Bundesliga “Duck King Championship”

In the European professional football game, the most weighty team glory, probably the “three crowns.” That is, a club wins the domestic league, the domestic cup and the Champions League in a single season. In recent years, the German football has formed an upgraded version of the “four crowns” concept. In addition to the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Champions League, Germany’s top football clubs can also compete for a new heavyweight title – “Bundesliga Ducks”!

Suspense of the “duck king hegemony”
The Bundesliga Ducks Championship is the official Chinese name of the Bundesliga, but it sounds a bit confusing. To change the name, the game is called “Bundesliga Duck Drifting Contest”, or simply “Duck Bundesliga”, it is estimated that the fans will smile. 18 rubber ducks representing 18 Bundesliga clubs. They will be put into the water stream to see who is the fastest to the end.

This is a hot and suspenseful event. Because the ducks drifted all the way, no one intervened. The unpredictable flow of water determines who wins and who loses. Some unlucky guys, such as the Leverkusen Ducks in the 2017 finals, were once rushed out of the track. Fortunately, the lucky ones are triumphant, such as the same year champion Bayern Munich ducks, triumphant with an absolute advantage of 8 seconds.

The finals of the first race in 2015 will best reflect the changing situation of the Duck Bundesliga. Bayern Munich ducks led nearly a quarter of a lap when they entered the third lap. However, Berlin Hertha Duck took a strong current on the fourth lap and quickly caught up. Instead, Bayern Duck once hit the edge of the pool, and after hitting the wall, it formed a side by side with the Hertha Duck of Berlin. In the end, the two sides rushed together and decided to rely on super slow motion playback to decide the championship. In the end, the Hertha Ducks in Berlin only pressed Bayern with a 0.01 second advantage!

This kind of purely luckful event makes the football giants in the real world “scarce” too hard to win. The first Duck Bundesliga champion Hertha Berlin barely escaped the relegation fate in the Bundesliga in the season; the second Duck Bundesliga champion Leverkusen belonged to the team with a big ups and downs, when the season won the Champions League qualification, one year later The ranking fell to the top ten; and as the most successful club in Germany, Bayern “fighted” to the third Duck Bundesliga, and finally won the Bundesliga “Duck King” for the first time.

“German humor” made in England
The Germans have always given people a rigid and serious impression. The ducks of the Bundesliga are relaxed and happy, and even quite hilarious. This is different from the public’s stereotype of German culture.

The Duck Bundesliga was officially held in the Bundesliga and was founded in 2015. The original text of the duck Bundesliga is “Bunducksliga”, which is the product of the word “duck” and the Bundesliga name “Bundesliga”.

The basic selling point of the event is the variety of ducks that are “staying cute”. The image of the ducks is mainly derived from the mascots of the clubs, which leads to some contestants not actually ducks. For example, the representative of Wolfsburg is a wolf; the representative of Mönchengladbach is a pony; Werder Bremen has sent a frog, and he has tried to represent a dwarf on a lifebuoy. Ducks, other animals, and their cartoon design style are pleasant, setting the tone for entertainment.

In order to highlight the duck’s Bundesliga as the flagship contest of the duck industry, the organizers are trying their best to restore the elements of the real football game: the stands are built on the scene, the audience is a group of toy little yellow ducks screaming and cheering.

The early Duck Bundesliga did not have a live broadcast, but it will be presented to the audience in the form of a special program. The show host is a duck named “Jon Hartley.” Against the backdrop of the astounding symphony, Hartley first announced that the most exciting and grand event of the year is about to start, with the highlights of previous events or qualifiers. Then he began to introduce the contestants and review the past performance of the club ducks. The sign that the start of the event is not the whistle of traditional sports events

Sound, but the “beep” sound produced by the rubber duck.

In reality, Hartley is actually a British football commentator who specializes in the Bundesliga. Hartley’s eloquence of the Ducks’ Bundesliga further elevates the smile of the Duck Bundesliga. He used the passionate tone and words to describe the unpredictable situation of the duck’s Bundesliga. Especially as the event enters the sprint phase, Hartley speeds up and the volume rises, just as he usually releases the Bundesliga game when he encounters a wonderful goal. After the first tournament Berlin Hertha and Bayern shouldered the line, his exhausted “I want to slow down, I want to slow down”, is the “sound memory” of the history of the Duck Bundesliga.

The winner of the winning duck will be awarded the tournament trophy – the miniature version of the Bundesliga champion trophy “salad plate”. The Duck Bundesliga ended here. A toy duck floats in the water for a purposeless drifting game, packed into a fierce competition.

Spring River Plumbing “Duck” Prophet
The Duck Bundesliga is a social networking campaign launched by the Bundesliga official to promote its league brand. The game is presented in video format and played on the Bundesliga official website and the official Bundesliga channel on YouTube.

In the major leagues in Europe, the Bundesliga is known for having a long “winter break”. The winter break period begins around the end of Christmas at the end of the year. Throughout January, the offseason time is much longer than the mainstream leagues such as La Liga and Serie A, not to mention the Premier League, which has set up the “Devil Race” during Christmas and New Year.

Although the winter break period is conducive to the proper retreat of the players, for the fierce competition in the second half of the season, but from a commercial point of view, the off-season of the six or seven weeks caused the Bundesliga to lack exposure at the beginning of the year, which brought a number of upgrades to the brand. Restricted.

In order to enhance the brand exposure during the offseason, the Bundesliga first launched the Duck Bundesliga in 2015. The so-called “Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet”, when the ducks feel the cold winter is about to pass, the Bundesliga should also usher in the battle of the New Year. Therefore, the Duck Bundesliga became the warm-up event for the Bundesliga to end the winter break and reopen.

The first two ducks of the Bundesliga were held in the indoor circular pool and the outdoor stream. The competitions were in the circle and point-to-point sprint. In the third event, the organizers invited fans to vote for the stadium, and finally the round pool stood out.

Duck Bundesliga is full of joy to celebrate the New Year. In fact, rubber duck drifting is a common cultural activity in Europe and the United States. Its origins can be traced back to the 1992 “Little Yellow Duck Drifting” incident. At that time, a group of rubber ducks, frogs and other bathroom toys were shipped from China to the United States by ship. In the meantime, the cargo ship encountered a storm, and the container containing the toy fell into the sea. After the container broke, tens of thousands of toys embarked on a rafting trip. The ocean currents drifted around the world. They can drift from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean or drift to the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica. Some scientists have studied the ocean current movement according to the course of the toy. More ordinary people will compete to watch the wonders when the “Ducks Legion” comes to the sea near their city.

Inspired by this story, the European and American people invented the game of the “Rubber Duck Competition”. They put rubber ducks or other floatable toys into the water to see which toy reached the designated position as quickly as possible. The scale of this game has been expanding, and some have even become urban events, and have incorporated rich content such as artistic creation and charitable donations.

From “rushing duck” to “flying duck”
The Duck Bundesliga is also a derivative of this rubber duck competition. Speaking of influence, perhaps the performance of the Duck Bundesliga is not particularly good. On the official YouTube channel of the Bundesliga, the highest-capacity Duck Bundesliga video played 80,000 times, less than the amount of a normal game. However, for Bundesliga fans, this is still a fun activity to talk about.

At the beginning of 2018, the fans followed the latest news about the Duck Bundesliga. However, the event did not come as scheduled. This resulted in 18 Bundesliga clubs in the 2017-2018 season and did not compete for the title of “Duck King”.

By the time the Bundesliga had started in September 2018, the fans discovered that the Duck Bundesliga was adjusted to a new form. The Bundesliga clubs participating in the 2018-2019 season sent their respective mascots to participate in the drone war.

The drone with the theme of 18 mascots uses the Bologna Park, the home stadium of Mönchengladbach, as a field, and races through the curved and specified route. The competition system is still the old rules, 18 teams are divided into three groups, and the finals include six teams. However, due to the need for manual operation of the drone, the Duck Bundesliga switched from the “take luck mode” of free drifting to the “technical mode” of the operator level.

At the same time, the event packaging has been further upgraded. Each participating drone is a seat in itself, plus the seats scattered throughout the stadium, the 2018 Duck Bundesliga has up to 14 relays! In the end, Dortmund stood out and became the champion of the first reformed duck Bundesliga.

After the ducks of the Bundesliga drifted from ducks to duck drones, the Bundesliga changed the official Chinese name of the event from “Crushing Ducks” to “Flying Ducks”. The Chinese translation seems to be too free to translate. In fact, the “Duck Bundesliga” itself is a very good translation name, which can reflect the relationship between the two events like the original name. The new drone event was originally called Bundesliga Ariborne, and the Chinese called “Duck Bundesliga Air Combat Edition” is quite appropriate.

From the haha’s chance-taking game to the drone race, the Duck Bundesliga seems to shift from fun to technical.

German humor seems to return to German rigor.