Dark night

The small village in the south of the Yangtze River is thick in the night. After dinner, the farmer who worked for a day in the soup pot or in the cooker pot, simmered some warm water and began to wash the tiredness of the day.

Mother is always the last to go to bed. Under the faint kerosene lamp, we often surround a bundle of stalked edamame or broad beans, and the small hands are delicately peeled off in the pods. Starting to peel the beans, fresh and interesting, soon, yawning again and again, sleepy. Mother let us sleep early and continue to work on needlework. The lights swayed, and the mother sat quietly, and the body was photographed on a white wall like a jade Buddha sitting on the side. Female red is a must-have skill for poor time. Every family has sewing kits such as needlework, thimbles and steel needles. All the clothes are broken and sewn. Young people never pamper their mother’s labor. During the day’s inferiority, the body’s clothes were smashed, and the clothes were torn at all times, and the buttons were lost. On countless nights, the mother always repairs the torn off buttons and tearing clothes. How many times, I saw the sweat falling from my mother’s face and heard the heavy sigh of the mother in the silence.

In the late autumn night, under the cold light, the mother grinds the kitchen knife on the old grinding wheel, and the sun-dried leeks are sun-baked, starting from the roots, “KarChia, KarChia”, the knife is falling, evenly Rhythm. The father put the broken leeks in the hoe, put a layer on it, and evenly sprinkle some salt. When the vegetables in the steamed bread are layered on one floor, the father uses the rods of the laundry to smash and sew, and it is solid and solid, leaving no gaps or dead ends. These pickles are the taste of the table in the winter and after the spring, and are the brilliance and bright color of the farm life. Under the cold moonlight, the father tore the big green vegetables, threw the stems and leaves into the big water tank, sprinkled with salt, and he stepped barefoot into the tank, stepping on it, stepping on the solid, full of a cylinder, pressing on it. Block big stone. After a few days, the pickled greens were dripped out of the tank and cut into small pieces, which became the dish when eating porridge. Sometimes, too lazy to cut, the whole leaf is stuffed into the mouth, salty, sour, smooth and delicious.

Winter, long nights. After doing the housework, my mother will take me to the door across the river. The grandfather died early, the grandmother was in Shanghai, and the mother looked after her unfinished brother and sister and sought to see them. In the arms of Auntie and Auntie, spend the warm and monotonous nights. The road to the late return, the black scorpion squatting, can not see the road under the foot, the light of the faint light. Sometimes, when I forgot to hold the flashlight, I pulled a straw in the woodpile, lit it, and went home.

For a long period of time, when I walked through the concrete bridge leading to my family, I was short of breath, my heart beat faster, my legs were empty. There was a tragedy under the bridge. Zhu’s 17-year-old girl drowned in the river. On that day, the brigade put a movie, and the children were happy like a holiday. Zhu has five children. Usually, the family is too crowded to let her live in a neighbor’s house. After watching the movie, she knocked on the door of the neighbor’s house and closed it. She knocked on the door of her house and closed it. She was lonely and wronged, wandering in the dark, heartbreaking and desperate. In the riverside of the bridge, plunge into the water. At dawn, the villagers found a pair of plastic sandals and a petal fan on the stone steps of the river beach. Pulling her out of the river, stiff hands and feet, limbs unfolding, like a floating frog, a painful struggle…

The ruined village is surrounded by winding fields. There is no time for electric lights, quiet and serene. The chickens and ducks are in the cage, and the personnel have been taken off. In the endless darkness, the dogs are too lazy to bark. The old man of the coward, Ah Shuijin, became the master of the night. A Shuijin wife died early and had no children under her knees. He is sick and sick, his dry body, like the dead branches in the winter fields; the blind eyes of the blind, always half-open and half-closed, a pair of sleepless look. During the day, he spent a lot of time lying lazily on the bed. When the sun recedes and the darkness comes, Ah Shuijin’s eyes are shining, and the spirit is full of spirits. The number of people in the village fell “he is not seen, the night appears”, like an owl. The night sky was silent. He carried a snakeskin bag and walked in the field with a light step. At this point, he felt excited and irritating. Potatoes, edamame, cucumber, melon, pumpkin, hawthorn and other fruits and vegetables in the farmer’s field, as long as he likes it, pick it up into the sack. Dark night, became his granary, neighbor, his long-term work. A Shuijin has his own guidelines. He does not steal a family, is scattered, and steals piece by piece. He knows that people in the village have to live and live, and they are harmed by one family. He seems to take into account the feelings of the people in the village. Anything worthy, like bamboo shoots, fish in fish ponds, neighboring chickens, Ah Shuijin caught, got the market to sell, change some cash, and add oil and salt sauce vinegar. In the early morning of spring, in the market of the back house, Ah Shuijin hawked the bamboo shoots that were dug last night, and the pocks in the village wandered around the market. Ah Shui Jin sees the pockmark and presses his head low. Mazi asked him: “Is selling bamboo shoots?” Ah Shuijin’s face rose like pig liver, and he hurried for a long time. He replied: “It’s not your own, not your own, it is sold for relatives.”

Mazi is a coward. He is afraid of Ah Shuijin’s revenge, and his own land has been ruined. He has kept secrets for him. Ah Shuijin often sincerely pocks. The stolen vegetables and fruits will be divided into some pockmarks. Mazi is uncomfortable in his heart, unsolicited by people, and his heart is empty and not practical. When the food was distributed, the name of Ah Shuijin appeared on the list of “difficult households” every year. The gimmicks in the team despised him and took him to open up: “A Shuijin, you like to eat vegetables and fruits in the fields, rice. It was free.” A water golden statue was taken a bite by a bee, a tingling, cheeks shy, he whispered: “Do not eat, which line?” Rice is divided, his footsteps are disorderly, he left.

When A Shuijin was 63 years old, he was seriously ill. In the spring, on a peaceful night, he held the captain’s hand and said with dismay: “I, for many years, I am sorry for the neighbors, and I am sorry for the collective. The folks are good to me. I am willing to be a neighbor with you again.” After I died, the two old houses were returned to the team. It was my compensation.” The sunken eyes, squeaky tears. The captain comforted him and walked with confidence, and everything was arranged by him.

A Shuijin’s old house was built by his grandfather when he was alive. He was 60 years old when he arrived. It was late and the night was heavy. A Shuijin devoutly used his old house to redeem his soul; he crossed the long tunnel of life and completed the final baptism of his life.

In the summer night, the endless heat of the village surrounds the village. On the open space, there are people who are cool. People and the sky are squatting, waiting for the night to cool. It was dark at night, and the weather was cold. People from the outdoors went into the house to sleep.

Cai Ying just gave birth to a son, sitting on the moon. Murakami’s good sister, Yingzi, turned around Caiying, handing hot water on the towel, gently swaying the fan for her. Tiredness came, Caiying began to fall asleep, close the eyes, and be blind. “Oh, squatting,” a burst of sound, awakened Cai Ying. She sat up and saw a scene in the moonlight: on the spring stool, his man Zhengxin and Yingzi rolled together and his body twisted. Suddenly, she cried and screamed: “Death ×, shameless, seduce my man, can’t die. You kill a thousand knives, no conscience, can’t you live for a few days?” A bone climbed up from the spring stool, carrying his pants and pulling his legs to escape from his house. “呜呜”, leaving only the crying of Cai Ying.

At that time, the brigade ate the canteen, and the grain was managed by the brigade. Zhengxin was the squadron’s meter manager. After three and a half, he quietly stuffed the meter ticket to the English son. They have been on for a while.

In the summer, the village often came outside the village, carrying a neon light, light and shadow on the wall, suddenly up and down, like the secret code issued in the war film. The gimmick of good things, go forward and find out what the man said is to catch the gecko. The gecko came out to find food, and fell on the wall. To catch the gecko unexpectedly, use a wooden stick to quickly grab the gecko’s head and force it until it suffocates. After returning home, put the gecko on the iron plate, cook it in a semi-dry, then expose it to the sun and evaporate the water. The dried gecko, the medicinal material shop acquired as a medicinal material, a few cents.

The embarrassing thing is that the one who caught the gecko went to the back door of the English family and disappeared. That night, Shantou was puzzled and thought all night.

Every few days, the gecko is coming again, and the girl is staring at the gecko. After catching the gecko, he went to the back door of Yingzi’s house and flashed. He broke into the English home and covered the door. Shantou waited outside the door, his ears stretched out and hesitated.

Soon, a commotion, the gecko caught the door and smashed the hoe to the sky. The girl shouted and shouted, and the smoke of the gecko was gone. It turned out that Yingzi’s husband was awakened by thirst and got up and went to the kitchen to drink water. At this time, in the kitchen warehouse, the wife and the gecko are together, a cloud of rain. Seeing this scene, the husband was full of anger, picked up his fist and hit the head of the gecko, and caught the head of the gecko and smashed it. The husband grabbed the head of Yingzi and slammed it, and the anger in his heart poured on Yingzi. Yingzi sobbed, not snoring.

The husband saw the half-bag of the gecko hidden on the stove, lifted it up, wanted to throw it out, but let it go, he could not bear it. The lack of food at home, the family of seven, two labor, seven mouths, often can not open the pot. At this time, Huo Gen’s eyes were full of hatred. He wanted to tear the woman in front of his face into pieces, but he couldn’t bear it. After all, she was holding the house. The husband resented himself and kept slap his face. He blamed himself for his shackles and his strength, unable to fill the bottomless belly. His teeth creaked. He wants to embrace this darkness and die with the darkness; he wants to spell out all the strength, break the darkness in front of him, and completely remove the original sin of the night.

Shantou saw all of it, and the original excited heart became heavy and depressed. He is no longer excited and goes home silently. He said to himself, accumulate the virtues, let this matter stay in the night forever, rotten in the abyssal night.

The night is dark, the night is heavy, and the villagers are nirvana in purgatory.