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According to US media reports on the 17th, the United States police arrested 13 people in a “peace” rallies in Portland, Oregon. In addition, before the rally, the US police arrested six demonstrators who planned to participate in the protests on the grounds of maintaining public safety.

According to a report by the US “political” news website on the 17th, thousands of protesters took to the streets of Portland on the same day, including extreme right-wingers, white supremacists and left-wing anti-fascists. The police set up roadblocks and closed some streets and bridges in an attempt to separate the two demonstrators. Even so, there have been small-scale conflicts on both sides, injuring six people. The police seized a large number of weapons at the scene, including metal bars and shields. The ABC said on the 18th that the police were throwing plastic water bottles when they arrested violent protesters, and then warned the demonstrators to leave, otherwise they would be arrested. Thirteen people were arrested for interfering with police enforcement and illegal use of weapons.

According to the BBC’s report on the 18th, the rally on the 17th was initiated by the American far-right group “Pride Boys”, which was previously listed as a hate organization by the “National Anti-Poverty Law Center”. The goal of the rally was to list the left-wing anti-fascist movement (Antifa) as a domestic terrorist organization, while Portland’s local “Rose Capital Anti-Fascism Movement” accused the far-right organization of bringing violence to Portland. Call on the local people to defend Portland and resist the attack on the far right. On the day of the rally, US President Trump helped the far right. He said on Twitter that he is focusing on whether to define Antifa as a “terrorist organization.”

Before the demonstration, the local police arrested six extreme right-wingers in advance to prevent violent clashes. Portland police spokesman Jones said at a press conference on the 17th that police enforcement first considers public safety. “Our response (measures) is necessary to ensure public safety and should not be interpreted as Prejudice or inclination.” She also stated that the demonstrators were required to march on the sidewalk as directed and could not occupy the road. Those who violated the rules may be arrested or receive a court summons. On the day before the rally, Portland Mayor Wheeler expressed to the Fox News Network that he supports people’s right to demonstrate, but “no matter who you are or whatever your political stance, if you are involved in violence in this city Activities, that will be held accountable.”