60 years old, cultivate 10 healthy habits

Professor Dana King, director of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of West Virginia in the United States, suggested that at the age of 60, 10 habits should be cultivated to prepare for healthy ageing.

1. Buy double quality sports shoes. Carolyn Roseblatt, the founder of the American “Old Age Care” website, suggested that older friends can start with a walk and it is best to buy a pair of sneakers designed for walking before the exercise. Usually, sneakers can be placed at the door of the house to remind them to exercise regularly.

2. Exercise balance and avoid falling. Maintaining a good balance is the best way to avoid falling.

3. Upgrade breakfast and improve nutrition. When I go to work, the morning time is tight. Many people often make breakfasts. After retirement, they have plenty of time. Let’s give breakfast a grade. It is recommended to increase the proportion of fresh seasonal fruits, or to drink juices by yourself, to increase the intake of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. In addition, protein intake should be increased, and protein powder can be added to milk, soy milk, and vegetable milk. Usually pay attention to strict control of salt, sugar and fat intake, eat less dessert, replace the sweet carbonated beverage with sugar-free soda.

4. Practice meditation and learn to decompress. Middle-aged and elderly people must not decompress through unhealthy lifestyles such as overeating, smoking, drinking, etc., and should find a healthy decompression method that suits them.

5. Resistance training, exercise muscles. Regular resistance training, such as self-weight, barbells, dumbbells, combination equipment, etc., can help increase muscle strength.

6. Do more exercises to touch the ground. It is recommended that the elderly often do “squatting – sit down – stand up” exercises on the floor to improve leg muscle strength and joint flexibility.

7. Challenge your speed. Studies in the United Kingdom have found that those who participate in badminton, table tennis, tennis and other sports have the longest life expectancy, because these exercises can fully enhance the body’s cardio-respiratory tolerance, strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, balance, sensitivity and so on. At the same time, the holding-type sports also have strong social functions, and the fun is strong, making it easier for people to stick to sports for a long time.

8. Stay confident. “When faced with setbacks, people should believe in themselves.” This is the feeling of 71-year-old writer Sharon Cutler after receiving psychotherapy. She said, “People also prefer to be around the self-confident.”

9. Develop and accomplish goals. Develop a plan that is meaningful to you and accomplish your goals.

10. Constantly improve yourself. As the saying goes, live to learn old.