This is very simple

They all say that “distant relatives are not as close neighbors”, but with the development of the times, high-rise buildings are everywhere, and the neighbors become strangers who seem to be close at hand but separated from each other. No one wants to spend more time to understand their own community. Solve some difficulties…

I am a retired teacher. I used to have a very laid-back life. But recently, I was very afraid of sleeping. I almost woke up in my sleep every day. Why? Not all of us are behind the 6th building, the road around the lake to “noisy”!

The road around the lake is the “People’s Heart Road” repaired in the city, but now it has become a “disturbing people’s road”. When the night is quiet, the cars passing there will always make a huge noise of “clamming”, and I can’t sleep well. .

This night, I was about to go to sleep. Suddenly, I screamed at me with a loud noise.

Again! I have to endure a loud noise every day, and let people not sleep? I couldn’t bear it. I jumped out of bed, opened the window, and shouted out the window: “What happened? We live here, we have to endure this noise every day?”

Someone immediately answered the words downstairs: “Is these drivers all night owls? I still don’t sleep so late, we tortured us into a neuropathy!” Someone upstairs said: “It’s almost impossible to pass! Breaking things, let’s get Think of a solution!”

When I heard someone responding, I proposed: “Today everyone will have a meeting together and discuss the solution.” Upstairs and downstairs agreed, and everyone scolded a pass and then fell asleep.

The next morning, I went to the upstairs and downstairs to contact the meeting. I could knock on a few doors. It was not unanswered, but I refused to do so. As a result, it was put on hold.

One night a few days later, I was lying in bed, suddenly heard a car passing by leaving a “jingle” sound, followed by a “bang” loud noise, followed by a harsh emergency brake.

Crash? I climbed up and got to the window. I only heard someone from the downstairs yelling: “Who is so wicked! Throwing a grenade, is this also a skill? There is a kind of out, let Laozi squat! Tonight, if I take the old man’s car It’s broken, Lao Tzu is not finished with you! If you don’t come out again, Lao Tzu will throw bricks upstairs, which one is the wrong one, and the wrong grandson who is throwing a beer bottle…” The owner yelled for a while and saw no one. In response, I drove away.

The next morning, the neighborhood committee found the residents of Building No. 6 and informed everyone to go to the meeting. In the conference room, the director of the neighborhood committee, Deng Qing, said: “The residents, I believe that the residents of our building No. 6 are rational and law-abiding. But last night, we dropped one from Building 6. The bottle, the paint of the owner’s tail is smashed, I think, whether it is intentional or unintentional, this should not happen, I hope that the person who throws the bottle will apologize to others. And give the necessary financial compensation.”

After listening to Director Deng, everyone saw that behind Deng, he sat in a man in his forties and copied his hand and looked at everyone gloomyly. Everyone, look at me, I will look at you, and I won’t say anything.

I can’t look at the past and say, “We are suffering from mental torture every day. Who will pay us?”

This sentence is like a Martian, igniting a string of firecrackers. Everyone said it openly: “Yes, those cars are running downstairs in the middle of the night, ‘Dangdang’, people feel sleepy. Health, who are we looking for?”

Director Deng looked surprised: “Is this really happening? But none of you have to reflect it? Moreover, even if this is the case, you can’t take a radical approach.”

The man who copied his hand stood up and said evilly: “I am not a car downstairs. Why should I smash my car? The noise is noisy, go to the Environmental Protection Agency. Why can’t I go with me?”

I said to Director Deng: “You don’t blame everyone for being resentful. Everyone hasn’t slept well for nearly a month. Today, it’s better to take everyone to see what’s going on!” Everyone listened, taking Deng Director to the community. Go outside.

When I walked to the No. 6 building, I saw all the talents figured out. The slippery cover on the road was loose, not to mention the car running over it. It was the person who stepped on the tread and also made a “clam dangling” sound.

The man who copied his hand went to the scene with everyone. He seemed to have forgotten his “unfortunate” and said, “What is this, how can it be ignored?”

I don’t know if he understands that the anger is difficult to commit, or it sounds for us. In short, he finally drove away.

Director Deng collected our opinions and confidently said that he was looking for a municipal company to solve the problem. Everyone was very happy and they went home.

After a few days passed, the sound of “哐哐” downstairs remained the same, I couldn’t help it, so I invited the residents of Building No. 6 and went to find Director Deng.

This time, Director Deng did not have confidence on his face. He could help us to inform us of the progress of the matter: “I called the municipal company first. The municipal company asked if the cover of the well was broken. If it is broken or stolen, they can change it. Ann, if it wasn’t for this situation, it wouldn’t be their business. Then I went to the road bureau because they didn’t maintain the road, causing the cover of the well to be loose. Find the road bureau, the road bureau said to find the transportation bureau or taxi. The company found the transportation bureau and the taxi company, but kicked the ball to the EPA. The EPA finally pushed it to the municipal company.”

Director Deng spread his hands and said helplessly: “I really can’t do anything about it. Otherwise, if you look for a TV station and expose it, it may cause the relevant departments to pay attention.”

Yeah, why didn’t I think of finding news media? I have a student working on TV. I immediately called the student, the student said, a small problem, send someone to understand the situation tomorrow. The next day, I really came to the two reporters. I recorded the pictures of the black wells that were not slipping in the autumn, and found me and other households in Building No. 6 to interview.

In the evening, the “Shujingi incident” was broadcast on the TV. The magic is that on the second night, the sound of “clam dangling” really is gone. It seems that the energy of the media is really big! It took a day to solve the difficult problem. I knew this, I should have been looking for them earlier. In fact, this is quite simple.

Later, I accidentally met Lao Li in Building No. 3 and realized the truth of the matter—

That night, Lao Li saw the news of the community and could not help but despise it: What kind of bird thing! Also worth getting on the TV to say? However, I have symptoms of insomnia, and I don’t know how to sleep. While sympathizing with the residents of Building No. 6, Lao Li picked up again: How did anyone make the lid of the well? Go see it tomorrow.

Early the next morning, Lao Li found the manhole covers and carefully observed them and found that the edges of the lid were loose.

Lao Li turned home and found a carton that was yellowed and browned by rain, and pulled out a circle of used tires from inside. He rubbed his tires, took the scissors and returned to the fence. Lao Li was busy for a long time, and he was so hot that he was sweating. Finally, he put all the covers of the wells in the tires. Lao Li jumped on the lid and jumped and jumped, seeing no sound, and this smiled with satisfaction.

After that, after a while, Lao Li went to see and found out where it was loose, and then brought the tires to the skin.

Lao Li said to me, maybe it was the reason for sweating during the day. Since he did this, he slept at night. In fact, this is quite simple.