Norwegian royal room with no shelf

Norway is located in northern Europe and has a constitutional monarchy. The Norwegian royal family may be the most grounded in the ancient European royal family, especially for the marriage of royal members.

The Queen of Norway Song Ya is the first civilian Wang Hao in Europe. Her family is ordinary. After graduating from high school, she went to a vocational school to learn tailoring. Princess Louise, the eldest daughter of the Kings and Couples, gave up the royal privilege, pursued true love, and married the civilian writer Bain. It is a pity that the “Puma” is rough and has a bad reputation. The marriage lasted for more than ten years and ended in divorce two years ago. The background of the “Prince” of the only son, Ha Kang, is more complicated: she has been a dancer, and she has an illegitimate child with her ex-boyfriend. Before she was married to Wang Chu Ha Kang, she was a single mother. This marriage of “Prince and Cinderella” creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The Norwegian media once sent a video. When the royal family met with the people, the Hakan couple hid behind the imposing king and jumped around. On the balcony watching the celebration, the little prince made a face, and the grandmother smiled and did not blame. .

The Norwegian royal family was so connected to the ground that it was first related to Norwegian history. Norway was once the habitat of the Vikings. The Vikings fought bravely and swept Europe in the late 8th century. They have cultural genes that pursue equality. It is said that when a group of Viking warriors broke into Paris, the locals asked to talk to the King of Viking. The Viking warrior laughed and said: “We are all kings.” In fact, the Vikings have kings, peasants and slaves, but The hierarchical distinction is not strict. In the age of relying on force, we must rely on equal cooperation to go further. Today, the military aristocratic legacy left by the Vikings has not died. There is military power to gain honor, no one can be recognized naturally by blood, and Nordic people still have this sense of equality.

The Norwegian royal family’s grounding gas is also related to its own bumpy experience. Norwegian King Harald V was born on the eve of World War II. After Nazi Germany invaded Norway, the 3-year-old Harald fled to the United States with his family, and his mother died prematurely. After the war, as a Crown Prince, he returned to the motherland and met Song Ya. He fell in love at first sight, but the marriage was not going well. The European royal family never greeted civilians. Song Ya was attacked by the tabloids as a “wife shop from a grocery store.” The old king did not agree with the marriage. Harald and Song Ya struggled for nearly 10 years, Song Ya also entered the higher education institutions to study hard, and finally moved the old king, and eventually became a genus. It can be said that Harald V knew about the suffering of the people before he became a king, so he opened the “civilian style” of the Norwegian royal family.

Norwegian folk customs are free, which is why the royal family is approachable. Norway is the country with the smallest population density in Europe. With only 11 people per square kilometer, 70-80% of the population lives within 10 miles of the coast. The mountains and rivers isolate the Norwegians from the outside world and develop a character that ignores others’ eyes. Norwegians have always lived freely and do not like to be restrained. In the 1960s and 1970s, oil was discovered in Norway, and this small country jumped into the club of rich countries. Norwegians with money in their hands are naturally more likely to “fly themselves.” People who have just arrived in Norway may have a hard time believing that there are thousands of dialects in a country with an area of ​​less than 400,000 square kilometers. Here, the traditional marriage system tends to be weak, 49% of the population is illegitimate, but also enjoy various rights and benefits. It is precisely because of this that Norwegians can accept the complex “Prince” and a royal family without shelves.

It’s a good thing for the Norwegian royal family. With the development of history, the “blue blood nobility” is no longer a prestige, but without power, there is no need to be burdened. At the very least, it is not necessary to make your marriage a victim of politics.