American women’s rich list: how do they get rich from scratch?

The singer-born Rihanna is on the list of the richest women in Forbes with her beauty brand and underwear brand.

Forbes announced 2019 the list of women rich in self-reliance in the United States.

There are not only female stars on the list, but also many ordinary women who have successfully built a business empire.

We pay attention to some of the wealthy women and the industries that allow them to accumulate capital.

Hu Da Katan launched Hu Damei makeup in 2013, and now she is ranked 36th in the Forbes list of all women who are self-made by the world.

If you want to get rich, you can consider launching your own beauty brand. Ten of the 80 rich women on the list are from the beauty and skin care industry, and they are now millionaires and even billionaires.

Surprisingly, according to Forbes, the richest beauty entrepreneur is not Kelly Jenna, but Romanian-born Anastasia Soare.

The female entrepreneur founded the same name beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, who moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and launched her eyebrow makeup products in 2000.

Forbes estimates her beauty brand value is $1.2 billion, Kylie Beauty Beauty Collection by Kelly Jenna, KKW Beauty Beauty by Kim Kardashian West, and Fenty by Rihanna Beauty Beauty brand is slightly better.

21-year-old Kelly Jenner is the youngest female richest man on the list, worth $1 billion

Huda Catan is also on the list. The Iraqi woman gave up her financial work and became a makeup artist. She founded Huda Beauty in 2013, and Forbes evaluated her corporate value of $610 million.

“I am not for money,” Hu Da said in an interview last year.

“I have a mission here. I am not trying to make a lot of money. I never thought so, ‘God, this can make a lot of money, let’s do this.”

Two millionaires are also grateful to the beauty industry, which was sold to L’Oreal’s NYX Cosmetics brand in 2014 and is valued at $500 million.

Jamie Cohen Lima was a news anchor and she sold her own It Cosmetics cosmetics brand to L’Oreal Group, becoming the company’s first female CEO.

America’s richest female athlete
Tennis superstar Serena Williams became the only self-made female athlete millionaire. Forbes explains why Williams can be on the list: In the past five years, she has invested in 34 start-ups through Serena Ventures, with a minimum investment of $10 million.

“She raised her own money in 2018 and launched a direct-to-consumer clothing line, “S by Serena.” She also owns shares in the Miami Dolphins and Ultimate Fighting Championships.”

“She has more than a dozen corporate partners, and her career bonus is $89 million, which is twice that of other female athletes.”

Serena Williams

Fashion rich
Cosmetics and skin care products help American women entrepreneurs get rich, while other fashion pioneers benefit from their expertise in fashion.

You may have heard of fashion designer Wang Weiwei or Donna Karan, but do you know Doris Fisher and Zhang Jinshu?

The 87-year-old Doris Fisher joined her husband in 1969 to create a clothing retail brand, Gap, which had been searching for a pair of jeans before. The company is now worth more than $2 billion.

Fashion retailer Forever 21

Zhang Jinshu is the founder behind the clothing retailer Forever 21, which was originally a Los Angeles clothing store called Fashion 21.

Today, the retailer has hundreds of stores around the world and employs thousands of people.

One of the most interesting brands on the list is Spanx, a corset company founded by Sarah Blakely. Before she moved to the underwear industry, Blakely had gone door-to-door to sell fax machines.

She said she founded the company out of dissatisfaction with the shape of her hips, when she was only $5,000.

In an interview, she said: “I don’t like how I look when I wear white trousers. Like many women, I don’t know how to wear underwear when wearing certain clothes.”

“I came up with an idea and designed a underwear to meet the needs of fashionable women.”

Blakely ranks 23 on the Forbes list and her wealth is valued at $1 billion.

Earlier, Beyonce released the “Homecoming” live album, and Netfair also produced a documentary about her performance at the 2018 Coachella Music Festival.

TV and music
Unsurprisingly, many female stars in the film and music industry are also on the list, including talk show hosts Oprah Winfrey and Alan DeGeneres. Their wealth reached 2.6 billion US dollars and 330 million US dollars respectively.

Judy Sindlin, who appeared in the TV series “Judge Judy” and “Hot Bench”, is also on the list of women rich. Forbes pointed out that “Since 2012, Judge Judy has received $47 million in pre-tax income each year through a television program of the same name.”

“Judge Judy is now airing until the 23rd season, and it remains the most popular daytime TV show.”

Madonna, Taylor Swift, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion and Beyonce in the music industry are on the list. Forbes estimates that Beyonce is worth $400 million.

Beyonce’s husband, Jay, was named the world’s first billionaire rapper by Forbes on June 3.

Dating app and bathroom refresher

Among the richest self-made female millionaires in the United States, the most noteworthy is the top woman.

Diane Hendricks is a filmmaker and co-founder of ABC Supply, which has a valuation of $7 billion.

It is one of the largest wholesale distributors of construction supplies, with hundreds of branches and sales of billions.

The 29-year-old Whitney Wolfe Hurd is the second youngest woman on the list. In 2014, she launched the dating software Bumble.

Thanks to this, Wolf Hurd’s wealth is estimated to be $290 million. According to Forbes, the app brought her $175 million in annual revenue.

Susie Batiz is a name on the list that is not easily recognized immediately.

But the businesswoman from Texas has $242 million in wealth, mainly from her company, Poo-Pourri. The company produces a range of bathroom refresher products that are sold at US retailers Target and Costco.