It is difficult to distinguish between elegance and vulgarity. Some things are like vulgarity and anti-yad. Some things are like elegant and vulgar. If you want to avoid customs, you may not be elegant. You may want to ask for elegance.

How to relax, the most elegant and refined. Nothing is busy, people who take the bus around the circle to kill time are the most common; know how to enjoy the fun of leisure.

Therefore, the guests of the chowder enter and leave, many new friends, like the turn of the neck, it is very vulgar; the door has no hustle and bustle, no hope for friends, no demand, as light as water, this talent.

It is the most popular, and it is the most common; to burn a fire in the cold stove, to join in the cold place to add some warmth, in the hot place to secretly leave some cool, elegant.

In the event of mourning, the unloading of the bag, the taking of the watch, and the estimation of one’s strength to help him are elegant; considering no return, it is not a hairy, it is vulgar.

Poor people are not necessarily vulgar, poor and have no ambitions; people who are jealous are not necessarily indecent, and they will not be arrogant without knowledge. Therefore, some people can not know a word, but more poetic, once they do not read, quite a Zen machine, but also very elegant.

If you don’t open your mouth, you will have your own chest and opinion, and you will be arrogant; your mouth is full of people, and you will be accompanied by the sound.

People who like to comment are also very popular. When they hear someone else’s rise, they speculate on the reasons for the rise. When they hear others’ misfortunes, they will be retributed to the disaster, which is quite vulgar. If you go to argue with him, it is not right, because it is also a vulgarity to compete with the mediocre people.

I like to say that the things in the face are not high in the chest, how can it be good? People must be innocent in the shadow of the first genius; wake up in the night, heartless and nothing, more elegant!

I like to say that the rise and fall of the Bohai Sea, drooling, and very popular. But people who are frivolous and bureaucratic are self-evident and equally vulgar. As for the repeated sayings, it is necessary to see the fame and fortune, lest others do not believe, it is also vulgar.

I like to comment on the price of other people buying things. This kind of market is a vulgarity; when asking for pictures, teas, and gardens, the price is more common.

The intellectuals have a habit of “drying up”, and the monk of the monk has a habit of “raising”. Because there is a desire to ask for people, eyes and ears, and vocabulary, they will cater to many parties. The onlookers have already seen the ugly state, and he cannot see it. These habits must be removed.

Into the temple to burn incense, go out to do the temple to do bad things, like to talk about Feng Shui for Geely, like to listen to the number of gods, change the name strokes for a while, move the ancestral graves for a while, very vulgar, frankly believe that “the Yin is not as good as the heart”, Talented.

People who can boast of themselves are also vulgar, and they want others to know his talents. It is like being eaten by someone else to know how much they are full, so it is very vulgar. The gentleman who “does not know who is not guilty”, so ya.

Be sure to force others to drink, or succumb to the massive amount of self-sufficiency, think that it is called the hero’s true color, are common; after drunk, more words, it is more vulgar; shallow and slow.

Those who must report and remember the old evil are often very vulgar. When it comes to the ungratefulness of the villain, it is more mundane; when it comes to the ungrateful person who wants to overthrow himself, and resigns to peace, the color is like a normal thing, it is very elegant.

Just open other people’s disk boxes, tear down other people’s letters, and turn over others’ paintings and calligraphy, all are vulgar; if you look at other people’s words, you can guess the paper, more vulgar and mean.

When the horse saw the whip, he started running, ya; he must wait until he spurs the skin, and the pain is like a cone thorn.

The locusts are very popular; they can forget the feelings, and the gulls are not shocked.