Advanced self-discipline, never need to be forced

As a naturally evolved organism, human beings have many flaws in design, and even our brains are no exception. Today, when human civilization is highly developed, what the brain follows is still the original biological instinct: to avoid disadvantages. One thing, when the brain feels fun, it tends to do it. When you feel pain, you will tend to escape. This is our instinct. For things that you don’t like, how to use the so-called “self-discipline” to force yourself, has little effect. Many people are self-disciplined not because they like to work hard, they can force themselves, but because they have fun.

So, can you get rid of behavioral addiction, can it be achieved by the opposite of self-discipline? The answer is yes.

Develop good habits, you can associate good habits with things you like; then you can get rid of bad habits by connecting bad habits with things you don’t like.

There is a word in psychology called “aversion therapy”, which is to achieve the purpose of getting rid of addiction by using the power of negative feedback to match the behavior you want to change with the unpleasant feeling.

I have a friend who studies psychology and once shared this story about myself. When a friend was in college, he made a boyfriend. After graduation, the two broke up for various reasons. For friends who are still experienced, love is naturally a big blow. Later, in order to forget the ex-boyfriend and get out of the love affair as soon as possible, the friend decided to try it out with “aversion therapy.” How is she applied?

While you want your ex-boyfriend, do what you hate most – let yourself hear the harshness of the fork. So, whenever she couldn’t help but think about her ex-boyfriend, she took a fork and drew a plate. Over time, her brain naturally linked the “I want to ex-boyfriend” and “the sound of a fork-dish”. In the end, “I want to ex-boyfriend” has become a disgusting thing, and the purpose of getting out of love is easy to achieve.

If you want to get rid of the addiction to the game’s behavior, you can also go through a similar approach. For example, you can form an allied army with a friend. If you play a chicken game for more than half an hour, you will not let it go. Another person will slap him a slap in the face, or do other things that he hates.

Of course, the best way to get rid of addiction is to refuse to download the software from the beginning, and not give those products the chance to make you addicted. Whether it is vibrato or fast, it is just a platform, a tool, someone has found fun, some people are indulging in this, others have opened up their careers and found an ideal way of life.

Nothing can really ruin a person, because things are good or bad, good or bad, totally up to you.