What did the university give us?

  The university is like a group of children who have marched in narrow lanes for a long time.

  In the previous march, some people will be behind the initiative, in order to ensure that the children do not miss the scenery on the grassland.

  Mu Xin said that the freedom of the school is to let the students sink themselves and the floaters float.

  This sentence is especially applicable to students in the university.

  How to act on the grassland depends on oneself.

  Four years ago, I just entered the children who were almost the same. After four years, the situation was very different.

  Some, or children, some, have begun to try to be a better person.

  Since the ups and downs, what did the university give us?

  When I left school, I started to react a little.

  In the past four years, I have had a group of friends who have been very happy, and one or two souls.

  When you meet chaos, you are pointing in a direction, and you are eager to criticize the teacher. Their words are enough for the children to be proud or shy for a long time.

  Even strangers on campus.

  The ragged middle-aged man who must go to each lecture, whether he is a madman, his desire for knowledge is enough to make many people blush.

  Or a teenager who read aloud on the tree-lined road. He is the best use of the “young” reason.

  Young is nothing, so it is also lightly loaded, can bear all sorts of jokes, and in the future when people do not dare to make fun of him, he is nostalgic for this ridiculous initiative.

  There are also lectures that are heard outside the back door.

  I saw all kinds of heads.

  I could not see the teacher’s face, abolished the vision and increased my hearing.

  Dull as me, I remember the sentences I heard when I saw the door.

  Just because those sentences seem to be floating from the next door, there is a sense of even.

  People are always less concerned about things that are too easy to get. On the contrary, it is the above situation.

  Where do you start?

  The university gave us a comprehensive experience, an atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere.

  After graduation, if you have the heart, you can hang on for half a day, queue up to eat canteen at noon, lie in the lawn in the afternoon, and listen to the lecture at night.

  The last chapter on the student ID card is only the end of the student status.

  As long as you have the heart, come back often and often look at the surviving ideals.

  See if you have lived up to the wishes you have made.

  See if there is still a chance to meet the people you always meet, hear what you should always understand, wake up the dream that should always wake up, and pass the youth that may be ridiculous and may be forbearing.