In Ireland enjoy the food

I admit that I have always been skeptical about Irish food, after all, it is a country famous for its dark dishes.

Over the past decade or so, major publications have promoted Ireland as a gourmet destination. It’s nothing more than saying how fresh the ingredients are, how many chef geniuses have emerged in the coastal areas. The American cultural food magazine “Delicious” even awarded the “Gourmet Award” to Ireland’s wild Atlantic Road.

This Atlantic coastal road is 2,500 kilometers long, from Donegal in northern Ireland to Cork in the south, known as the “best self-driving route in the world.” It attracts visitors from all over the world to the villages of the sea to experience the most original flavor and the purest style.

However, in my memory, there is no meal in Ireland that makes people feel comfortable, not to mention the idea of ​​writing a travel note to commemorate.

I remember the first time I went to Ireland, I squeezed into countless taverns during dinner time, but none of them offered meals. They only offered drinks. This incident has always kept me memorized.

The last piece of the puzzle
Coincidentally, I came to Ireland again. This time the destination is Doolin, a village on the Atlantic coast of County Clare, Ireland. It is known for its traditional Irish music, archaeological remains and unique coastal scenery.

With the lessons of the past, I walked into a tavern with indifference. The menu is nothing special, and the first is the most common seafood chowder in Ireland.

I ordered black pudding and celery pureed scallops as cold cuts, and the balun features honey-roasted Atlantic salmon as the main dish. The boyfriend ordered the traditional beef stew. He said that he would like to try it with a castor dumpling and a creamy potato cabbage. What would be new.

The dishes on the menu, whether it is the seafood that the local fishermen have just caught, or the pork ribs that have been simmering all day long, have been written with the recommended wine or Irish craft beer. This bistro also features homemade Doolin beer, a unique Irish red beer with a smooth taste and a touch of tea. Local people often joke that Du Lin is not drunk when drinking too much. Anyway, it is “tea”.

Ireland is still familiar to me. The tavern is full of excitement, music is everywhere, and people on the street are happy and enthusiastic. But the only strange thing is that the food has become so delicious, delicious and amazing! Every bite can even taste the care of preparing ingredients and the care of cooking food.

In Ireland, happiness is everywhere, both in the music and in the smiles of people. Sitting in the tavern that night, I can’t help but sigh that Ireland has finally filled up the happy puzzles, and people can feel happy in the food. If you can satisfy people’s stomachs, this country that is always full of enthusiasm will definitely give off new charm.

“Ireland is indeed moving towards a country of food!” said Neil Hughes. He is the owner and chef of Doolin Seaview B&B. “When it comes to gourmet countries, people naturally think of Italy and think of France. But after five to ten years, I believe people will think of Ireland too.”

We didn’t expect it before, Clare County has developed into a gourmet paradise, so like most tourists, we only plan to stay in Doolin for one night. This small seaside village is not prosperous, the most attractive is the four taverns in the village. The tavern is home to some of Ireland’s finest musicians, and every night is full of excitement. Everyone is holding a glass of wine and singing all night, enjoying the beauty of traditional Irish music.

Eat, you have to eat fresh!
“Dulin is a magical place,” said Black O’Connell, who has been playing in the village for 16 years. “I don’t know if it’s attractive, it’s a folk attraction, or both. Sitting in a tavern. There will always be all kinds of adventures. Maybe I will talk to two Germans last night. I will talk to a Swiss and an Argentine tonight. Unfamiliar people can sit together and feel each other. The heart beats.”

The next morning, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast facing the sea, and decided to secretly go, not to hurry.

Breakfast is semi-self-service, with local speciality cheeses, boiled figs with orange syrup, savory apples with cinnamon and nutmeg, Moroccan orange salad and homemade yoghurt. I ordered a goat cheese omelet with a soft, soft mouth and a unique fragrance. Boss Hughes told us that the eggs used in the store are all grown chickens, and tomatoes and herbs are grown in their own gardens.

“The entire Irish food and beverage industry is undergoing tremendous changes, especially in the Barron region, and the network has really paved the way for the development of the region.” Hughes said, while turning his eyes to the outside. “The quality of raw materials has not changed, and the change is how people know and use it.”

At first glance, the Barron area is not suitable for crop growth. The area is famous for its karst landforms. The entire area is pitted and rough, and large chunks of limestone are exposed to the surface, and the rolling hills are no longer visible. But the climate in this region is exceptionally mild and is one of the longest growing seasons in Ireland. There are a variety of plants growing between the cracks of the rocks, and plants in the Arctic, Mediterranean and Alpine regions can coexist.

“Although the Barron area is covered by rocks, the rocks here can be ‘fat very rich.’ Hughes tells us, “The beef and mutton produced here are all top grades. The limestone is hot and can store a certain amount of heat, rocky There are still many grasses in the gap. In the winter, people rush to the mountains to graze. This unique landform feature has also attracted many farmers to develop. Many people are not aiming to make big money, they just want to Make food.”

Musical notes
After talking for a long time, Hughes said that he was going to fish seaweed. He counted the ebb tide time, took the scissors and went out.

Let’s take a look at the nearby islands and maybe have different scenery and taste different foods. So we got on the ferry and went to Inihir Island, 45 minutes away. This is the smallest island in the Aran Islands, full of ancient stone walls and castles. There are fewer than 300 residents on the island, and most of them only speak Irish.

Hughes’s wife, Dara, said that she would take us to a restaurant called Tyned for lunch, saying that the crabs were fresh and sweet, and they were all caught on the same day. We rushed to the shore, and when we got ashore, we were struck by the Allen Fudge Shop. Their signature “Halloween Beehive Taste” really gave us the feeling of heaven. I ate a lot and opened my appetite. After arriving at the Tynede restaurant, I quickly swept the tomato lentil soup and crab claw salad. Dala does not deceive me, this is the best crab I have ever eaten.

Full of satiated food, we set foot on the ferry back to Doolin, passing through the famous Cliffs of Moher. Fortunately, there is nothing to eat on the boat, 45 minutes is just for us to digest and digest, so good for dinner.

Back to Doolin, my boyfriend and I are going to have a “bar tour” – visit four taverns and change one after a drink.

Only when we got to the first “Medemotte”, we were shocked. As soon as the door was opened, the people inside almost overflowed. We spent a lot of effort to squeeze in, and we stayed inside, not willing to leave easily.

With more than 120 years of history, this tavern has been a place for traditional music development more than 40 years ago and is now one of the pioneers in the reform of the County of Clare County.

“When I came to Doolin in 1976, the tavern was not as big as it is now, it was a small room, and there was only one performance a week,” said the second generation owner of the tavern, Paci McDermott, “Now It is the center of traditional Irish music.”

The musician who performed on the night was called Tara Howley, both a singer and an Irish bagpiper. At the age of 16, she started a musical performance in Doolin. County Clare has its own unique rhythm and rhythm. For Howley, this rhythm is the rhythm of the Atlantic.

“Every time I stand at the Doolin Pier, I will feel lucky when I take a deep breath,” Howley said.

“You see the waves in front of you, every wave is different, and the way they roll is different. This is the same as traditional music.”

Yes, the basis of the tunes is the same, but the way each musician interprets is different, which is the beauty of it. I think that Du Lin is also in this way, and keeps it fresh and splendid.