Put on canvas shoes and make the most awkward

It is a habit for trend players to look at people first. For them, there is no pair of canvas shoes in the shoe cabinet, it seems to be close to fashion.

With the rise of more young cultures, especially under the rap-driven trend, canvas shoes are hot, and some even joked about the rap world: “Battle lyrics can not rhyme, but the shoes must carry stars.” “With the star” refers to the canvas shoes brand Converse with the five-pointed star logo.

Hot start
Speaking of canvas shoes, I think of Converse, think of the West Coast of the United States, think of Hip-hop, think of cool elements such as graffiti and skateboarding.

In fact, canvas shoes have risen in Europe. At the earliest, they were only cheap, and they were regarded as low-cost products by the middle and lower class.

In the 16th century Europe, ordinary people made “felt shoes” similar to canvas shoes. However, due to the special properties of natural rubber itself, it is greatly affected by temperature. When the temperature is high, it will become soft, as if it is stepping on the mud; in cold weather, it becomes too hard and cracks easily.

After two or three centuries, in the joint exploration of some inventors and workers, the “rubber vulcanization process” was born, that is, the natural rubber can be directly cured, so that the shoes are not easily deformed due to temperature fluctuations. The technology with such a low degree of difficulty is rapidly spreading, and the reputation of canvas shoes is becoming more and more popular.

Therefore, canvas shoes occupy a stable position in the “civilian world”.

The canvas shoes that are not deliberately pursuing luxury are the ones that really fit the fashion concept.

During the economic depression caused by the war, the better quality leather was used to match the war, and made boots, saddles, military uniforms, military shoes, etc., but canvas is still the preferred choice for people with low economic level.

With the gradual formation of large-scale industrial production, the vulcanization process can also be carried out in large quantities and stably, which makes the bonding of rubber and canvas more regular. Although the problem of degumming of canvas shoes is still unable to cure, it does not affect more and more people to have a good impression on it.

In the 1960s, in the eyes of young people who grew up after the post-war baby boom, the easy-to-obtain and sturdy equipment of canvas shoes became one of the symbols of resistance to the mainstream. At the same time, because of the films such as “Graduate” and the representatives of the rock band, the appearance of canvas shoes is extremely high.

Yoko Ono, who is known for “breaking the tradition,” can’t refuse canvas white shoes, or even wear it to get married. Immediately imitating the wind, naturally, the trend of canvas shoes was driven.

It was not until the 1970s and 1980s that the rubber-soled shoes that were not suitable for sports began to have a fever. But in addition to traditional sports, the emergence of emerging sports such as skateboarding has given the canvas shoes a wider display stage.

From left: All Black Converse, Coca-Cola and KITH launched three brands co-branded Converse C huck, Moonstar canvas shoes, O f fW hi te joint Converse

The classic Converse All Star launched by Converse in 1917, from basketball players to World War II soldiers, was popular and set a record for a single shoe sales worldwide. It is wear-resistant and durable, and can be directly thrown into the washing machine to wash, even if it is old, it will be fine.

The sneakers have become the darling and there are also reasons for the coincidence between the market and the times, but the imagination of the manufacturers is the strongest aid to push the canvas shoes on the unshakable fashion position.

Just as the Beatles gave inspiration to graffiti on the shoes, from the appearance of the shoes, the shoes have high and low help points (the more branches now, the sandals and slippers-style canvas shoes are also in the design); In view of the overall framework of leisure, it can subdivide sports, street, rock, and futuristic. Whether it is the appearance or the style, all kinds of changes are made for the canvas shoes without any taboos.

Choosing any basic color and style of canvas shoes will not go wrong. The most classic match is paired with trousers, including denim and pencil pants, which are excellent choices.

With the popularity of Japanese style, suit pants, wide-leg pants, and even skirts are also young and energetic, full of elegance and laziness.

In fact, for the trend, uniqueness is the most crucial element, and the same type of collision is unbearable to many people. The canvas shoes are wonderful, and its cheapness is bound to cause “striking shoes” inevitably, but it seems that no one cares; everyone only pursues the same canvas shoes to match the more personal effects.

The popular factors of any underrest are quite intuitive, nothing more than styling, color, pattern, decoration, but the canvas shoes are extremely malleable.

For example, in addition to the high and low sneakers, canvas shoes have just appeared in the style of “turning over”. Brand representatives such as Palladium (PALLADIUM), the front and back of the upper are more beautiful, to a large extent, the design space and shoes are added. Interesting.

Then there is the graffiti. But I personally feel that the graffiti on the shoes has been a little overdone. On the one hand, the irreversibility of manual painting is slightly more difficult for ordinary people who have no artistic skills. On the other hand, although the graffiti may highlight the personality, it may also destroy the simplicity of the original factory settings.

The other is the laces. For sports shoes, functional and decorative laces are one of the few products worthy of exporting ideas. In the case of canvas shoes, its single-row single-row row generally has 6-8, and the laces on the two exhaust eyes have a relatively large presentation area, which can be used in addition to the contrasting color and the lace-up. Ways, etc. Using the “canvas shoelace lace method” as a keyword to search for a tutorial, the network can find a lot, become an art.

The trend formed by canvas shoes is not only related to daily wear, but also caused discussion in the cultural category.

It is a symbolic extension of the lifestyle that has become a “media” of tension, an external signal used to discover like-minded groups of like-minded people. The 20th century has driven a wave, and there is another wave in the 21st century.

Before the rap winds hit China, the origin of hip-hop, the West Coast of the United States, has its own cultural system. From the street to the stage, there are indispensable canvas shoes.

Ice Cube, the “old bird” from the gang rap, has always favored Converse Chuck. In Los Angeles in the 1980s, he always wore Chuck out of the street to make him feel very comfortable, and said his brother, friends, and the uncles who had participated in the street fire and loved to wear it. Of course, this is a joke, and we do not encourage young people wearing canvas shoes to do whatever they want.

However, it is undeniable that canvas shoes have been upgraded from practical to fashionable, and then circled to culturally symbolize freedom and casualness. Its significance has long surpassed the functions it actually carries.

The canvas shoes that are not deliberately pursuing luxury are the ones that really fit the fashion concept. Unfortunately, for some brands, after all, it is necessary to adjust the strategy according to the market.

Just like Converse and Vans, after more and more people in the pursuit, they started various high-end feeders and almost did not roll over. The limited edition, the joint name, the commemorative edition, and the master edition all smashed their heads among consumers. Converse is even more exaggerated to become a “10,000-yuan shoe club”.

In the past two years, with the intensification of competition and the demand for propaganda, many things that were originally cheap and good have raised their slickness.

Before the birth of Hunger Marketing, the reason for most people to start a pair of canvas shoes is very simple: light and easy to wear, convenient and durable, the price is not expensive, dirty old and thrown into the washing machine to stir up several times is not distressed, and even some people will Deliberately pursue the old feeling of canvas shoes.

However, under the operation of hunger marketing, the gimmicks set by the manufacturers have become a sign that people are competing to declare that they have the ability to pursue new products.

This is one of the drawbacks of the trend.

Although I dare not conclude, the trend of the higher the price of each canvas shoe brand deviates from the core intention of the product, but when a certain kind of trend leads people to blindly follow without thinking, it is necessary to stop. Wheezing: Is it really like it, or is it for others to wear?

It is worth mentioning that those canvas shoes manufacturers who make shoes with their heart.

“Moonstar” from Japan has been in existence for more than 140 years, and it is a brand that still insists on purely handmade production without the use of assembly lines.

After getting the high-quality rubber raw materials, the workers integrated the uppers on the aluminum shoe lasts, then attached the rubber toe caps, glued them to the bottom, and finally sent them to the vulcanization tank. After 70 minutes and above 120 degrees Celsius, sulfur and rubber fully produce chemical reactions, high adhesion, natural and wear-resistant.

The entire process is time consuming and labor intensive, but superior in quality. They are not doing gimmicks and profits, more like feelings.