My only squirrel

The first animal I have is a little squirrel, which is the first grade of elementary school. In the first grade of elementary school, my family lived in the country. One day I went home from school. I found a thin and trembling little squirrel on the side of the road. The hair on my body was not long, and a pair of scared, just opened eyes turned around. . I held it in my hand and ran home desperately. It seemed that I had caught some treasures. I could still feel the temperature of the squirrel when I was running.

After returning home, I found a large bamboo tube cut into two halves, covered with rags and made a small squirrel’s nest, but its food made our whole family nervous. At that time, milk was not common. After my mother’s advice, I took some rice soup from above when cooking for three meals, and ate it with a torn flour bag. The hungry squirrel sucked the rice soup tightly and made us feel at ease.

Slowly, the squirrel grows bright brown hair and can crawl crawling. Preparing food for it every day is the happiest thing in my life. Fortunately, we live in the country, and there are orchards at home. I often pick ripe papaya, guava, bananas, and carefully mash them to feed my squirrels. Its rapid growth can be seen from the tail. The original hairless tail, walked to the tail of the ground, slowly filled up, covered with loose hair, and proudly tilted.

From crawling, running to jumping, it’s like an instant, a semester has not finished, the squirrel has grown into a young boy.

The little squirrel seems to remember my life-saving grace and is very well-behaved. When I went to school during the day, I ran to the garden to go for food. When I was at dusk, I went home and hid in my own nest. When I was doing my homework at night, the squirrel wandered around the table, jumping around and running, sometimes running to the slap of the feet. Mother often said: “This squirrel is not like a squirrel, it is like a cat!” The squirrel’s squirrel won the love of the whole family.

Sometimes when I go home early, as long as I whistle a few whistle in the garden, it is like a gust of wind coming out from an unknown corner of the garden, kneeling on my shoulder, turning my eyes, and then we are in the garden. Play a game that never tires of chasing. The squirrel was really beautiful when it ran up. The tall, erected tail was like a flag waving in the wind. The flag ran on the mud like a burst of smoke, and it was fleeting.

Since the squirrel was raised in the house, the mouse has also decreased. It is the first time I know that the squirrel will also hit the mouse. At night, it jumped around the house. Maybe the mouse couldn’t tell what animal it was. He had to go elsewhere for food.

My family originally raised a lot of animals, there are seven or eight hunting dogs, earth dogs, they often go to dad to go hunting; there are more than a dozen cats, playing in the courtyard every day. Most of these animals are unclear. Because my family is a big family, there are many leftovers and daily leftovers. In addition to raising pigs, my mother often uses a few large pots to put them in the yard and feed the cats and dogs that flow in the countryside. After a long time, many cats and dogs have stayed. There are better dogs. Dad picks up the skills to train them to catch hares and play the mountain pigs. These wild dogs have a love, they can often become better than the famous dogs. Because they are not picky eaters, their love for life is not as good as that of a famous dog. When hunting, they often turn their backs and go forward.

However, these cats and dogs have never entered the house. Their heavens and the earth are the vast wilderness outside the house. At night, they are looking for a place to sleep under the eaves. They emerge from all corners in the morning. The little squirrel became the only animal sleeping in the house, sensible and cute, especially favored by the family. Originally, we were worried that there were so many cats and dogs, and the safety concerns of the squirrels. Later, it was discovered that this kind of worry was completely unnecessary. The little squirrels played well with cats and dogs. I think that as long as you live in a vast space without boundaries, even animals can have a selfless heart.

Interestingly, the little squirrel seems to know that I am picking up the person who came back from it. It is very close to me. Although it has a good relationship with his brother and brother, it only stops calling and never wants to jump on them. However, I often fell asleep on my lap while I was doing my homework. Sometimes I take the squirrel to school, put it in my bag, and stick out from both sides, and it doesn’t panic at all.

The squirrels and my emotions made me have a sound, color, and bright jumping time when I first went to school. The students thought that the squirrel had received special training. Actually, it was just that I was raised from the roadside to raise it. When I think about it in adulthood, I know that if the squirrel needs to be trained, the only training content is to give it the most selfless and cleanest love for children.

One night in the winter of the next year, I had dinner and returned to the study room to do my homework as usual. In order to write a lot of homework the next day, I also sharpened all the pencils. The squirrel, like the past, jumped into my sweater to warm up, and then walked around the desk to play a small ball. I have too many homework, and I can’t finish writing until late at night, and I fell asleep on the table.

When I was awake by the night, I was scared by the sight in front of me and burst into tears. My beloved squirrel didn’t know when it was dead on the pencil that I sharpened and stood up in my hand. The pencil pierced straight into the squirrel’s stomach, blood filled my entire right hand, and even splashed on the notebook. The blood has dried up, and the squirrel’s cold body has no body temperature. I still clearly remember the horror scene until now, even the homework I wrote clearly remembered.

On that day, the teacher stipulated that each of us wrote our own name two hundred times. My notebook was full of my own name, and the blood of the squirrel was splashed on my name. At that moment, I couldn’t say how much I hated myself. The homework, hate the pencil, hate his name, and even hate the teacher who works. I think, without them, my beloved squirrel will not die.

I was scared by the cry of sorrow, and woke up the parents who went to bed early in the farmland tomorrow. My mother couldn’t help but shed tears when I saw this scene. I hugged the squirrel tightly when I was in my mother’s arms. The first time I raised an animal, the animal that really belonged to me died like this overnight. How fast is it, how terrible it is to die, and now I think back, my heart will rise with a painful twitch. If I understand that there is sorrow in the world and know that there is death in the world, the strongest taste for the first time is that the squirrel gave it to me with its life. I still can’t figure out why the squirrel will die like that. It must be that I am afraid that I can’t finish my homework to wake me up, and I jumped on the pencil with a jump – I really thought so.

I wrapped the dead squirrel with a sweater that had splashed its blood, and put a pencil that stabbed it aside, and buried a small grave in the banana garden behind the house. When I was doing a new grave, I stood silently crying. It was the first time I knew that all objects and shells could be buried. Only emotions could not be buried. It was like the soul of a squirrel and lived forever.

Later, I also raised a lot of squirrels. I always have no trace after I have raised them. I don’t care about my master. I have one or two who are willing to go home, and I don’t listen to them. I don’t have any emotions. Every time I encounter this situation, I wonder if in such a vast world, why is there a so different squirrel full of love that will be picked up by me and spend a wonderful time with me? Is there any special arrangement in this world that makes us and animals have a strange fate?

Needless to say, cats and dogs, during my growing up, I have raised eagle, rabbit, pangolin, wild spotted owl, sparrow, pulsatilla, and even a small mountain pig, a wild monkey, but no animal can The first squirrel was close to me, and no one like the squirrel was picked up by me, saved, and died in my hands.

The death of the squirrel laid a long shadow on my childhood, and I often became inexplicably sad in the future. After more than two decades, I was convinced that there was an undetectable fate between human beings and animals, and that there was no way to push us forward, so that we could experience joy and sorrow all the way. From the perspective of the future, joy and sorrow are all vicissitudes. We live in the vicissitudes of life. Just like when I write squirrels, my heart is warm and heartbroken. I seem to be dyed with blood. Even the brand is imprinted on my full name, and it can’t be washed forever. It is the only animal in my life, always revealing my love and sorrow.