You’ve changed

  Don West saw that she was waving her hand, so she walked through the station towards her, and her tanned face showed a puzzled and surprised look.

  ”Oh, yeah,” he said with a rough smile as before. “It’s so smart, oh… Jenny.”

  She also smiled: “Don West, you haven’t changed at all.”

  That’s true. It’s a few pounds and a little old, but it’s the one she loved a long time ago and never really forgot. West.

  He stood up and looked at her, his blue eyes smashed. Self-deception is useless, she thought, just as it was a child-like impulsive. But as soon as she saw him, she was still a bit self-sufficient.

  ”Jenny,” he said. “Jenny, you look so good.” He sighed and frowned. “You don’t know, how good you are. How many times I think, you are in the end.” what happened.”

  She hesitated for a moment, and she stopped talking. He grabbed her arm and introduced her to the lounge of the station. He is always sophisticated, especially with women.

  He sat down and leaned on the leather cushion to look at her: “You look different. You have changed, Jenny. But you have become more lovely, it is so cute.”

  “Don,” she said softly. “It’s been a long time since I graduated from college.”

  He lit a cigarette: “I know, Jenny. I got into the army when I got a degree. Yes, it has been a while. But, hey, remember the dance and the Blue Danube? Remember? ?”

  Her eyes were on her own drink and she didn’t dare look up at him.

  ”I heard this song a few days ago, Jenny, I remembered you. Just miss you, no way.” He held her hand.

  ”Look, Jenny, I have a business appointment. I just came from the South, but I should be fine at dinner.”

  Then she looked up and found that his sun was soft and seemed to be a thousand words.

  ”Jenny, we can be like before, just like at the dance that night, we are two people. Let’s have dinner together at 7 o’clock tonight, at the hotel where I live.”

  He squeezed her hand hard and didn’t wait for her reply. She watched him walk out the door.

  She knows that Don West will never change, and that person has never been honest enough. But the way she loves him will not change. He can’t be wrong with his kind of look, and Tang can now say that she is.

  It’s just that she won’t go to the appointment at 7:00, probably because she has never attended the dance at the university. She never even dated the Tang. Tang is the rugby star she silently worships in the distance.

  What’s more, her name is not Jenny.