Fox News makes the president jealous

The US president generally does not like the media, but the past presidents mostly complained about the media’s “prejudice” and did not blame the media for “fake news.” Trump is different. He criticizes his own media and puts a label on “fake news” and even calls it “the enemy of the people.”

Of course, Trump has not only hate the media, but also love. His favorite is Fox News.

Fox News, founded by conservative media tycoon Murdoch in 1996. At that time, Murdoch felt that most of the big media in the United States were liberals, so he wanted to create a television station that would attract conservative audiences. This move has been quite successful, and Fox News is now the most influential conservative TV channel in the United States.

When Trump just joined the Republican Party primary, Fox News did not support him. But after Trump was locked in as the Republican nominee, Fox News adjusted its position and did its best to support Trump, not only for Trump’s platform in terms of public opinion and opinion, but also for interviewing Trump’s reporters and moderators. Trump likes the question very much.

Trump and Fox quickly “fall in love.” Fox News has also become more extreme, with more and more “Trump features”, several talk shows have become a program tout Trump and defend Trump; Trump, he not only praises in various occasions Fox News, the host of Kwaukex, such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram, and when they will be interviewed by Fox, will usually announce on Twitter that “I will be in a certain I was interviewed by Fox at some time,” he saw his love for this TV station.

Trump and Fox occasionally make a little “small awkwardness.” Because Fox TV has several people who are not so friendly to Trump, such as Chris Wallace, the son of American well-known host Mike Wallace, although he is also a “Fox man,” but in his own news commentary program. In the middle, often criticize Trump. A while ago, Fox’s other host, Brett Bayer, invited Democratic presidential candidate Sanders to a studio in Fox to attend a meeting with voters. As a result, Sanders made a big splash, provoked Trump’s vinegar, and tweeted the “loyalty” of Fox News.

Still, these little awkwardness does not affect the relationship between Fox and Trump. Most of the most self-respecting media in the West, such as The New York Times and the Economist in the UK, disagreed with Fox’s unprincipled attempt to shoot Trump’s flattering, thinking that Fox is simply “to Trump.” Shaking the tail has lowered the quality of the American press.

Some analysts believe that since the establishment of the news, Fox News has seized the psychology of some “red necks” in the United States (that is, rural people with low education level, especially white people in the south) – they want to hear the voice of conservatives, don’t care. It is really not true. Because of this mutual influence, Fox has profoundly affected the views of some voters.

How much impact does it have? Recently, after the “TongRumen” investigation report was released, Republican Congressman Justin Amarsh from Michigan said that Congress should impeach Trump. Amarsh held a meeting in the form of a town hall in his constituency. A female voter, Kathy Garnett, who supported both Amarsh and Trump, rushed to the scene to find out why Amarsh wanted to play Trump. After the exchange meeting, Garnett expressed his “surprise” in an interview. She said that she had never known that the “TongRumen” investigation report had so many unfavorable information about Trump. Garnett said she has been watching news from conservative media, including Fox. She has never heard of the negative news about Trump, always thinking that the “TongRumen” investigation report proves that Trump is innocent.

I believe that Casey Garnett is not a special case.