Eighteenth scarf

Whenever the north wind roars, the man’s neck is always surrounded by a nice scarf. Men feel that this winter is no longer cold.

The woman is sitting on the couch giving a man a woven scarf. The woman didn’t think about anything, just wanted to weave the scarf out to the man. Because women know that there will be a strong cold current in these days. According to the weather forecast, it will last for several days.

The man sat on another sofa and smoked cigarettes one by one. The man thought: “I have been breaking up with her for several days. How can I not even have a clear attitude? It is not a problem to drag it all the time!” The man turned his face and looked at the sofa. The woman is flying with silver needles skillfully. The concentration is strong, the man is not a taste when he looks at his heart.

The man finally couldn’t help but ask the woman: “What do you think about our business? The breakup is what I proposed, and you can do it directly, I promise you everything!” The woman draped her scarf with her head down. She looked at the wall clock on the wall and said quietly: “The time is not early, you have important activities tomorrow, go to sleep! I will consider your question after we have weaved this scarf.” The man thought, wait and wait! Anyway, a few days have passed.

The weather forecast is really accurate, and a strong cold current has invaded the city where men live, and it is unprecedentedly cold. There are all kinds of scarves on the streets and all walks, but there is no man’s neck. The raging cold wind pin is tied around the neck, and the man feels sore. Therefore, the man recalls that every winter, there is always a woman’s scarf on her neck, soft and warm, resisting the biting cold wind. The man knows that he has never bought a scarf that can keep the woman cold, and the man feels guilty.

The cold current has continued and there is no sign of a decline.

One day, the man said to the lover: “This day is too cold, you give me a scarf!” The woman stretched out the chubby little hand and touched the man’s cold face and said, “You are a fool, what age? Who will have spare time to weave a scarf that is worthless! There are many fashionable scarves in the mall, who are as stupid as your yellow-faced woman. Go, pick me up at the mall. “”

The lover bought a scarf worth hundreds of dollars for men, both fashionable and popular. The lover looked at the man’s pretty gentleman’s appearance, and then glared at the man’s neck and said: “This time I should go home and divorce the woman!” The man around the lover bought a scarf, always feel uncomfortable, how no wife weaved The scarf is soft and warm.

The lover is always noisy, asking the man to divorce quickly. The man said: “She hasn’t woven her scarf yet, wait a minute!” The lover couldn’t care about it at all, crying and making trouble. Therefore, the man made up his mind to divorce her whether or not the woman woven the scarf.

When the man came home, he found that the scarf was woven by the woman and stacked neatly on the coffee table. The man took the scarf and looked at it carefully, both soft and beautiful. There is a warm spring in the man’s heart.

The woman came out of the bedroom with a neat scarf in her arms. Men do not need to count and know that there are a total of seventeen. From the year when men and women met, every woman in the snow fell winter, women will carefully weave a scarf for men. This year is the 18th year of marriage. The woman said, “I don’t want anything. I just want to take away the scarves I have hand-woven. This new one is left. This is the last one. You have a right to be a memorial!”

The man was silent for a long time and said: “If you have any conditions, please mention it!” The woman put down the stack of scarves in her hand and wrapped the newly woven piece around the man’s neck. The woman said, “I have woven this scarf several times and weaved all the things that can be given to you in this scarf.”

“You can’t get cold, if you get cold, your lymph will be inflamed.” The woman said, hurriedly turned her face, not letting her tears flow out in front of the man.

The man is taking a heavy footstep and wants to leave, but he feels that his legs are heavy, and he can no longer move forward. The man thinks that the scarf on his neck is very warm, and that the needle is wrapped around the line, it is the infinite tenderness of the woman’s fingers.

The man violently took the woman in his arms, kissed the tears on her face, and whimpered: “You are the best woman in the world…”