How can I let you wait so long?

The mother is really old and she is entangled in children. Every time I called, without saying two words, I was very enthusiastic and asked: “When can you come back?”

Not to mention that more than a thousand miles away, three cars must be down. Just work, the child has let me have no skills, where can I get time to go home?

My mother’s ears are not good. After explaining it for a long time, she still eagerly asked: “You just said that the day of the week is coming back? You say it again.”

After several times, I finally had no patience. On the phone, I yelled at my mother. She finally understood and sighed and hung up. A few days later, the mother asked the same question, but the tone was ridiculous and there was no confidence. She is like an unwilling child. She knows that she is also asking questions, but she can’t help it. My heart was soft and I was a little bit stunned.

When my mother saw that I was not bothered, I immediately became happy. She said to me with delight: “The pomegranate flowers in the backyard are all open, hot and hot, watermelon is ripe, all are sand, and they are all reserved for you.”

I am embarrassed to say: “So busy, how can I get a fake?” She indulged for a while and tried to say: “You told the leader that I had cancer, only half a year of living, so it would be fine.” “I immediately blamed her for talking nonsense, she laughed happily. I remember when I was young, it was windy and rainy. I didn’t want to go to school. I had a stomachache and was seen by my mother. Now that she is old, she teaches the child to lie, and I am angry and funny.

This question and answer kept repeating, and I finally couldn’t bear to let her wait for a long time.

I told her that next month, I must take time to see you, and my mother is so happy to choke. But I don’t know how, there are always things that are too busy, everything is more important than going home, and finally, I can’t go back.

The mother at the other end of the phone, as if there is no strength to say another word, I am full of guilt: “Mom, are you angry?” The mother heard this really, she said quickly: “Children, I am not angry with you, I know you busy.”

But in a few days, the mother’s phone was getting tighter. She said: “The grapes are ripe, the pears are cooked, come back and eat.” I said, what is rare? It’s all over the street, and you can eat enough for a ten yuan or eight yuan. My mother is not happy, and I am resistant to the temper to marry her: “However, those things are fed with fertilizers and pesticides. How can you grow them?” The mother smiled smugly.

On Saturday, the temperature was extremely high. I didn’t dare to go out and air-conditioned at home. The child smashed the ice cream, I had to go downstairs to go to the supermarket to buy. On the hot summer street, I suddenly saw the mother’s back. It seems that she just got out of the car, holding a basket on her arm and carrying a heavy bag on her back. She bent over and left and flicked right, fearing that others had touched her things. In the crowd, the mother took every step. Very difficult. I called her out loud. She hurriedly lifted her face full of sweat and looked around. When I saw me coming over, I was so surprised that I couldn’t speak.

As soon as I got home, my mother would happily hold those things out. Her hands were violent, and the fingers were wrapped in tape, and there was a bloody mouth on the back of the hand. The mother smiled and said to me: “Eat, you are going to eat, this is all I picked out.”

My mother, who had never been to a distant door, just rushed for a word. She is the cheapest passenger car without air conditioning. The car is full of passengers, hot and crowded, but the watery grapes and pears are intact. I can’t imagine how she came along the way. I only know that there are miracles in places where there are mothers.

The mother only lived for three days. She said that I was too hard. She went to work early and went to work, and she had to take care of the children. She was anxious but could not help. The kitchen facilities in the city, she did not dare to touch, for fear of breaking. She quietly booked the ticket and quietly walked alone. I called at the station and said that she was gone, so I must eat well.

I went back for a week, and my mother said that I missed me, and kept pushing me home. I smiled bitterly: “Mom, wait a minute, wait for me to finish this time and go back.” The next day, I received a call from my aunt. She said, “Your mother is ill, he is very ill, you are coming back soon. “I am so anxious that my eyes are black, tears are going to take time off, stumble and rush to the station, catching up with the last car.”

Along the way, I could not help but pray. I hope that this is the mother who lied to me, I hope she is good. I am willing to listen to her embarrassment, willing to eat all the food she has given me, willing to take time to see her. At this point, I realized that people who live to be 80 years old need a mother.

The car finally arrived at the entrance to the village, and the mother ran around and smiled. I hugged her, and wanted to cry and want to laugh. I blame: “What do you say is not good, say you are ill, you want to lose!” The mother smiled slyly: “Don’t say this, how can the leader prescribe you?” “I can’t say anything without seeing my mother’s infinite joy.” She just wants to see me, just such a small wish, but it takes a lot of effort to achieve it. Can this blame the mother?

I cook for my mother, chat with her, my mother stares at me for a long time, my eyes are full of love. No matter what I said, she politely half-opened her mouth, listening to her ears with her ears, and even taking a nap, she sat at the bed and looked at me with a smile. I said, “If you hurt me so much, why don’t you live with me?” She said that she didn’t live in the tall buildings in the city.

After a few days, I was anxious to go back. My mother is begging me to live another day. She said that this morning, she has already asked someone to go to the county to buy food. She will be able to come back later. She must make a meal for me.

The county town is more than 90 miles away from here. The mother has to get all the things she thinks are delicious, let me eat, and she can feel good.

When I came back from my aunt’s house, the dishes carefully prepared by my mother finally came to the table. I couldn’t help but be surprised: the scales were not scraped, the chicken pieces were fine chicken feathers, and the sesame oil mushroom had hair strands, whether it was awkward or Everyone can’t be squatted. My mother loved to be clean when she was young, and now she is so old. When the mother saw me picking it up and picking it up, she didn’t eat it. She compromised distressedly and said, I will send you to the night bus.

It was very dark, my mother took my arm, and she said, you are not used to the road in the country. She accompanied me to the car, and kept on the east and the west, the car was opened, and then rushed down, but the corner of the clothes was caught by the door and almost fell. I choked and screamed at the window: “Mom, Mom, you are careful!” She didn’t hear clearly, chasing the car and yelling, “Child, I didn’t have your gas, I know you are busy!” ”

This time, the mother seemed to be satisfied. She didn’t urging me to go home again. She just kept telling me something happy: the family added a very small calf, and in the spring of next year, she would plant it in the yard. A lot of flowers. Listening and listening, my heart is warm.

By the end of the year, I received a call from my aunt. She said: “Your mother is ill, come back soon.” Where do I believe that we had a phone call before the day before, the mother said that she is very good, and told me not to miss. Thinking about me today, I used the old tricks again.

My aunt just kept reminding me, knowing that it was not true, I decided to go back. I thought that I could see my mother soon, and my heart couldn’t stop my joy.

When I arrived at the station, I saw a cake of oil that my mother loved, bought a big bag, and happily took the car.

When the car arrived at the head of the village, I stretched my neck and looked at it. My mother did not come to pick me up. I suddenly had an ominous premonition in my heart. I quickly jumped out of the car and my aunt greeted me.

She told me that when I called, my mother was gone, and she walked very peacefully. She said that half a year ago, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, but she did not tell anyone, she was still busy and busy, and arranged her own affairs, which is not unusual in rural areas. . Therefore, even the aunt who met her every day knew her illness just before. My aunt also told me that my mother had been suffering from cataracts for a long time. One eye could not see anything, and the other eye could barely see it. She was not allowed to tell me. She said that the current medical expenses are too expensive, don’t add so much trouble to children.

I hugged the bag of oil cake tightly on my chest, and a heart seemed to be dug away. It turned out that the mother knew that there were not many years left, and she stopped calling me to go home. She wanted to see me more, and then said a few more words with me. It turned out that I was picky about the food that I refused to kneel. It was done with her eyes almost blind. How careless I am! The night I insisted on going, she kept supporting me and sent me to the car. After I left, how did she find her home alone, she fell, no, I never know.

I know that you are the only person in the world who will not be angry with me, that is, taking advantage of this pet, I dare to let you wait for so long.

However, mother, am I really so busy?