is rounded, it is forty, huh! When I joined the Wildlife Research Society in college, I met a few strange people. However, I am a single woman with good character and beautiful appearance.

By the way, you may not know what orange is? It is the “orange” in “Sakura near the left, orange in the right”. Legend has it that two trees were planted in front of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. The left side is “Sakura near the left” and the right side is “Orange right near the orange”. Now you can see the orange tree. This plant is now hard to see elsewhere.

Citrus is a Japanese citrus, scientific name is Citrus tachibana. At first glance, it looks like Wenzhou mandarin, but its fruit is sour and inedible. Now there are only wild oranges in the warm coastal areas such as Kyushu and Shikoku.

It is very similar to this orange. It is Korean orange. This genus of citrus subfamilies is rare, and can only be seen in Jeju Island in South Korea and Gifu City in Japan. Its scientific name is a combination of the Latin names of the names of Japan and South Korea: Citrus nipponokoreana. Of course, it is also an endangered species and a national natural monument. As a plant photographer, I really want to leave a shadow of it.

The only wild land in the country, Kawasaki, is the northern part of Mount Lu. Lushan is famous for the lowest volcano in the world, with an elevation of only 112 meters, like an ancient tomb of a noble man.

The lava that falls on the smoldering fire of Mount Laoshan is formed by the erosion of sea water. From time to time, the figure of Korean orange can be seen. Korean orange and orange are mixed together, but its leaves are slightly larger, but now it is just the flowering season. The two orange trees are all small white flowers. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t tell. After I took the orange and Korean oranges, I went to complete the things that Lushan had asked.

On the way back from the wild oranges of Gory Orange, the more I think about it, the more unhappy I feel. Lushan was open to the river last night, and the water monster was said to be a whirlpool from the fish. Finally, it was said that it was a dragon, but he pushed me to do the investigation. I thought he would walk with me. I didn’t expect this strange person to say: “Tomorrow I have to finish the paper about the new discovery of the cockroach insects, or you can go alone.” What cockroach insects? Is this name stranger more important than me? Forget it, don’t think about it!

Maybe it was the power of an anger, and I quickly returned to the entrance to Lushan, spending much less time than coming in. In front of me is the Mingshen Pool, which was mentioned yesterday in Iijima. I didn’t pay attention when I came in.

Lushan recorded the contents of the investigation on me. In short, find and understand the strange thing that happened 30 years ago, and then confirm a few things.

Japan is now changing a lot, and it is easy to re-examine what happened 30 years ago. Although it is only a small city in the local area, after 30 years of baptism, it has already been a thing of the past.

The first thing I want to find is the “eyeball pool.” The “eyeball pool” is not an official name, so it is not found on the map. The county animal production test site, known as the “grassland”, has already been relocated. After inquiring about several people along the way, I finally know the general position. I can see there and there is no shadow in the pool.

The early years were the area of ​​suburban farmland and have now become emerging residential areas. I tried to pick up a few housewives who looked like, who knows that they are all residents who have been relocated here for less than ten years.

I went to the nearby police station and received me a policeman who was younger than me. It was obviously not what happened 30 years ago. When I asked him to help me find out who was living in this area for more than 30 years, I was rejected by the reason that I could not disclose my personal information.

But I was a person who didn’t easily admit defeat. My curiosity and my confidence in my own action made me reluctant to give up. Turning into a mansion house that looks like a lot of years, I began to transform myself into a “spy” role of spying intelligence. After visiting nearly ten households, I finally got some information with reference value. The biggest achievement was the encounter with a woman who was once a classmate of Jiali Middle School.

“You mean the kidnapping incident? I remember very clearly!” said the woman. “The same age I was kidnapped by Jiali. It was a sensational news. Everyone in the school has been talking about this. thing.”

“I heard that the public statement at the time was kidnapped, but privately it was also rumored to be taken away by water monsters, right?”

“What are you talking about?” The woman’s eyes widened. “Who is spreading this rumor? Water monster? It’s so funny! It’s obviously tied up by the Koreans! It was said by Jerry’s mother.”

This woman apparently believes that Jiali was kidnapped.

“Yes? What happened to Jiali’s family? Should her mother and brother still be there?”

“Well, Tanaka later…”

The woman squinted her head and showed a look back at the past long time. It seems that by Jiali and Axiu should be the name of Tanaka.

“What happened later… Well, I really can’t remember it clearly. It seems to be slowly disappearing. After all, the family lost one of the most profitable people.”

“The most profitable person? Are you saying that you are from Jiali?”

“Yeah,” said the woman, whispering in his hand. “You don’t know? What she did in the past was to eat by the body!”

“Working by the body?”

“Yeah. Get a good night’s sleep with a man, and then get some benefits. You think, relying on the mother of Jiali to make money, how to feed a family?”

I simply don’t believe my ears. Prostitution itself is unbelievable, not to mention that Jiali is still a minor child.

There seems to be a perverted man in the world who has a sexual relationship with a young child. Is it that Jiali is making money to maintain his family’s life? Although it is a strange woman in front of me, I never want to continue to hurt the reputation of Jiali. I quickly changed the topic and asked: “Do you know that after Jiali, there is also a junior high school boy who is missing?”

“Ah, that is the son of the teacher of Iijima, it seems to be A Chong.”

The woman who talks to the topic turned to the meal on the island. It seems to be a bit of a sensation. She seems to want to continue talking about some things from Jiali. I have to know that I didn’t come here to listen to the long talks.

“Speaking to the teacher of Iijima, when you were in junior high school, you followed the book of Mr. Iijima, who is a science teacher?”

“Yes, he is still the head teacher of our third year. The teacher is handsome and handsome, very popular with girls. Ah, yes, by Jiali is also in this class.”

It seems that the father of Iijima was originally the head teacher of Jiali, so when he heard that something happened by Jiali, he would change his face and go to her house. As for his student’s prostitution, he does not know if he is a science teacher.

“When Iijima was missing, no one said that it was a water monster?”

“How come again! Where is the water monster?” The woman smiled disdainfully. “It seems that this rumor has really been heard. At that time, his younger brother confirmed that it was missing in the second reservoir of Yueyu. So, it seems that the water in the pool has been drained.”

This woman’s memory is really not bad, actually remember that the name of the “eyeball pool” is called the second reservoir.

“What did you find in the pool?”

“It’s his younger brother who said a sigh! This bear child with five big and three thick is a big straw bag, and still loves to lie! Therefore, the teacher of Iijima himself believes that his son, like Jiali, was kidnapped by the Koreans. Iijima teacher is really poor!”

“Yeah, it’s like this, because I’m pulling my big son by hand.”

Is it really because of kidnapping and missing? I thought about it in my heart, and the woman was attached to her mouth, but what she said next made me very surprised: “Well, the most tragic thing is him.”

“He himself? Are you talking about Mr. Iijima?”

“Yeah, he really did die in the pool.”

“Suddenly in the pool? Is that the ‘eye pool? Well… the second tank?”

“Yeah, you don’t know?”

I felt a dizzy feeling. The death in the “eyeball pool” is not the rice island charge, but the father rice island. Probably when I saw my stunned look, the woman couldn’t stop talking about the death of the science teacher in the pool.

“Remember that it was the summer of A-Chong who was kidnapped. When several elementary school students went to the pool to play, they found the teacher of Iijima floating on the water. Since A-Cheng disappeared, the teacher was in a state of mental depression, so he suspected that he was suicide. But in the end it seems to confirm that the accident has fallen. The slope of the pool is very steep. Everyone knows that the place is very dangerous. When it was discovered, it has been dead for many days. The body is stinky and stinky, and some of them are eaten by animals. It’s so bad!”

what on earth is it? My mind is in chaos.

“Will it be eaten by a monster?”

“What happened to you? This is always a monster, how can there be such a thing! Some say it is a mouse, some people say it is a king bite, all kinds of sayings, and there is no final conclusion.”

“What did Ah Asheng later? Lost his father and brother…”

“Not very clear, I heard that I was picked up by any relative…”

Why did I not mention the death of my father? He only said that his brother was dying in the “eyeball pool”, and according to the woman in front of him, it is his father who died. Is he making a mistake himself, or is this woman’s memory wrong? It doesn’t matter which statement is correct. It is clear to the library to check the printed version of the local newspaper.

“What happened to that pool?” I asked.

The woman looked up into the distance.

“Filled. At that time, the place planned to build a residential area. Because there was no farmland around, there was no need for agricultural irrigation water. Therefore, the pool was drained, the dam was pushed down, and many houses were built. Unrecognizable. The newly relocated people did not know that the place where they lived was originally a pool, and it was still a pool of drowned people.”

The woman said, a snicker appeared in the corner of her mouth.

Although this woman is not the type I like, it gives me a lot of information. There is one last thing to inquire about, although I have to figure out how to do it again and again, but I don’t know why.

“There is one more thing to take the liberty to ask, have you heard that there are hot springs nearby?”

The woman listened with a surprised face.

“Ah, you know everything about this!”

“Is there a hot spring?”

“Exactly, there used to be. There is a small volcano like Mount Lushan on the edge of the city. So, if you just find a place to dig, you may have a hot spring. The hillside two kilometers away here. There are hot springs, but this is all 20 years ago! At the beginning, the government was planning to use hot springs as a tourist resource to attract tourists, but it was too far away from the center of the city. Later, the city continued to dig up hot springs. It’s slowly deserted here, and it’s been abandoned for two or three years. If you come here to find a hot spring, it will be disappointing.”

A lot of gains. After I thanked him seriously, I said goodbye to the woman.

The next day, go to the library to check the newspaper. The woman’s memory is correct. On August 7, 1978, the dying island of Iijima was discovered. When the body was salvaged, people saw that his right finger and nose had been smashed by what animal.

After getting this exact information, I quickly returned to Tokyo.


In the evening, I reported the results of the survey to the two predecessors at the bar in Xiqiao, “Neofia”.

When I heard that Iijima’s father, Iijima, was involved in the “eyeball pool”, Kamano showed a very surprised look: “Why didn’t I talk about this last time?”

Lushan, who was musing on the side, was absent-minded, but he was perfunctory: “Yes.” Shenye seems to have gotten used to the cold attitude of old friends.

“It seems that you are also surprised when you see that you are still talking about the day before yesterday, saying that the water monster is a whirlpool, it is a dragon, I can’t insert it.” Shenye swayed the mountain while making me a “McLen single malt” “whiskey. I am very good at this recently.

“Give me, I treat you, I am rewarding you!”

“thank you boss!”

I took a full glass of whiskey and then “invited” to Lushan.

“Looking at the predecessors of Lushan, I am not doing it right?”

“I completed the investigation task so quickly, and it is worthy of the first-rate Miss Cat Field.”

I am very impressed by the evaluation of the “freak” who rarely praises people.

At this moment, the door of the bar opened, and then the face of the “Chihuahua” was born. Iijima rose a little earlier than the agreed time. This person is a medium-sized person, but it looks like a poor, probably because of this thin face.

Iijima greeted me and walked into the bar. After sitting down on the bench on the side of the mountain, I sat down and asked, “How about the true face of the eyes?”

I didn’t have any drinks for the visitors. I didn’t mind Shenye. I followed the question: “Yes, what is the real body of the monster? Tell the truth!”

“Yes,” Lushan turned to face the island. “The real body of the eye is actually a dragon.”

It was said the last night in Lushan. After learning the results of my investigation, did he still think so? What does that dragon mean?

“Take this illusory thing to fool people! Use fictional creatures to explain the so-called water monsters that do not exist in the real world. Can you solve the problem?” Shenye immediately expressed his dissatisfaction.

“Can you be sure that the dragon is really not?” Lushan asked, “What kind of animal is the dragon? Do you know?”

“The god of water that looks like a snake?”

“Yes. There is a so-called ‘gossip snake’ in Japan; China is slightly different, and the so-called dragon is generally four-legged.”

“It’s a dragon!” I know this too.

“Yes, the dragon is a kind of dragon, or a kind of creature that the dragon has not yet formed. The island in the pool sees the eyes of animals that are very similar to the Chinese dragon.”

“You mean… crocodile?”

Listening to my doubtful question, Lushan immediately showed a look of approval, just as the teacher heard the students say the correct answer.

“That’s right. It only shows the eyes on the water, and it looks like a cat’s eye. Mr. Iijima can think of the cat’s eye. It is possible that its pupil is longitudinally slender, and the eyes of the crocodile are like this.”

“Crocodile?” Iijima half-opened, “How can there be a crocodile in the eyeball pool?”

“There are a lot of people who raise reptiles as pets, some raise brocades, and some raise crocodiles. These things look cute when they are small, but generally reptiles live longer, as long as they are fed constantly, The longer it grows, the more it can’t be dealt with in the end. Especially the crocodile, which grows ferocious, can’t be domesticated by the individual, but it has to be discarded. Where is it lost? It is in the nearby river or pond.”

Indeed, I have heard news of crocodiles found in ponds or sewers in parks. Think of it this way, it is possible to have a crocodile in the pool.

“Right, there are hot springs!”


When I saw the misunderstanding of Iijima, I told him the results I got after the investigation.

“In the ‘eye pool’ – officially called the second reservoir of the Yue-Yu – there is a hot spring nearby. After Mr. Iijima’s brother was not long after the accident, there was a hot spring, and before that, near the mountain The hot springs may have flowed into the pool, or they may be geothermal, where the water temperature is relatively high.”

“I think so too,” said Lushan. “So, in the winter, the pool will have crocodiles. Most of them will be alligators, and they may be alligators or Mississippi crocodiles.”

“What you mean is that the crocodile swallowed my brother, so even if you put out the water in the pool, you can’t find the body? The problem is that the pool has drained water and no crocodile!”

“You said last time, there is a small river that pool, right? Then, if the water gate is opened and the water level drops, the crocodile will be transferred to a small river with water. Besides, the crocodile is a amphibious animal, hiding after landing It is also difficult to find in dead leaves.”

“But even if the crocodile can escape like this, you still can’t explain the question of Iijima just now. Did it swallow the brother of Iijima?” Shenye said his incomprehension.

“A crocodile is different from a snake. It can’t swallow a large prey. It can only be bitten open with a sharp tooth and slowly eaten. That is to say, after the crocodile eats, it will definitely leave a broken bone. After releasing the water, no human bones were found, which is strange.”

Having said that, the tone of Lushan seems to have changed a bit. What exactly does he want to say?

“If Iijima is attacked by a crocodile, the water in the pool will be red immediately. No matter how turbid the water in the pool is, Iijima should be visible.”

“Yu Shanjun, what do you want to say?” Shenye could not help but raise his voice.

“Well, now I will answer your question.”

“my question?”

“You just didn’t ask for it, what is the real body of the monster?”

“Ah, you are not saying that it is a crocodile, just said it.”

“I just answered the question of Iijima, saying that what is the eye floating on the water, and what is the water monster that dragged the rice into the water, I haven’t said it yet.”

how? Isn’t the water monster that dragged the rice island into the water and the eyes that floated on the water at the time not the same thing? The real body of the monster…

“The real thing about the monster is the ape.”


I can’t understand what the geeks of Lushan mean, and Shenye is also a stunned look. Only Iijima rose, as if I had encountered something like a ghost, my face turned pale.

“You forgot the stone statue that imitated the water monster at the pool that was said last time? ‘The monkey is that thing! Right, Mr. Iijima?”

In the face of this sudden question, Iijima was apparently in an unanswerable state, as if he was entangled in a demon, his body shivering.

As a result, Lushan began to explain patiently, which is like making up lessons for poor primary school students.

“On that day, the water level in the pool was relatively high, and the water flooded the tenth step from the top. On this step, a white transparent fishing line with nylon should be used, and the other end of the fishing line was ligated. On the stone statue of the monkey, when the rice island was filled to the surface of the water, his right foot reached into the lasso. Just then, the stone figure fell into the water. As the stone image sank into the water, the fishing line was stretched. The lasso was tightened. In this way, the stone figure plunged the fishing line into the water, and the rice island filling with the fishing line on the foot was also out of balance and was dragged into the pool. The stone statue was high and the knees were not light, and the people were again Struggling is useless, and Iijima is drowned in the water.”

The words of Lushan were unexpected, and I couldn’t turn my head.

“Then, Lushan Jun, who made this bad?”

“There is no doubt, it is Axiu.”

Ai Xiu, a good friend of Iijima, killed his brother, Iijima, and the mountain opened the truth. How did you react to the sudden conclusion of the meal? I couldn’t stop looking at him, only to see his “chihuahua”-like face pale.

“Do you have evidence?” Shenye asked, “Is it still a vicious means for the primary school pupils?”

Lushan seems to have long been expected to have such doubts.

“Of course. First of all, that day Axiu came to the scene with the tools of fishing. He should also bring the fishing line. Second, he has plenty of preparation time. Third, he urged the island to fill the dam as close as possible. The water surface is also Axiu. He tempted Iijima to fill the trap he set. The day before yesterday, when Iijima was near the surface of the water, the water suddenly burst into ripples, saying that it was caused by the drowning of the otter. This is not credible. At that time, it was winter! The otter was hibernating in the winter to hide under the fallen leaves. The ripples may be caused by the Axiu throwing sand on the levee, aiming to encourage the island to pay attention to itself. The feet are transferred to the water.”

Speaking of this, Lushan paused and spoke back and forth to the faces of our three “audiences”, confirming that we were all waiting for him to speak, and then continued to reason.

“Later, Ah Xiu called out a monkey! The attention of the two brothers of the island was transferred to the center of the pool, and the stone was overturned. The stone statue was heavy and should be moved by fishing. The stone statue fell into the water. sound.”

Yes, the day before yesterday, the “Chihuahua” also said that there was a “snap” in the vicinity. Is it the sound of the stone falling into the water?

After Iijima was in charge, Axiu rushed to his brother before the meal, and he pretended to save the rice island. In fact, he pushed him into the water. Iijima rose behind Axiu, of course, I can’t see clearly. Axiu’s action.”

incredible! But so much evidence is in front of you and you can’t believe it.

“But why did Ah Xiu kill the brother of Iijima?”

“This, I really don’t know.” Yanshan frowned and said, “But you can guess, he is probably revenge.”

revenge? How come there is such a guess?

As if I had guessed my question, Lushan followed: “I think this is to report the enemies that my sister was killed by Jiali.”

Is Iijima charge killed by Kerry? ! Suddenly I had a feeling that my chest was being grabbed.

Just then, a hysterical cry came from the ear, so loud that people couldn’t stop covering their ears. It was the scream of Iijima, and the deafening screams kept echoing in the closed bar.

After the screaming came to an abrupt end, Lushan raised his finger with rice. “It seems that I am not wrong. You are not Iijima, it is Axiu, right?”

It is also a bomb with huge explosive power! “Chihuahua” is stunned and speechless. His face was ugly, and his eyes were burning with angry flames. I am really afraid that he will yell again, but fortunately he just stares silently at Lushan.

The “observer” is still taut, “You don’t deny it, then I think it’s right.” Lushan continued his reasoning.

“From the narrative of the day, Iijima is a fifth-grade elementary school student, but very early. He is taller than his brother. He may still be a stupid little fat man, because he doesn’t like sports, but even if he is thirty years old. This is the case before, no longer, and there is no similarity with your current physique. Careful analysis of the content you narrated the day before yesterday is almost all things that Axiu should understand, that is, only Axiu said this. Experience, there is also Sachiko Tanaka.”

I remembered the words of the middle-aged woman who claimed to be a classmate of Jiali, who was named Jiali by Jiali and Axiu, but who is Sachiko Tanaka?

“Miss Cat Tian, ​​have you forgotten? It was the woman in the TV the day before yesterday!” Seeing my face confused, Lushan reminded me. I remember this, the 63-year-old woman who accused her daughter of being kidnapped 30 years ago. She is also surnamed Tanaka, also by Jiali and Axiu, that is to say…

“As Yanshan Jun said, if the person in front of him is Axiu, then the woman who appeared on TV should be his mother…”

“Yes?” Lushan looked at the “Chihuahua” and asked the other person to shut up. “The face and ears are very similar. Because I know that my mother will appear, so I have to watch this show anyway. You should have something else before you leave home to Xiqiao, thinking about finding a bar with fewer guests. Let you watch the TV show you want to watch, so you come in here.”

If Saoshan said that “there are fewer guests”, Kamano does not care. He is now waiting for Lushan to tell the story.

“Your name is Tanaka, big name? Tanaka Hideo, Tan Zhongxiu, or Xiuchen?”

Lushan’s guess was a name, and “Chihuahua” smiled helplessly and finally spoke up.

“It’s Wu Xiu, Tanaka Wuxiu. You are quite right. The day before yesterday, when the show started, the mother who lived alone called and told me that she was on TV and asked me to look at it. I was busy outside, thinking, Just look for a place with a TV! It’s also my exhaustion, who would have thought…”

“Well,” Shen Ye yelled at the mountain, and the words contained sympathy. “I didn’t expect to encounter this strange person here?”

“My mother still believes that her sister was kidnapped by the Koreans. It is incredible! It must have been believed by the rice island that morning. I am a science teacher in the middle school. This person looks at the road and is a despicable one. Scum, he and my mother sneaked. My family is poor, no adult man is the head of the family, he often sneaked to my home after school from work.”

“Chihuahua” has a faint blush on his thin face and a hint of sharpness in his eyes.

“It is true that there is a father who must have his son. Iijima is my classmate, but the body is burly but dull; his brother inherits his father’s lasciviousness, and my sister’s eyes are always stunned. My sister… …”

Having said that, Tanaka Takeshi stopped his talk and observed the expressions of the three of us.

“Do you know the situation of my sister? At that time, for the family’s livelihood, she would do some work that almost sold the spring. Probably Iijima was involved in revealing this secret to his eldest son. This is a threat, threatening my sister, to take possession of her. My sister refused him, and the eager eyes of Iijima filled my sister’s neck and strangled her.”

Ah, how come! What I want to hear is a legend about the real body of the water monster. How did it evolve into a miserable story? I drank the McLean whiskey in the cup, thinking that if I am not drunk today, I probably can’t listen.

“This is a rumor that happened on the day when Jiali was kidnapped. Is it at the horse shed? Have you seen it with your own eyes?”

Lushan interrupted the memories of Tanaka Takeu. Wu Xiu listened and bowed his head.

“Well. I saw my sister’s look a little different that day, and she followed her… On the straw on the ground in the horse shed, Iijima was like a beast. My sister was desperately resisting, but she was struck by her neck… I Hiding in the corner of the horse shed, seeing my sister was humiliated, but finally failed to save her.”

“So, the next morning, you went to the island home to report it?”

Asked Lushan. Tanaka nodded lightly.

“Well. I originally expected Iijima to stand up and plead guilty. The result is not the case. When his father saw his son’s fear and understood the truth of the matter, he went to my house to swindle my mother and created a false kidnapping. At this time, I secretly vowed to destroy the father and son.”

It turned out that Iijima, who was having breakfast at the time, was shocked to drop the rice bowl. His father, Iijima, had a big change and rushed to Tanaka’s home. It has such a background.

“Then you didn’t tell the truth to your mother?”

“I want to tell her, but she has already been washed by the island. She is not willing to listen to my explanation. Perhaps in her subconscious, it is better to believe that it has been killed, because it is believed to be kidnapped by North Koreans, because at least The man is still alive. It has been believed for thirty years. In the mother’s mind, ‘the daughter is kidnapped has become a fait accompli.”

“But, where did Jiali’s body go?” Just raised this question, I immediately remembered what Tanaka said the day before yesterday. “Is it a crow…”

“Miss Catty, don’t imagine it!” The voice of Lushan was a bit harsh. “You can’t conclude that there are corpses because you saw the crows gather together. I told you that the crows have a habit of gathering.” They are flying in the rice fields, looking for fallen ears and insects to eat. The crows will never be interested in dead bodies, only the raccoon will.”

“The raccoon? The raccoon loves to eat dead bodies?”

“Yes. The raccoon is a relative of the dog. He is fond of eating meat, so he will be attracted by the rancid smell and enter the horse shed.”

The wilderness, who had been quietly listening to it, took a sip of whiskey and asked, “Well, what about the raccoon incarnation, Ah Xiu?”

“The last time I said, when Tanaka entered the stable, the frightened raccoon escaped. Is that true?”

Confirmation of Lushan, Tanaka Takeuchi nodded.

“My sister’s body was hidden in the straw pile in the attic, and it was not discovered by the beasts. At that time, although it was winter, after a week, there was still a rancid smell.”

There was a strange smell in the horse shed. It was mentioned when the Tiantian Wuxiu’s famous rice island rose to the narrative, but what about the dress?

“The last time you said that Axiu took his clothes off the horse shed. Is this to add the story to the fascinating story? Also, when Iijima rose home, I found that Axiu was at his house. This is also very strange.”

“No!” Tanaka immediately denied, “I took off my clothes because… I want to make a final farewell with my sister. From my very young age, my sister will hold me tight whenever I feel lonely. I think, this is because my mother is often not at home, my sister wants to give me more maternal warmth. So, I also want to use my body temperature to warm my sister’s cold body…”

I feel a bit of aversion from the back. Is it only me that I smell a twisted sister-in-law? Tanaka did not have a trace of shame and continued to speak his words.

“At this time, Iijima rose this kid. I was in the attic. He didn’t find it, but he saw the clothes I took off. I thought, if it was not good, I would wear clothes immediately after he left. He went to his house in front of him, so I was shocked when I saw him, saying that I was the incarnation of the raccoon. This idiot, no wonder he would ask such a thing. The body of my sister was quietly buried in the pasture. a corner.”

“How did the rice-filled corpse be disposed of? I just don’t understand this question. When Iijima rose and left to call my father, I took this gap and salvaged the body and stone statues – it was just my imagination. ”

Yes, the day before yesterday’s narrative was said, when Iijima and his father rushed to the scene, they saw that the stone statue of “Ape” was damp. The stone statue that dragged the rice island into the pool was already fished.

“The stone statue has another long fishing line. One end of the fishing line is attached to another stone statue of the Tibetan Buddha. When Iijima rose, I moved the Buddha to the top of the levee and went to the dam. The other side pushed down, so that because the Tibetan Bodhisattva was bigger and heavier, the ‘Small Monkey Stone Image that fell in the water was picked up. I used all my strength to move it to the top of the levee, wrapped around the fishing line. The body of Iijima’s body also floated up.” Tanaka took a deep breath.

“Iijima is a middle school student, but I am very small. I can run with him on my back. I carried his body and ran down the dam, rushed into the farm on the farm where I was close, and threw the body in the pigsty. In the face of the sudden food, the pigs were excited. When I returned to the dam, Iijima’s father and son also arrived by car. At that time, the stone statue of the Tibetan Bodhisattva was hanging on the other side of the dam. This foolish father and son did not notice at all, and my plan was not revealed.”

“The body is feeding pigs?”

I can’t think about it. Although people are dead, no one is willing to let themselves become the mouth food of the pigs.

“It turns out that those pigs with fat body can bite the human bones, that is, they will fall into the mud when they are not crushed, and then they will be crushed and mixed in the soil. This is a good way to destroy the body.” I nodded and seemed to admire the wisdom of Tanaka Takeu. Then he suddenly asked: “It seems that Iijima is also pushing you down the pool?”

“That’s still asking? Hey.” Tian Zhongwu Xiu actually showed a smug color. “I told him that A Chong’s disappearance had new clues and tricked him into the pool. When he didn’t pay attention, he used stones. His head, gave him his life, hehe!”

The bitter face that looks like “Chihuahua” looks like a fierce devil at this time.

“I heard that the body of a corpse is a primary school student. Is it also you?”

“That’s still used? I haven’t had any movements for a few days. I can only act as a discoverer by myself. Hey. It seems that the crocodile has bitten the body of the island.” Tanaka’s voice sounds horrible, eyelids. In the depths is the crazy fierce light, “Oh, those eyes! Is it really a crocodile?”


Tanaka committed two crimes of murder, but it happened 30 years ago and has passed the prosecution time limit. Tanaka’s thin face was filled with a few empty smiles and left the bar.

“Just let him go so far?”

I can’t relieve it for a while. Even if you are wrong with the father and son of Iijima, can you kill yourself with private enmity?

“Well, for him, he has actually been severely punished.”

Lushan Yiyang neck drank the wine in the cup and frowned.

“do not understand.”

“From the day I killed Iijima, the eyeball pool became his nightmare. Before that, he didn’t believe there was a monster, and because of this, he would lie to the pool brothers.” However, when he saw the big sin, he saw the eyes floating on the water, and the person was entangled in the water monster.”

“This person seems to be a bit abnormal,” said the owner, Kanno, from the counter. “I didn’t say it just now. He still often feels that he has eyes behind him.”

“This kind of sight, it is also possible to come from the entity.” “Observer” Lushan is now confusing.

“What do you say, Lushan Jun?”

“We can analyze this way. It is very likely that Iijima has already known the truth. For 30 years, I have been staring at Tanaka Wuxiu. Tanaka said that Iijima is so dull, maybe because he has this kind of non-crashing South. The wall does not look back to the tenacity, it will bite the middle of the field and not let go. In the end, Tanaka finally can’t stand it. In front of us, the bamboo tube is like a bean.

When I heard this, I also seemed to think that someone was staring behind me and couldn’t help but have a chill.