Why · Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro has no snow. He overlooks Kilimanjaro: the snow is as thin as a foam, hanging between the mountains.

His helicopter first crossed the clouds, and in the continuous and thick track, he felt that he and the earth were absorbed, swallowed, and entered the illusion. Then, as if he was picked up by something, everything changed—the city became wool, the humans turned into mist, and the forest became cotton. The cloud is like a barrier, he has to look over himself.

Why are you fantasizing? Why do you want to fantasize about a mountain, give it a miracle, and give it suspense? The “African Roof” is more authentic and perfect in the concept of human beings. He continued to take off and his eyes fell on the top of the mountain. He could see that it was just a mountain. Fire and snow, dormant, swaying.

While people are puzzled, they fantasize about when the fire erupts and why the ice melts.

Why talk? The most important communication skill he has is to terminate the conversation. He has a pair of beautiful eyes and a beautiful mouth, that is, he does not like to say beautiful words. Every time I travel, my peers know him after they are separated. At this time, the professionalism of the pilot allowed him to hold on, and the artist’s artistic accomplishment made him silent. They share this atmosphere, each focusing their attention on a trajectory and restoring the way out of the senses.

Why do you want to perform? Every kind of survival, every kind of value, all the channels of existence are performance? Tea farmers must prove tea by tea, and nobles must prove their nobility by holding them. Nothing is not manifested. Most climbers or people who ride helicopters like him are meant to perform in the future. He suddenly felt uncomfortable and uncomfortable for himself. He used to forgive himself when he did not speak.

Why do you want a career? If it weren’t for his lack of professionalism and a little leisure time, he would not have to come to Africa for a full month. He looked at the sunny blue sky and thought that the climbers and the husband were climbing. People have their own identities, and they look at a different angle from their profession. For Mount Kilimanjaro, is it outside, or is it in it? Is it seen from the air or in the mountains? Is it a sight, or a road? He found that his logic is inseparable from “seeing”, which may be the dysentery of the Anle era, to see the reasons for leisure. When he was young, a senior officer named Bai Qi told him: “The most difficult battle I have ever played in my life is my inner struggle.” Whether it is peace or not, people have the most difficult struggle – building and winning the heart. Fight. There must be an extreme way out. This is the only journey that belongs to a person and is greater than the occupation.

Why do you want feelings? The helicopter landed, his heart was a long, violent, and hard. Shouldn’t there be a lover in this situation? An affair. Two lovers are the best, one is vulgar and the other is clear. Three, plus loyalty. No, four, plus longevity. He laughed, and once a man weighed, he didn’t need any lover. He studied the statues of men and women in ancient Egypt. Women stood by men and surrounded men’s waists.

Why travel? One hundred million people asked. Because travel is the most suitable for a person to go around for a lifetime? Because travel makes people meditate and carefree? Because travel makes people use themselves as much as possible? Think about surgery, you can only accept that you are cut and stitched like a puppet, and when you travel, talent can reveal itself: the dynamics of muscles, the tension of blood, the realm of the mind.

Let me tell you the real situation. He circled over Kilimanjaro and didn’t think about anything at all, without any inspiration. He just turned around, there was no problem, and there was no answer.

He just turned around and didn’t even read Hemingway. He was too busy to hear those who discussed Hemingway. After returning from Africa, he shared a photo of Mount Kilimanjaro. Many cultural people quoted the evaluation of “The Snow of Kilimanjaro”.

In order to talk to the audience “why travel,” he had to watch “The Snow of Kilimanjaro”. He completed a task. masterpiece. He came to a conclusion.

You see, his “why” is broken by himself. You said, why do you want to fantasize? dialogue? which performed? Career? feeling? travel? No reason. People come to the world and socialize with the world. Without fantasy, dialogue, performance, career, feelings, travel, there is no love, no love, there is no place to settle. His Kilimanjaro has no snow, and the answer in this world is empty.