Dandelion will, the new model of “circle circle” business think tank

A bowl of fragrant tea, a glass of wine, and laughter have solved their respective economic problems. This kind of culture, the way of economic singing and singing has become a fashion of contemporary commodity economy society and interpersonal communication. Dandelion will be such a social platform.

Circle mode

Established in 2017, Dandelion is an open, intimate folk gathering platform. Dandelion will focus on investment exchange and industrial services, and bridge the gap between listed companies, fund ventures, financial institutions and cutting-edge enterprises in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Deng Yayun, founder of Dandelion, is an MBA graduate from Nankai University. He is currently the founder of Renyisheng Capital and the vice president of Tengbang Logistics Group.

“The group office is also a kind of productivity. The circle is not big, but more expensive is right, it is long.” Deng Yayun said. The earliest dandelion event participants were the heads of listed companies and senior high-end investment institutions in Shenzhen and Hong Kong in Dawan District. The main topic of everyone at the party is to focus on industry and project investment, investment experience and deepening mutual assistance.

Deng Yayun revealed that the dandelion will implement the invitation system and the recommendation system. The circle does not ask for more people, and it does not attract members.

Operating “party”

Dandelion will set up a platform for business people to participate in the meeting to meet friends and exchange resources.

In order to promote the exchange of elites, dandelion organizes various forms of dinner for different groups of people and communication intentions. The dinner form is divided into three types: black card dinner, new evening coffee, and platinum dinner.

The so-called black card dinner, the main participants are the person in charge of the listed company, and the person in charge of the investment and financing management of the listed company; the managing partner of the fund management company with a scale of more than 1 billion; the head of the venture capital institution; well-known financial and economic media The person in charge of the organization; social celebrities and so on. Because the association is a non-profit organization, the dinner is based on a rotating system and the expenses are also the responsibility of the rotating unit. That is, each dinner is the responsibility of one of the participating companies, which is responsible for hosting the dinner and paying the relevant fees.

According to Deng Yayun, the Black Card Dinner has been successfully held for many periods. Each issue has different themes. The topics include: “Crisis Public Relations of Listed Companies from the Event of King Glory”, “Chu Xin Tea Language”, “2018 Capital Market” “Our Struggle will be great” and so on. Every time the theme activities, the participating members are very active and actively participate in the topic discussion. Everyone has met new friends in a peaceful and cheerful atmosphere, and got new information from the interactive topics.

The so-called upstart night coffee, also known as the elite evening coffee. Party guests include project leaders with high growth and equity financing needs; institutional executives with a fund management scale of over RMB 100; listed companies with investment and project investment needs; investment cases and investments The amount is not less than 5 million angel investors. The upstart night coffee has been held many times. Topics include: “When Equity Investment Enters the Classical Age”, “The Green Night of Investing Essence”, “Our 2019 Opening Geometry” and so on. As roadshows and creations become a traditional model, activities that are carried out through thematic and focused social interactions become more popular. The heads of many high-quality corporate projects have gained a new way of engaging and communicating with investment circles and industry circles on the platform of the Dandelion Club. The fireworks between elites and elites only need one look. A good project and good investment opportunities, good industrial cooperation opportunities, there is still a chance to collide. Dandelion will be one of the three major daily activities of the Dandelion Club. The time of the party is mostly in the form of a late cocktail party. The venue is carefully selected and the atmosphere is built.

The so-called Platinum Meal, mainly targeted at: A-share, Hong Kong stocks, US stocks and other independent IPOs, backdoors, or project holders with income and acquisition potential (paid attendance); successful IPO investment experience, operational counseling experience The person in charge of the project party; the person in charge of the organization with strong capital operation and cooperation ability; the senior executive of the listed company. In addition to the theme activities, the Platinum Meal has a more important purpose, which is to match the transactions between the companies, so that the form of the Dandelion will not only be limited to the meal, but also have the function of trading interactive platform.

Through the platinum meal, people with good project needs can get acquainted with each other and reach a deal through this opportunity. The essence of dandelion is the matchmaking of makers, venture capital and capital. Therefore, it is based on knowledge, based on the text, and builds A platform worthy of long-term attention, learning together and making progress together is the starting point and foothold of the dandelion club.

Connect high-end contacts

As a non-profit principle, the dandelion association organized by the folk association does not charge any fees for the participants. Deng Yayun said that the significance of dandelion is mainly in the network. For a long time, the word “personality” has been the key word of business.

As of the end of last year, cities that have already launched dandelion dinners include Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Nanning. Members of the Dandelion Club also claimed to be “Pu family”. The secretaries of the dandelion associations all have secretaries, and women from certain financial circles and media circles who enjoy certain regional popularity.

Forming an industry think tank

Under the leadership of top-level industry think tank experts, the Department of Health has not only continued to hold business and business visits in recent years, but also continuously deepened industrial cooperation with local governments. The institutions of the Department of Propagation restarted the business path, which belonged to an earlier group that initiated the Xiong’an industry inspection and the industrial upgrading of the Chengdu Central Business District. The dandelion industry investment company, together with local governments in many provinces and cities including Guangxi, Sichuan, Shandong and Chongqing, has jointly carried out special topics including advanced manufacturing, urban upgrading, new and old kinetic energy conversion, and big health industry. Exchanges and substantive cooperation in the fields of industrial research, industrial investment, and fund set-up.

There are more and more core members in the dandelion meeting. They are participating in the regional, strategic and long-term hotspots and key projects of the hot industry economy and venture capital market through the bridge formed by think tanks. They represent the ideas and inputs of market-oriented innovation and reform, and work with the industry to carry out independent evaluation and objective interpretation of major industrial policies, not only provide advice and advice for industrial development, investment and financing layout and entrepreneurial services, but also More and more local projects play the role of investors and operators. They themselves have become a component of the industry think tank, and endogenously promote the industry’s “think tank” and “resources” resource circle is increasingly shaped.

Deng Yayun said: “Dandelion will mainly focus on the current situation, do a good job of its own eyes, and provide better high-end financial industry contacts and convenient services for more people.”