First met the plant kingdom “dwarf” – moss

In the leisure weekend, if you can get rid of the restraint and imprisonment of mobile phones, computers, and television, bring your children, walk into the verdant forests, smash through the streams, release yourself in nature, feel the nature, get close to nature, and understand nature. The version of the parent-child version of nature education should be the expectation of many parents. However, not every parent is a natural scientist. Often, we can’t interpret nature for children, even if it’s a dwarf plant or a small insect. So, can we learn with our children while learning?

Starting from moss, being a mentor in nature education

Swim in the landscape of nature and landscape, it will inevitably be sucked by the “little dwarf” of the plant kingdom – “hryophyte” in English, and be impressed by their petite and exquisite, and they will be impressed by their gracefulness. Some photographed the moss, inquired about their names, and even took a lot of unique trade names for moss, such as emerald lotus, blossoming dragonfly, star scorpion and so on. There are also many people who want to join the ranks of “moss enthusiasts” and have nowhere to start. After all, there are too many professional terms and knowledge points for bryophytes to learn. Some parents want to master the relevant knowledge and can show their talents in front of the children. The role of the botany instructor guides the children out of the addictive cartoons and animation games. So, starting from this “dwarf”, you can also become a member of nature!

When you read this article, I may be taking my daughter to observe the moss in a jungle or hillside in Huaxi, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, or by the river; or I may be keeping my daughter in front of the microscope of my monocular, observing just from Huaxi Take the specimen back and have a happy night.

“The true mountain is full of water, and the layout of Huaxi is more natural. The Shilihe Beach is as bright as a mirror, and a few steps are spent on a few farmland.” This wonderful seven-character quatrain of Marshal Chen Yi, the words in the words show the Huaxi landscape, the scenery show, white The beauty of the environment is superior to the ecological environment. Such a place is a bryophyte, a comfortable home with a comfortable life. There is water in the mountains, but the love of the moss.

Now, we start to know moss from five “W”s.

What is a bryophyte?

If you want to give a definition to the bryophyte, you can sum it up in one sentence: Moss is a group of high-quality non-vascular plants that can perform photosynthesis. From “The Moss Deep Locks the Longmen Road” “Rain Moss Moss Dip Step Green” “Moss Traces on the Green” “There is a late green trace in front of the door, one green and green moss” “The leaves are like a green, not worthy of the road.” Ting. The spotted dyed ochre is evenly distributed, and each micro-circle is green.” It can be seen that “green” is the main color of bryophytes, and the details can be divided into fresh green, dark green, brown green, yellow green, Grayish green, etc., there are moss, red, brown, tan, black, etc., and some have luster. The whole family of bryophytes is colorful, and if it is matched with ferns, dwarf seed plants, and mountain rocks, it is beautiful.

It has to be mentioned here that in the plant kingdom, from the bryophytes, ferns and seed plants have entered the ranks of higher plants; bryophytes and algae plants and ferns are collectively called spore plants; bryophytes and ferns Plants and parts of gymnosperms also form a plant of the ovum. If you look through the Botanical textbook, you will find a group of algae and mosses – lichens. Lichens are a symbiotic group of fungi and algae. Early scientists treated the lichens as a separate door in the plant kingdom according to the animal and plant kingdom classification system. With the continuous development of scientific research, scientists now generally accept the placement of lichens in the fungus world. The original bryophyte was used as a separate door. Today’s bryophyte has recognized that the bryophytes are divided into three separate doors, namely the mossy plant door, the horny plant door and the moss plant door.

In order to let readers of different ages know what the moss is, let’s take a few simple examples to deepen the impression and understanding. Like my daughter and her little friends, this generation always likes to watch cartoons such as “Little Pig Peggy” (also known as “Pink Pig Little Girl”) and “Wang Wang Li Dagong”.

What if the pecs in the cartoon “Little Pig Page” jumped into the mud pit and accidentally bitten by a viper? At this time, you can ask Conocephalum conZcurn to rise. According to the “Xinhua Materia Medica”, snake moss has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and relieving pain, and the amount of fresh snake moss can be used to treat snake bites. What if George does not like to take a bath after getting a mud pit? You can ask Sphagnum palustre to help. Peat moss has the functions of clearing heat, eyesight, retreating cloud, stopping bleeding, etc. It can cure skin diseases, prevent insect bites, itching, acute bleeding, etc. People also use it to treat rheumatism and arthritis. We often joked that if the feet are itchy in the wild, barefoot on the peat moss will not itch. It seems that this statement has a certain scientific basis. Next time, if you encounter peat moss in the wild, feel free to feel it. What if the grandfather of the pig falls and is injured? Then ask for Funaria hygrometrica. Gourd scorpion has the functions of Shujinhuoxue, phlegm and pain, hemostasis, etc. It can treat sinusitis, bruises and vomiting, bruises, arthritis, and wet foot disease. What if the pig grandmother is not feeling well? Rhodobryum roseum comes to help. Big leafhopper has the effect of clearing the liver, calming, nourishing the heart and calming the nerves, and can treat coronary heart disease, myocarditis, hypertension, neurasthenia, mental illness, facial nerve paralysis, red eyes and swelling, and knife wound bleeding. Very amazing? The bryophytes have many medicinal effects, and they are simply “white angels” for healing and saving people!

In the dynamic film “Wang Wang Li Dagong”, “there is no difficult job, only brave dogs”, six cute puppies unite to fight, always overcome difficulties, resolve dangers and successfully complete rescue missions, they are stable in the animal world Maintainer. The bryophytes are the maintainers of the stability of the ecosystem in nature.

The generation after 70s and 80s was deeply influenced by the animated cartoon “The Popeye”. The wave of the film in the film, as long as you eat the favorite food of white – spinach, it will become endless, uniform Pluto. The bryophytes are the delicacies of a few invertebrates, such as the larvae of flies.

In 2013, South Africa’s father, Mandela, died of his 95-year-old age. You know that he has served in prison for 27 years since 1962. Despite the harsh environment and suffering, he still survived. The power of a moss. Long Zusheng wrote in two articles, “The Power of Moss” and “Being a friend in Moss”: “He planted a palm-sized moss in the corner of the cell, observing the changes in the moss every day and communicating with it.” It is the strong vitality of the moss that inspired him to survive and is known as “the most powerful person in the world.”

As a “hardcore amateur” of bryophytes, I walked into the ecological world of moss in the wild, I often linger on me; watching the microscopic world of moss under the microscope often makes me sleepless… For me, like me, I am obsessed with moss Once the moss is reflected in our eyes, it will come to our minds, but it will slow down the pressure, but will forget all the unpleasantness, and let those trivial things be thrown high on the treetops. For ordinary people, watching moss is also a great way to slow down stress. A website has reported a news article, “The rise of Japan to observe the moss”, and staring at the moss for hours.” In recent years, Japan has raised the activity of “observing moss”. Participants observed the moss for several hours as a way of relaxation. . This event is very popular with women, who say that the moss is very cute and can heal the soul.

Is there an urge to observe moss? Where do you look for moss plants? Let’s talk about the next “W”!