Admiring a paulownia

Outside the window, there is a paulownia, which is not big. In the spring days, it is covered with leaves. Branches, green, branches, green, shallow; although the columns are born, the pieces are different from each other, and the postures are different. When there is no wind, it looks very plump, delicate and dignified. In the slanting wind of one morning and one night, the leaves move, and under the backdrop of the sky, you can see the green veins on the back of the leaves, like countless colorful butterflies falling there, dancing; like a young woman, graceful Graceful, make a charming smile.

I often sit in the window and look at it, feeling tender and beautiful. I even stunned the couple of birds who lived in the branches. They stopped singing under the leaves. They brought green joy to Fatong, or did the joy of green make them the sound of singing?

The joy of Fatong’s joy has been extended for a summer. I always thought that the leaves full of cockroaches must grow up like a fan, but in the late autumn, the leaves are no longer long, but they have to fall one by one. Fatong was thin and chilled, and became naked. Only some bones were crumpled, and they were all stiff. They were no longer soft and graceful. They broke off with one hand and broke down one by one.

I think this is very cruel. I want to go to the tree and drop a leaf and keep it for the memories of the past. Think: Poor Fatong, who gave you life, so that you grow up in the land? Since I have given you the joy of being green, why do you want to take it away?

In the spring of the following year, Fatong is full of leaves, still light green, dark green. I took out the fallen leaves that I had collected over the years. Compared with this new leaf, the outline of the leaves is the same. Oh, leaves, do you know, know that this piece is a replacement for that piece? Perhaps it grew up from the eye of a petiole, and the fallen ones had been so happy, and the joyful ones would fall away silently.

However, they are not sad. They must be happy when they are happy. As a result, Fatong has grown out of the window sill for one year and has been level with the eaves!

I suddenly realized that I felt that my past lament was not necessary, and it was very naive. It turns out that the growth of Fatong is not only the movement of green life, but also the verification of a philosophical proposition: joy comes, joy returns, this is the content of joy between heaven and earth; everything in the world is seeking this content, and Each completed its existence.

I then admire Fatong and bless it: it dies with the old leaves every year, and it is eager to rejuvenate the next year. It has not stagnated, no aging, and has grown into a space in heaven and earth.