Sweet night

Passing by the Nu River, looking up. The blue sky is as clean as a mirror, and the thick white clouds are blown by the strong wind. Like a mirrored person, scrub the sky carefully, quietly and calmly. Occasionally, I saw the eagle flying, moving it steadily and moving over. Under the sky, on the slopes of the two sides of the bank, there are sugar cane. The sugar cane, which looks thin, stood up one by one, one hand outstretched, trying to grab something. The Nu River is full of water, and the inexhaustible sound is filled with the golden light shining. I stood still, thinking, what would it be if it was night? There is a galaxy in the sky, a Nujiang underground, a river, and a vast river. I have never seen such a world. In turn, I remember another night that I have experienced…

Many years ago, the family planted a large piece of sugar cane, was it a year or two years? I can’t remember it. In short, it was planted. The sugar cane we planted, like this steep slope, is used to squeeze sugar, red skin and hard.

There are two sugar factories that we often hear about, one is from the Wangtang factory and the other is the black sugar factory. The aunt’s house is on the side of the Wangtang factory, and the neighbor A Kunang is working in the black sugar factory. But at that time, I was not a sugar factory. I only know that the endless cane forests, which were finally cut down, were to be loaded on the red tractor and suddenly transported to the sugar factory. The season of pulling sugar cane is the season of our children’s carnival – of course, before this, many of us have begun to fall into the carnival. There was a primary school student who had skipped school several times, went to the sugar cane forest to steal sugar cane, and returned to eat. Once he was out of luck, the sugar cane that he had stolen had just beaten Bataan – it was an insecticide. After returning to the classroom, his stomach was rebellious and he ran one after another. Waiting until the season of sugar cane, there is no such a worry. At that time, the pesticides that have been used have basically remained.

Look, the tractor pulling the sugar cane is coming over! We smiled and waited on the side of the road. The sugar cane piled up high, even if there were a lot of ropes tied up, it still swayed, as if it would collapse at any time, and the tractor would be overturned at any time. The tractor just passed, we followed, and refused to drive the master, two steps, jumped up, grabbed a prominent cane, shrunk the feet, and hung the whole body. Due to the weight of the body, a three-meter-long sugar cane was slid out. Occasionally, there are also sugar cane bundles that are particularly tight, and we can’t pull it out. Our body will fall on it, and we won’t be able to go down. With the tractor, we will bump forward aimlessly.

This kind of sugar cane is not delicious, it is too hard, and it is difficult to bite off the skin. There are sugar cane for people to eat on the street. It is crispy sugar cane, fruit cane, green, thick, sweet and crisp. But in those years, many people were not willing to spend money on sugar cane. We often eat it, or the red cane that was originally used to squeeze sugar.

Grandma planted a bunch of sugar cane in the reserved land of Longtang, which is also such a red cane. We have to chop and eat from time to time. But that is not as good as pulling it from the tractor. Perhaps it is because it is planted at the water’s edge, or it may be because there is a toilet not far away, and the sugar cane of the grandmother grows up, and the taste is always strange – not sweet, very salty.

Finally, this year, I have to grow sugar cane at home, and I have planted several acres at once. The kind of sugar cane is to break the two sections of the sugar cane, and put the grass ash on the fracture, and insert it into the soil one by one. In the process, the sugar cane species was stolen by me. After planting it, it is necessary to prevent others from stealing it… After a few rains, the sugar cane sprouted. Through the sly rain curtain, it looks like a large green. The sugar cane grows fast, and soon after, you can see the stem section that is drawn, red, and a thin layer of white powder on the surface. After another month, the sugar cane has grown taller than me. At this time, we must start to make some squats, get rid of the extra leaves, and cut off the weak sugar cane. This is very popular, and it is more convenient to eat sugar cane. After the cleaning is done, the sugar cane has grown up for several more days. I often drilled into the sugar cane forest to pull grass, and there are many small goose dishes (chicory) that rabbits like to eat.

Sugar cane forest is more lush than rapeseed. Staying inside and listening outside, footsteps, voices, chickens, shit, are far apart, like another world. I am alone in this small world, shady, shaded, dark, screaming, grasshoppers flapping wings, sugar cane at jointing, all the sounds and things, if it is part of me. A gust of wind blew, squeaking, looking up, the afternoon sun was like a blue sky, and the head was bright and turbulent.

We also grow watermelons in the sugar cane forest at home. I don’t remember who planted it, or it might be a watermelon seed that was thrown away. In short, it grows watermelon vines. It’s a slightly wider place, and the sun can see through. The vine grows in the precious light, grows a leaf, and grows a leaf. Then there is a flower and a flower. I have to go and see it almost every day. The yellow flower dried up and a round, fluffy ball emerged. I am so excited that I don’t know how to be good. Watermelon grows up every day, and there is a second watermelon next to it, and there is no third. Just two watermelons, slowly growing up day by day, the one that first emerged, gradually grew to the mouth of the bowl. The sleek look makes me happy than any watermelon I have ever seen. At this time, the sugar cane has matured, and the sugar cane forest is full of sweet sweetness.

A few days before cutting sugar cane, the watermelon was picked. Only the big melon was water red, and the other one was white. This is really a pity. But not waiting for me too much regret, the lively harvest day has arrived.

The family was not enough, and I asked several helpers in the village. Bring the straw rope that has already been twisted, bring the sharp-cut machete, take the shoulder bar that has already been prepared, push the trolley that has already been repaired, and make it into the cane forest. The sugar cane forest is not far from home, and a few steps outside the village. Soon, everyone came to the ground and worked hard. What am I doing at the time? After so many years, I only remember one thing.

That day, I bought a sweet white wine (醪醪), and I ate a big bowl. In the sugar cane field, my mom asked me to take a bundle of straw ropes on the side of the ground. I walked along the field. Walking, the ground around me was swaying, the grass stems swaying, the grassy dewdrops were also swaying, and everything was close to the nose. Finally, I walked to the edge of the straw rope, and my body turned over. The blue sky was like a wet towel, and it was covered on the face. Underneath is a yellow straw rope that is as soft as a dream. I want to struggle to stand up, but I am hit by the sudden sweet breath. The world is turbulent and vivid. I am so small…

When I woke up, the sugar cane forest was gone. Sugar cane is bundled and bundled across the field and is waiting to be carried out. No one cares about me. For a long time, someone asked me with a perfunctory question. Where did you go? Hey, where do I know this?

A bundle of sugar cane was tied up in the yard of a family on the side of the village road, and it was always close to the eucalyptus branches. Someone has to guard at night. Who is going to keep it? The final candidate is Dad and me.

I am always suspicious of this matter.

But in my memory, there is clearly such a night –

As the night fell, the voices weakened and the lights became thinner. Dad and I are lying in the groove in the middle of the sugar cane pile, underneath it is a thin straw mat, just like the two watermelons in the sugar cane forest. After talking for a while, Dad fell asleep. After a tiring day, his gasping voice was heavy and even.

I am still awake. Woke up and heard the mouse screaming and fleeing; the cat swept through the roof and accidentally stepped over a tile; the night bird snarled in the mountains behind not far away; then it was quiet… suddenly, found in the emptiness, full The ear is a worm. cricket? Grasshopper? There may be something else, oh, oh… a new moon is as cool as water, and the moonlight entangles the dense insects; the galaxy is high above the head, brilliant and magnificent, from northeast to south, across the entire night sky. Suddenly, a meteor crossed. I just wanted to make a sound, another one crossed, then another one, another… I suddenly came and died, so short, so bright. I am no longer surprised, no longer horrified, just immersing myself in the darkness and light of the night. The surrounding sugar cane is also immersed in it. I can hear that their breathing is heavy. Every time I call out, it is a sweet taste that cannot be turned away. I was wrapped in this sweet smell, a little bit fluttering, a little faint, like a drunken person. Yes, it’s drunk, and the drunken taste that I tasted for the first time in the day is coming again.

In this way, I fell asleep.

In this way, many years later, I am very suspicious, this is just a fictional night.