The years of carving and the ship carrying wine

  2009 is the year of great sadness in the translation of Hongxue. In July, David Hawkes, the great British translator, died of illness. On November 23rd, Mr. Yang Xianyi, the great literary translator in China, went to Xian. On September 17, 2009, the China Translation Association awarded Yang Xianyi the “Performance Culture Lifetime Achievement Award”. He believed that “the Chinese literary works he translated are accurate, vivid and elegant. From the pre-Qin literature to the Chinese modern and contemporary literature, the span is large. With a large number, high quality and deep influence, no one in China’s translation industry can match.” This comment is pertinent.

  Yang Xianyi was born in a family of families in Tianjin on January 10, 1915. His father was the president of Tianjin Bank of China at that time and the richest capitalist in Tianjin. Mr. Yang said in his English autobiography White Tiger “White Tiger Stars Life” (in the mainland translation “Leaking Ships Carrying Wines Reminiscence”), his mother had a dream before he was born, dreaming of a white tiger jumping into his arms, fortune telling Mr. said that this is both a good omen and a bad omen. When the child grows up, he will achieve a brilliant career, but he will not have a brother. His birth will endanger his father’s health. He is the only boy in the family. When he was five years old, his father died. He wrote: “In the past seventy years of my career, I have indeed experienced a lot of hardships. So, the fortune teller can say that his calculations are generally not bad.” After a lifetime of bumpy life, he laughed at the white tiger star. There are several fateful fates.

  His life is full of drama. It should be said that his childhood and adolescence were more fortunate than most of his peers of his generation. Although his father died when he was young, he left a huge amount of property for his family. Since he is the only son in the family, afraid that he was kidnapped, he is not allowed to go to school until he is twelve years old. The family specially invited a private teacher for him. The teacher taught him Confucian classics, important ancient Chinese works, and taught him to write old-style poems. At that time, China had carried out a new cultural movement. Under the slogan of defeating Kongjiadian, many new schools did not pay much attention to Confucian classics and ancient Chinese. Yang’s safety for his son allowed him to read the old classics and lay a solid foundation. The basis of the Chinese language. At the age of twelve or three, he finally entered the Tianjin New School, which was run by the British Church, under the insistence of his mother. The school has a strong faculty. The principal, Dr. Hart, graduated from Cambridge University. Yang Xianyi took a one-year preparatory course and then spent six years here. Most of the courses in the school are British literature, physics, chemistry, world history, Geography and mathematics use English textbooks, taught by the British. Due to his good foundation and high talent, his study seems to be at the top without much effort. At the same time, his family also invited a tutor for him to teach him English and mathematics. Unexpectedly, the female teacher, Mrs. Feng, fell in love with the younger student who was twelve or three years younger than her. In order to stop this abnormal relationship, the family decided to send him abroad early. At this stage, he also visited a large number of Chinese and Western masterpieces, from the English version of Scott, Wordsworth, Shelley, Byron, Grimm Brothers, Dumas, Andersen, Wilde, Jules Verne, Stevenson, The works of Zhu Saibei Ma Zhini and others went to China’s Laozi, Zhuangzi, Mozi, Liezi and the popular poems of Huang Zunxian, Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao. Every Sunday, the young Yang family must bring his sister and servant. Hao Hao went to the streets to buy books, so his solid Chinese and Western learning in the future was to practice the boy’s work.

  After arriving in the UK, he was eager to learn Latin and Greek, because he was determined to enter the best university in the UK, Oxford. After five months of hard work, he actually passed the Greek and Latin written test at Oxford University. At the interview, the examiner found that he had done five months to pass the exam that the British usually needed to prepare for seven or eight years. He could not believe the young Asian’s skill and thought that he was only lucky enough to test it. The limited number of places allowed him to postpone his formalization for one year.

  When he came to the UK by boat to Japan, the United States and Canada, the journey of the young master who had been kept at home was already eye-opening. From the summer of 1935 to the spring of 1936, when he postponed to Oxford University, he stayed in Europe for a long time, taking the opportunity to travel to places of interest in Europe and the Mediterranean coast, one of which traveled for nearly a month, travel Locations include: Gibraltar, Algiers, Lisbon, Sicily, Malta, Greece, as well as the Aegean, Istanbul and Egypt. He traveled in first class and was comfortable and comfortable. This tour has increased his knowledge and adventures. He mentioned in his autobiography that he had a divinist in the pyramids of Egypt. He predicted that a beautiful British girl would wait for him in the near future, and would be jealous for him. The infinitely beautiful future will wait for them, and they will also have extraordinary experience. Then he came to meet the beautiful British girl Gladys in Oxford. They met and loved each other for a lifetime and did have an unusual story. The story that happened to Yang Xianyi was said by both Chinese and foreign fortune tellers.

  ”Reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles”, reading and sightseeing always complement each other, is a precious treasure of life, and the perfect combination of the two in youth will be used for life. These precious life experiences are enjoyed in the young age of Yang Xianyi’s high spirits. He studied in Oxford with an honours degree in Greek and Latin. He had to complete two years of Greek and Latin studies for two years of English literature in order to obtain an honours degree. He successfully obtained his degree in 1940, and his name was also published in the British “Times”, which was a privilege at the time. His family is rich, he does not need to work for rice, and he basically relies on interest and talent. He has rarely suffered from high scores in the exam since he was a child. Because his grades are not very meaningful to him, he does not want to be high. He stayed in the UK and his life was in the motherland.

  He certainly read many good books in Oxford, but he is not a bookworm in the library all day. He has a wide range of interests. Oxford academic ideas nourish his spirit of love for justice and freedom. During his time at the university, he enthusiastically participated in various activities. When Japan invaded China, he enthusiastically participated in the anti-Japanese propaganda activities, organized the Chinese Society to expand its influence to defeat the influence of the Japanese Society in London, and also carried out the “Anti-Japanese Times” and “Regeneration” mimeographed materials. He also wrote the script “Ping-style” for the anti-Japanese propaganda. Purple Desert Twilight (English three-act drama created by Wu Wang’s obsessed beauty Xi Shi’s story of the country’s death). In his autobiography, he wrote: “From the late summer of 1937 to the early spring of 1938, I spent most of my time in anti-Japanese propaganda work. Of course I didn’t have time to prepare for the honours degree. I was completely lost in academic work. Interest, I know, when I return to China, I will not have the opportunity to live a quiet study. I am Chinese, I know that I have to go back to work for China. If I give up Chinese nationality and stay abroad, I will act on myself. I feel very ashamed.”

  He also met a large number of Chinese and foreign teachers and teachers who were good at learning in Oxford. For example, he became his good friend with his English tutor, Edmund Brenton. They often talked and drinked together while drinking. Brenton encouraged him. Poetry hobby. At this time he has read many English poems, from the English medieval poetry to the end of the 19th century. In the process of reading English poetry, he thought of translating the famous Chinese long poem “Li Sao” into English. He even translated it with the hero pair of English metrical poetry. In his autobiography, he said: “I translated the “Li Sao” in the form of a British heroic sentence. For the sake of interest, I imitated the style of Dryden. I am very proud of this. This is my first time to put China. Classical literature was translated into English. Later, in the early 1950s after liberation, my translation was published in Beijing Foreign Languages ​​Publishing House.” Yang Xianyi valued this translation very much, this is his first important translation, and maybe It is an important achievement of his Chinese culture to his teacher Brenton and the Western world. After the founding of New China, Premier Zhou Enlai accompanied Chairman Mao Zedong to meet Yang Xianyi. Premier Zhou said that Yang Xianyi was a translator and had translated “Li Sao” into English. Chairman Mao shook hands with him and said, “Do you think Li Sao can translate? Um?” “President, must all literary works be translated?” He answered without hesitation. Here you can see Yang Xianyi’s translation proposition, so he has translated dozens of literary works in his life, including poems, prose and novels, as well as historical masterpieces.

  Yang Xianyi’s most important achievement in Oxford is love. After a friend introduced him, he met a beautiful British girl named Gladys Margaret Tayler. She looks like a famous movie star. Greg Bergman, they fell in love after they met, and she has a Chinese name, Gladys. After they graduated from Oxford, the girl returned to China with Yang Xianyi, and married and had children. After all kinds of hardships and even went to jail during the Cultural Revolution, most of Yang Xianyi’s translations were made with her. Marriage has also made a legendary story in the history of Chinese and foreign translations. Later, some people asked why Dr. Gladys chose Yang Xianyi. She replied that Yang Xianyi was clever, naughty, fun, and reliable. She also said that she fell in love with Chinese culture rather than falling in love with Yang. Indeed, Yang Xianyi has the style of a famous Chinese celebrity. Why not be fascinated by the British girl who loves Chinese culture? In addition, I saw such a passage in the autobiography of Gladys: “He (Yang Xianyi) is the chairman of the (China) Association. At first I almost scared him, his eyes were slender, his face was pale, but he was polite. His love for the motherland touched me. “From this, people who love their motherland will win the respect and heart of the beautiful girl. They have sixty years of loyal love. When Gladys died in November 1999, Yang Xianyi wrote a full-bodied poem: “The early days went to the Nether, or unexpectedly lost in the middle of the road. / I got rid of the bad habits, / I was trapped and dying. / Youth companionship Be a ghost, / Bai Shou belongs to me negative. If the sky is old, / I have never been a double star.”

  At the end of 1994, Yang Xianyi wrote a deputy for himself: “Less time is up, big is not necessarily good; middle-aged is faint, old and shameless.” And attaches his own annotation: This is a self-authored demotion in recent years, but in the transitional period of nearly a hundred years It’s not surprising that intellectuals are so close to each other. Therefore, Tao Shishiyun: “Tianyun 苟 so, and the cup of Chinese things.” This is his modest comment on himself, but also after the vicissitudes of life to mock the world. However, throughout his life, no matter how difficult the world is, how unfair his fate sometimes is to him, he always maintains his love for the motherland and the sense of responsibility of intellectuals. Here are a few examples: when working as a student in Oxford, he contributed to the anti-Japanese propaganda. After he graduated from Oxford, he was in the country of resistance. He had already fallen in love with Dai Naidie and could have applied for a stay in the UK. Later, he received a letter from Harvard University and asked him to go to Harvard as a teaching assistant. He could continue his classical academic research, but he still refused. He resolutely took his British lover through the German blockade and the Japanese army to check back to the war-torn China. He was full of affection for the new China and the Communist Party. On the eve of the liberation, the Kuomintang education minister asked his family to take the same plane with him, but he refused. During the period of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, his family had all the money to buy planes for the country. In order to make up for 40,000 yuan, the wedding rings and other wedding decorations of Gladys had been sold to the donation countries. Even if he and DeLaid were imprisoned for four years during the “Cultural Revolution” and his son was involved in suicide by committing his mental disorder, he did not lose confidence in the country and the party, but instead actively invested in the work of reform and opening up. . He looked at his fame and fortune very much. He translated so many manuscripts, didn’t get much remuneration, and sometimes gave his own translations to others. His words and demeanor are gentle, full of humor and wisdom, and his mood seems calm as water, but the calm appearance hides a heart of the motherland and the utmost arrogance. When he was in Oxford, he led the Chinese Society to fight against the Japanese Japanese society. Before the liberation, he followed the CCP underground party and the Kuomintang. In the “Cultural Revolution” he and the rebel faction, for which he paid the price but did not hesitate. Shao Yanxiang, his good friend and famous poet, said: “Yang Xianyi’s study incorporates all his education. He usually treats people without swearing. But on the other hand, he is very handsome. He has gained spirituality, style and exercise from Chinese traditional culture; After years of infiltrating Western culture, he gained the essence of freedom, equality and creation.”