The softest part of life

The soft part of life is the kindness in the depths of the heart, the kindness, the kindness and sympathy that infiltrate the gentle mist.

In life, I am often touched by some people and some situations. What touched me is not the hard part of human nature, not even the strong part, but the gentle part of human nature, close to the part of water and women.

Strict, strong, and decisive, these are good qualities, but I admire them, but it is hard to be touched. I intellectually know that these qualities are necessary for survival and work, but they are not the best things that the soul desires.

The soul desires to be considerate, gentle, generous, understanding, sympathy and love.

Years ago, I read a short story written by a French writer who wrote a divorced young woman traveling by plane. After getting off the plane, the airport had a strong wind and it was raining. At the same time, a middle-aged man who got off the plane from this The lady passed by and saw her scarf rolled up by the wind, and stopped to help her tie the scarf. This subtle movement deeply touched the young woman, so that she fell in love with the man and eventually became a servant.

In the heart of the young woman, the unintentional concern and sympathy must have originated from one’s heart, revealing the kindness and gentleness of this human nature. And this person has no direct interest in her, and she does not want to exchange anything for this friendly move. Then, his concern for a stranger is more human warmth.

The world has too many hard, rude, indifferent, cruel things. Iron, cement, glass… constitutes a mechanically rigid world. In our culture, in life, and in our minds, it seems that it is increasingly filled with iron, cement, and glass… The desertification of nature is intensifying, and the desertification of the mind seems to be intensifying. Regardless of the material world or the spiritual world, they are eager to nourish tenderly.

In history, there have been fierce conflicts, hostility and struggles. On the ruins of hatred, some “heroes” have also stood up, but countless civilians have paid a high price for this. Throughout history, evil levers may have contributed to the course of history, but hatred and hostility have always been negative and negative in terms of harm to human nature. Modern people are more and more aware that human beings and many lives are passengers on the canoe of the earth. Everyone should live. It is not easy for anyone to live. It is reasonable to live together in the same boat. Hostility, hatred, violence, like mudslides, destroy the vegetation of existence and the soil of human nature. The human mind is always eager for good emotions and soft things.

Many old people told me that they often recalled the people and things that gave them warmth and sympathy, and often regretted what they had done in the past. There is an old man who warns me that people are alive, don’t let people think about it, and don’t do anything that harms others. People should be gentle and generous, and they should not be used strong. A tough person may take advantage of it, but a gentle person is beautiful.

A tall mountain is shocking and awesome, for its elevation, its momentum. However, the mountains are always limited, and below the sky, the mountains that are taller are only slightly above the ground. If the mountain has clear springs, Bixi, flexible vines, and charming wildflowers, with these soft things, this mountain is not only a look, but also a love. Compared to its high, its stone-like rigidity, these gentle things are closer to the human heart, and make people feel the security and tenderness of the world. Because there are so many things that can comfort the soul, this mountain becomes part of the soul.

Let soft things, good feelings and more, and more, let the forest and the springs stay in our hearts forever. We have been eager to proliferate the hostility and rudeness in life, and humanity has been repeatedly hurt by it. Love has repeatedly delayed the date of return. It’s time, why don’t we let greed rest, let the holidays go, let hatred retire? Why don’t we come to the spiritual sweep? Remove the jars filled with dirty water, let the green of the fields come in, let the white clouds come in, let the fresh grasses in the memory come in – let them form a warm, soft wilderness in the heart.