Beautiful every day of this spring, wear and wear with fashion blogger Linda Tol

Girls have a problem, that is, the clothes in the closet are never too much, and they always feel that they have no clothes to wear. In fact, you don’t wear clothes, just don’t match them. The fashionable “fairy” people should know that Instagram (hereinafter referred to as Ins) is the vane of the global fashion trend. In addition to watching shows, flipping magazines, looking for inspiration, how can you miss the Ins platform? In this issue, we have found a Superswearing Ins blogger, Linda Tol, and asked her to show the “fairy” personally to this spring!

An iconic silver-white short hair, a handsome “Boyish Style” (that is, a girl wearing men’s clothing), and a bright red lips that are unforgettable in the crowd, Linda Tol, who has played the “fake kid” style, is hailed as The “white-haired witch” in the fashion circle. The fashion blogger who was born in Amsterdam and stayed in Milan, the number of Ins fans is almost equal to the population of a small country. She also often participates in the world’s most grand fashion show, sitting in the most prominent position in the front row. She is not busy traveling around the world, serving as a model for Bellow, and providing advice to major brands. But it does not prevent her from taking some time to accept our interview.

Linda Tol likes a neutral style with a touch of femininity. Linda Tol admits that “jeans and small suits are my signature clothing, and I often buy both. I also like neutral and oversized clothing.” She will walk violently on the streets of Milan, wearing a small suit and jeans. You know, she has 40 jeans! When she doesn’t wear a small suit and jeans, her perfect everyday attire is a sandal jumpsuit like a workwear with a snake bag and three-dimensional earrings. She likes neutral colors such as beige, grey, black and brown, with colorful accessories. For the matching of the jumpsuit, Linda Tol also has a lot of experience. “T-shirt inside, small suit, elegant and elegant: or unbutton a few buttons, wear high heels, you can go out for a party at night: or with sneakers and eye-catching accessories As a casual dress during the day.”

About Milan

Q: Talk about your impression of Milan.

A: I like the quality of life in Milan. People enjoy the life here very much, of course, the reasons are obvious: the scenery is beautiful, the transportation is convenient, you can also go skiing from the city to the Alps, go to the beach or the lake to go on holiday.

Q: Which restaurant do you like best?

A: Da Giacomo restaurant. This is a very classic restaurant! The pasta here is simple and the taste is very good, the service is very thoughtful, it is delicious.

Q: What about coffee?

A: I recommend going to the EgAIite bakery. At the end of the day, I will go there with my friends for coffee and tasting Italian snacks. By the way, EgAIite owner Thierry Loy wants to introduce French bread culture to Milan, so it is delicious to bake bread in the traditional French way.

Q: Where do you go to the party at night?

A: I don’t often go to parties, I prefer to stay at home. If you must go out, I like to go to the Pacifico Club. The interior is very elegant and the atmosphere is very good.

Q: Where do you like to go?

A: When I first moved to Milan, I really liked to go to the Pinacoteca Di Brera Art Museum. This classic art museum is located in a beautiful open space, and its yard is perfect for taking pictures and putting them on Ins. I also like to go to the Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli Park. This park is small, not as many as ParcoSiempre, and is my favorite summer leisure destination. I am Dutch, I like to take some takeaways and have a picnic with my friends in the park. Although not very consistent with Italian culture, we like to do so. About life

Q: What is the most cherished item?

A: My first Chanel bag. I bought this bag when I was 18 years old.

Q: Talk about your first job II Pakistan?

A: I work in a friend’s father’s dessert shop, mainly responsible for putting the dessert in the bag. Of course, I also ate a lot of desserts.

Q: When will you feel nervous?

A: I am a very organized person. When I feel out of control, I will be nervous.

Q: What kind of entertainment do you suggest that everyone should try?

A: Beach riding.

Q: If this is your last meal on earth, what would you choose to eat?

A: I don’t tolerate gluten and lactose, so I will choose a big cheeseburger plus French fries.