Express Grandpa

In most people’s impressions, the courier’s job requires a lot of physical strength, and this profession has gradually become a high-income “youth meal” in a certain sense. However, in the Kyushu region of Japan, there has been a clear stream of express delivery industry in recent days – the courier of the courier has become a white-haired express grandfather.

Since the summer of 2017, Sagawa Express, a courier company in Kyushu, Japan, has begun to provide delivery services for “Grandfather Express”. Japan’s aging society is becoming more and more serious, and the number of online shopping is increasing. Under these double pressures, Japan’s express delivery industry has experienced a nationwide shortage of personnel, and local small and medium-sized express delivery companies are even more miserable.

God does not save, can only save himself! Japanese courier companies regard local seniors as a “new” workforce. Sagawa Express of Kyushu cooperates with the local talent center to set up a small-scale distribution base in the residential area, and then entrusts local old people to use bicycles to deliver the goods to the guests. As a result, the white-haired “courier grandfathers” riding bicycles and door-to-door delivery have become a magical sight that can only be seen in Japan. How strong is the “Grandpa Grandpa”? According to the courier company, their current plan is to arrange five “Courier Grandpa” for every 2,500 households.

Chaihara Shine of Sakae-cho, Imari, Saga, Japan, is 83 years old this year, but has started a courier. In the morning, he arrived at the delivery point of the courier company, picked up the courier from the two areas he was responsible for, put it on the bicycle, and started a day of work on a bicycle. Although he can only send five copies a day, he can get more than 20 pieces a day after he is proficient.

Sakaecho is an old residential area built on a hillside. The terrain is undulating and there are many ups and downs of the road. The old man who is not confident in his physical strength often feels tired, and smiles and wipes the sweat. However, when he reached the consignee’s door, his exhaustion suddenly disappeared, he put on a full smile and pressed the doorbell. The guest who came out to receive the goods was also an 80-year-old woman. She was very surprised when she saw the courier was Chai Yuan Xin Xi, but then she laughed and said, “I am relieved by Mr. Chai Yuan! I have been suffering since. Mr. Chai Yuan has taken care of a lot.”

It turned out that Chai Yuanxin, who was the “Grandfather of Express”, has lived in this neighborhood for 50 years. In this neighborhood, almost every household knows this kind of old man. He walks here like a walk in his own courtyard. Therefore, even if you don’t look at the map, Chai Yuan Xin Xi can accurately deliver each courier to the recipient, and even he can use the near-way delivery that is not available on the map. In this regard, the 83-year-old is more rapid than the young man in his twenties.

“I think that hiring an elderly person who is familiar with the terrain as a courier is not only a solution to the shortage of manpower, but also greatly shortens the delivery time and improves the overall delivery industry,” said Masahiro Mori, the person in charge of Sagawa Express in Japan’s Kyushu region. service quality”.

In fact, “Courier Grandpa” is not as simple as it seems. This group of lovely old people not only sent express delivery, but also assumed more important social responsibilities.

When traveling to Japan, people from big cities and popular attractions don’t let people directly feel the threat from aging, but in Japan, young people go to big cities, and only the elderly are left in residential areas. . In some cities of Kyushu, residents over the age of 65 have already occupied 30%, and the elderly are more and more lonely.

In order to cope with a series of social problems brought about by aging, many non-profit organizations have been established in the Kyushu region. These organizations often organize social activities among the elderly to avoid letting the old people of “Tiaojiao” feel lonely and at the same time let the elderly They care for each other and observe the health status in time.

However, after all, non-profit organizations have limited funds, and such forms of activity are difficult to carry out in Japan. As a result, the Kyushu region has cooperated with the courier industry with insufficient staff to promote the “Grandpa Grandpa” project.

In the process of dispatching express delivery, the elderly can confirm the safety and health of the other party by signing the express delivery, deepen the neighborhood communication, and can take care of each other and respond in time to the unexpected situation. Moreover, the courier company promised to equip the “courier grandfather” with bicycles, and each piece of courier will give 100 yen for the reward. For the “courier grandfathers”, this old part-time job can not only be able to exercise, but also earn a meal. Money, why not?

Use the express delivery industry extending in all directions to solve the problems brought about by the aging society.

In addition to the Kyushu region, Japan’s largest express delivery company, the Black Cat, has also taken action. Unlike the direct employment of “Grandpa Express”, the Black Cat’s home delivery is combined with the Japanese local government. At the same time as delivery, it has developed a series of special services for elderly customers, including helping the elderly run errands and asking about health conditions.

China’s express delivery industry is at the top of the world. How to effectively use our better express delivery system than Japan in the face of the upcoming aging society? I believe that these Japanese programs can give us some thoughts.