Chinese commercial aircraft life and death breakout

The ARJ21=700 regional passenger aircraft is China’s once again the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft manufacturing, and is the “opening pioneer” of the Chinese civil aircraft industry.

Commercial aircraft, aero engines, integrated circuits, etc., the strength of a country can not be separated from the breakthrough of these high-tech industries.

Xinhua News Agency’s Liberation Army Branch reporter and aviation expert Liu Jimei’s “A Take-off of a Country” vividly depicts the historical context of the development of China’s commercial aircraft industry, especially the detailed development of the ARJ21-700 aircraft development process.

From the development of commercial aircraft development in China to the beginning of the ARJ21-700 aircraft project; from R&D and manufacturing, frustration difficulties, to flight test, safety verification, to obtaining shipping qualifications, to market operation. This book shows the development of China’s commercial aircraft industry, and the readers of all walks of life have opened up the window to understand this history.

How important is the ARJ21-700 aircraft? It is the first commercial airliner developed in China in full accordance with international airworthiness standards; it is the first advanced jet regional airliner in China that pursues both technical and commercial success.

It can be said that “Gillian” – ARJ21-700 regional passenger aircraft, is China’s once again the world’s commercial aircraft manufacturing power, and is the “opening pioneer” of the Chinese civil aircraft industry.

We can’t forget to let our own production of the ambition to fly to the sky. In 1998, the largest international cooperation project in China’s commercial aircraft history, the AE-100 project, was announced to be dissolved. At that time, the industry was deeply disturbed by the future of China’s commercial aircraft industry. Can the sky of the motherland not fly to the Chinese own commercial aircraft?

16 years later, in December 2014, the ARJ21-700 was born. The feeder-type passenger aircraft codenamed “Gillian” received the recommendation to issue a Type Certificate (TC). This means that the airworthiness certification of China’s independent intellectual property rights of jet airliners has been completed, and the ARJ21-700 aircraft complies with the Airworthiness Standards for Transport Aircraft.

China’s own commercial airliner can officially take off.

Time is coming to 2019, the domestic large aircraft C919 will complete the flight test of all six aircraft, and will be delivered to commercial customers two years later. At present, the C919 has orders for 815 aircraft from 28 users at home and abroad, and all four major domestic airlines are ordered.

After the tenth self-transportation, Chinese civil aviation personnel have not had much experience in the production of large jetliners for too long. As a zero-based project, the C919 uses advanced technologies such as supercritical wings and composite applications. After decades of disappearance, China’s civil aviation production has once again caught up with the world.

This project will help China understand the process of perfecting large-scale civil aircraft production and help China develop a new generation of civil aircraft manufacturing talents. C919 represents not only the present and future of the civil aviation manufacturing industry in China. The Chinese finally have the opportunity to squeeze into the competition in the mainstream civil airliner market.

On May 23, 2014, when the national leaders visited and researched in Shanghai, they made a special trip to the China Commercial Aircraft Design and Development Center to personally board the cockpit experience of the C919 display prototype.

China is the largest aircraft market. In the past, some people said that it is better to buy than to rent. The logic is to reverse, and it will cost more money to develop and manufacture its own large aircraft. After the investigation, he was the person in charge of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation: “China’s big aircraft industry has taken another step in the long march, we must have our own big plane.”

“Let China’s big planes soar in the blue sky” is the wish of the whole nation. The ARJ21-700 aircraft is a sign that tells the world that the development of commercial aircraft in China is not just an unrealistic idea in people’s brains, it is more than just a bunch of “drawings” conceived.

It is true that the development and even sales of a new commercial aircraft is undoubtedly a huge adventure, more like a gamble with a focus on the future. In this gamble, predicting the future is very important.

Selling a plane has to face various risks. Selling a plane requires a trust. On November 29, 2015, the ARJ21-700 aircraft was officially delivered to Chengdu Airlines, the first user. The successful maiden voyage on June 28, 2016 means that the ARJ21-700 is officially put into commercial operation. As of September 2018, China Commercial Aircraft ARJ21-700 regional airliner has 22 customers and a total of 473 orders.

What is even more commendable is that the ARJ21-700 has won the favor of foreign customers before the first flight. On November 4, 2008, at the Zhuhai Air Show, signed a purchase agreement for the purchase of 25 ARJ21-700s with General Electric Business Aviation Services. The ARJ21 regional aircraft has received 206 domestic and international orders (including intentional orders) before its first flight.

The continued development of the commercial operation of the ARJ21-700 indicates that the Chinese will not only manufacture their own commercial aircraft, but also use the forward-looking mind to market and commercialize it.

After that, the ARJ21-700 carried the mission of a country to start a journey of flying, and opened the commercial aviation era of domestic passenger aircraft. Generations have experienced rough times, and the wishes of generations have been realized on this plane.

Those who care about China’s aviation industry will not forget that on November 8, 2015, after 13 months of training and testing, Xu Qinghong, general manager of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd., presented the pilots who participated in the ARQ21-700 aircraft T5 test. The training certificate, which means that the ARJ21-700 aircraft finally has the world’s first licensed airline pilots. Subsequently, the chairman of the ARJ21-700 aircraft FSB (Flight Standards Committee) Weida announced: “ARJ21, can take off.”

The road of 13 years of development has drawn a successful conclusion at this moment, and the wish of several generations of people’s efforts has been fulfilled. On November 29, 2015, COMAC delivered the first domestic jet-type passenger aircraft ARJ21-700 aircraft to Chengdu Airlines, the world’s first user.

Zhang Fang, the first batch of crew members and deputy general manager of Chengdu Airlines, said with excitement: “I am very proud to be able to drive China’s first domestic regional airliner… it is not inferior to the Airbus A320 aircraft in all respects.”

While the ARJ21-700 aircraft opened its domestic sales, it was questioned by foreign media, and there was a voice saying that the ARJ21-700 was out of the domestic market. At that time, Russia’s Sukhoi and Japan’s Mitsubishi Airlines were manufacturing regional jets, and they challenged the ARJ21-700.

The Chinese aviation people who have experienced long-term training are not afraid of competition, and the facts give strong proof. On July 11, 2016, the local time on the opening day of the 50th Farnborough Airways, Futai Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Futai Assets), China Aircraft Leasing Group (China Aircraft Leasing) and China Commercial Aircraft signed a tripartite Framework cooperation agreement.

Under the agreement, China Aircraft Leasing will purchase 60 ARJ21-700 series aircraft with a total value of approximately US$2.3 billion. As an aircraft lessor, support Indonesian Airlines, a subsidiary of Futai Assets, to build the ARJ21 fleet.

It is worth mentioning that this order is the largest single commercial order since the commercial operation of the COMAC ARJ21-700 aircraft. Driving overseas, the ARJ21-700 aircraft allows the people of the world to enjoy the dividend of China’s economic prosperity.

Whether it is ARJ21-700 or C919, China has given more choices to the world’s aviation, and the prosperity of China’s aviation industry is opening.