Appropriate method of relieving pressure to alleviate “overwork”

We have often heard of labor and death, but have you ever experienced it?

Office workers are very heavy, often being rushed to report, customer complaints, pursuit of performance, etc., can not breathe. Some people are busy, maybe only eat two meals a day, and sleep is not enough. Many people may feel that it should be thin in such a high-pressure environment? However, it turns out that the more people are in a high-pressure, busy environment, the more likely people become fat. This is called overwork.

In addition to affecting the external image, fat can seriously affect health.

What is the reason for being overworked?
1. Sympathetic and parasympathetic dysfunction

When we are under stress, the sympathetic nerves will be in a tight state, which is the function of our digestive system, and the secretion of digestive enzymes will be suppressed. Many people will eat snacks and chocolate to relieve stress when they are stressed. When eating high-calorie foods, the digestive system is in an inactive state, and the heat is easily accumulated and becomes fat.

2. Anti-stress hormone secretion is strong

When a person is under stress, the body initiates a stress-relieving mechanism that secretes a stress-resistant hormone such as adrenaline. These anti-stress hormones help us cope with busy work and focus on meetings and customers. However, if this is the case for a long time, the secretion of anti-stress hormones will be fatigued, resulting in lower blood sugar, making the appetite better and eating more.

3. Lack of sleep

When a person is not getting enough sleep, it affects the secretion of two hormones in the body – leptin and hunger.

Leptin is split from the body’s fat cells and is responsible for controlling appetite and metabolism. Leptin is also considered to be a satiety signal that reduces the body’s desire for food. And hunger hormones will make people’s appetite increase.

When a person lacks sleep, the body’s leptin will decrease, and the hunger hormone will increase relatively, so he will always want to eat, and the leptin is reduced, unable to regulate the body’s metabolic function. Over time, the fat accumulates more and the body weight naturally increases. .

4. Improper diet

Eating has become a way for many people to relieve stress. Unknown food choices, while helping to release stress, may also cause a health burden!

Generally speaking, the “squeezing” foods that everyone chooses are high-sugar, high-salt, high-fat, heavy-flavored foods and snacks, which are the causes of obesity.

There are also some people who are too busy to work and eat fast, which is easy to cause too much inadvertently.

Appropriate pressure relief method
1. Exercise, singing, reading books, outings, chatting with friends, and taking a deep breath are also good ways to relieve stress. When the pressure is high, try to decompress the 478 breathing method. Ingestion: inhale for 4 seconds, close the breath for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds.

The greater the pressure, the more bad the mood, the more it will be repeated. After the completion, people will become more energetic.

2. When the work is too busy, when the pressure is too high, it is necessary to eat light, eat more easily digested fruits and vegetables salad, porridge food. Big fish or heavy foods can easily cause obesity.

3. Choose healthy snacks. When you have a lot of pressure, you can eat nuts and supplement the nutrients that can soothe your emotions. At the same time, you can chew, deflate, and exercise your teeth.

4. Work harder, but also ensure adequate sleep. Sleeping 6-8 hours a day is very important. If you can’t sleep well on weekdays, you should have a good night’s sleep.