Be a catch-up boy, children’s skateboard entry guide

The material richness has made the children’s toys more and more endless, and even many of the former niche sports have begun to spread to the younger age. The same is true of the skateboard skateboard, the originator of extreme sports. Skateboarding, which evolved from surfing in the late 1950s and early 1960s, has become one of the coolest sports on the planet today. This kind of sports with characteristics of slippery behavior and freedom of worship not only has more and more fans among young people, but even some children who are still in kindergarten are also interested in young parents.

Although many parents worry that children’s cerebellum development is generally a little slower than other body functions, and skateboarding itself has certain dangers, there is a certain threshold for the balance of the skater’s own, but in fact Judging from the various examples around us, many sports projects began to work better at a young age. For example, roller skating, skiing, swimming and other projects will become easier to get started because children are in the best age of adaptability, coordination and flexibility in their lives.

However, for children, how to get started with skateboarding, what kind of skateboarding for children to choose, etc., is that our parents need to prepare for homework in advance.

First of all, in skateboarding equipment, there is no such thing as an adult board or a children’s board. In many shopping malls or online shopping platforms, the so-called “child skateboarding” is basically just a toy board. In general, toy boards are relatively professional boards. Most of them use non-professional plates and components, and may not be scientifically calibrated. The products themselves are relatively easy to damage, and it is even easier for the skater to suffer during the exercise. Big risk. Many people have always had a misunderstanding: beginners should use the primary skateboard. This is not the case. Most of the players’ entry experience will prove that one thing is to learn faster with better skateboarding equipment. Others say that beginners are more likely to damage the board, so just buy a cheap entry, and learn to change. This is also wrong, and beginners will not lose their chances if they slip. In the choice of skateboarding, the correct idea should be: beginners can buy an entry first and practice their feet first when the interest is unknown and the pockets are limited. Generally speaking, the price level of 300-500 yuan is more reasonable as the entry price level.

So for children, it is recommended to buy the most mini skateboard in the skateboarding equipment – “small fish plate” (also called “banana board”) for enlightenment and entry. The standard size of the fish plate is 64cmxl6.5cm. Because the plate body is small, it is usually suitable as a skateboard for children and girls to get started. This is also because the skateboard area is smaller and more vulnerable, and it is more convenient for the skater to control the skateboard. Moreover, the small fish plate is fast, the wheel is larger and more stable, and it is suitable for long-distance sliding with a small movement range. The small fish plate is divided into maple wood board, PU synthetic material, ABS material and the like. PU synthetic materials and ABS materials are the most popular skateboard plates for commercial use, because the materials are cheaper and more popular. Some professional brands will choose the higher cost maple wood, and its finished products will be more stable in taxiing, and it is also the most popular choice for overseas women’s market.

It is also worth mentioning that the skateboard for children’s entry is recommended to directly select the whole board, and it is not necessary to choose a more professional and expensive assembly board without experience. If the entire surface of the board is not anti-slip treatment or design, then buy a matte sticker for the children. At the same time, because the learning skateboard itself has certain risks, or need to start from the fall, the necessary protective gear (helmet, wristband, elbow pads and knee pads) must be prepared. Then, you can try your new toy.

The first time I started learning to skateboard, my feet were on the ground and the skateboard was placed flat on the ground in front of my feet. Put one foot on the front of the skateboard and the other foot on the ground. The center of gravity is moved to the upper foot of the board. The upper body leans forward slightly, the knees are bent, the arms are stretched, and the balance is maintained. Step on the ground and gently squat, then receive the skateboard and place it on the back of the skateboard. At this point, the whole body and the skateboard begin to slide forward. Note that the station method of the upper skateboard is generally the left foot is in front and the toe is to the right, which is the most commonly used forward station method for the skater. If you feel uncomfortable, you can change direction and choose the reverse leg method with your right foot in front and toe to the left.

When the skateboard does not stop completely and is still sliding forward, place the center of gravity on the forefoot and place the hind foot on the ground like a landing gear. After the rear foot is lowered, the center of gravity is transferred to the rear foot, and then the front foot is raised, so that both feet fall on one side of the skateboard. When you can slide up and down freely, you should try to change the position of the front and rear feet, familiar with the reverse sliding position. Repeatedly practicing this way, and then mastering it well, you can slide longer distances. In fact, getting started with skateboarding is not difficult. The key is to practice a lot. If the practice is not good, or if you want to learn some simple turning skills, there are also very rich teaching video resources on the network. I won’t go into details here.

Finally, before children learn to skateboard, be sure to know that countless skateboarders are starting their first glide from the outside, just like learning to swim on land, and learning to skate at home. And learning to skateboards will certainly go through countless times of falling, don’t be afraid, the more you fear, the easier it will fall. Don’t care about the ugliness of others when you practice. When you learn, they will only envy your heroic pursuit of the wind.