Pushkin: Family biography, first love and love poems

“The Sun of Russian Poetry” Pushkin (1799 – 1837) is world-famous. The first translation and publication of his novels and poems in China was in the 29th year of Guangxu, 1903. That year, the book “Russian Love History” was published by Shanghai Daxuan Book Company. In fact, it is the familiar Pushkin novel “Captain of the Captain”.

Pushkin wrote poetry is hereditary, his uncle and father are poets. The famous gate of the St. Petersburg noble house, Kane, was named after the “Kane” by Pushkin. As everyone knows, the father of Pushkin had pursued Kane before his son and wrote a hot poem for her. In other words, the son fell in love with his father’s lover, and also gave it to the love poem.

In the summer of 1825, Kane and Pushkin, who had been married, met in the village of Mikhailovsk, and they spent a few days together. Pushkin fell in love with Kane and wrote “To Kane” for her. In the world, she left the famous phrase: “It is like a glimpse of a flash, a pure elf.”

In other words, Pushkin’s grandfather and foreign ancestors were passionate people who had committed bigamy and were punished by the tsar and the church. These are closely related to the Ethiopian bloodline on Pushkin’s ancestors, which influenced Pushkin from the biological aspect and showed a passionate, unrestrained and violent personality in him.

The women of the Pushkin family are also affected by this kind of gene, and most of them are arrogant and violent, and there are few gentle and easy-going women in the family. Grandpa Pushkin and Grandma are not in harmony. Grandma and the French teacher are private. When Grandpa discovers, he will put his grandmother into the dungeon at home, and he will die if he does not ask for food or drink. French teachers also died after hearing the news. The Pushkin family has been filled with the atmosphere of “Abyssinian violent” from beginning to end.

In particular, Pushkin’s mother has a tendency to metamorphosis. Her spirit was stimulated and she was cold and indifferent to the boys at home. When Pushkin was a child, he rarely received warmth and care from his mother. His psychological influence was affected. When he grew up, he was hesitant to contact women, but he was eager to get women’s care. When he did not reciprocate his feelings for women, he became restless and even angry and angry.

Therefore, when Pushkin interacts with women, on one hand, the emotions in the heart are sincere and blazing, on the other hand, the subconscious is full of doubt and vigilance. For Pushkin, the woman he has loved and contacted is not as good as the older sister Olga. Pushkin has a deep love for Olga, and in his eyes, Olga is the only flawless woman in the world.

When Pushkin was married to Natalia, she was quite cold to her. He believes that if a man is too passionate about a woman, a woman will despise a man. Pushkin sometimes even deliberately did not spend the night at home to arouse her suspicion and strengthen Natalya’s love for him.

Due to family reasons, Pushkin was precocious. He is 9 years old and is in love with the 8-year-old girl Sushkova. Pushkin not only did not show the indifference and arrogance of the same-age boy to the girl, but instead of the tenderness and care of Sushkova, it became the highlight of this young boy and girl.

The number of women that Pushkin met after the age of 15 gradually increased. He fell in love with the troupe actor Natalia, then fell in love with his classmate’s sister Baku Nina, and also had a close relationship with the young widow Schmidt. Pushkin, who first met love, wrote poems for every woman he met, and made the joy and troubles of the boy in love.

Before the age of 16, Pushkin’s love for women was mainly spiritual. Baku Nina is 4 years older than him. Pushkin talks with her about a Platonic love; Pushkin has a mixed feeling of sister and lover to Olega. In short, since the beginning of puberty, Pushkin embarked on the road of exploring the emotional world of men and women, and began to show his literary talent.